ALL OUT WAR - Dying Gods [EP]



Praise these dying gods, as you cleanse in their disease.
Heed the call of their martyrs, who glorify their deceit.


Vengeance reigns eternal for the blood that has been shed.
War, for a system on those too weak to defend.
Glorified annihilation, raining down on shattered lives.
Martyrs of desperation are cast out and crucified.

Waging war for a system to enforce their lies.
Manufacture enemies - no one gains if no one dies.

Exploiting fear and weakness and paralyze through acts of war.
Bathe in their bloodshed, pacified, we choose to ignore.
Survival is to suffer - children condemned to life.
Forgotten are these victims, on their own, left to die.
Can't escape the stench of war - forgotten casualties
Products of the ignored.

Burning, drowning, vengeance reigns eternal.

From beneath the shadows of extinction,
the armies of discontent shall rise.
For them survival is a sin and the punishment is damnation.

Shadows speak of fear and loathing, ashes of millions dead.
Visions of a lost salvation, images we can't comprehend.
There shall be no exceptions and the past cannot be saved.
Compromise will not be rendered.
Vengeance for those in chains.
Realize it's no illusion, shattered and torn to shreds.
Mercy has long been forgotten.
All is lost - just mourn the dead.


Bow to your demigods and they will watch you bleed.
Embrace their tools of deception and they'll bring you
to your knees.
Accept their system - feed it well - support their crimes.
In self indulgence, we are too lost to recognize.

And as the system falters - there is nothing left to bleed
Your Gods - your nations - are now obsolete.
As you seek comfort, false convictions can't save you now.
Your leaders, your faiths have all let you down.
Misplaced allegiance, point of no return has been reached.
On your own, left to struggle, all you've known soon will cease.

Slave to your obsessions, your blind path has been betrayed.
Trust in your leaders, they'll lead you to your grave.
Systematic failures, you are willing to accept their crimes.
Rushing towards conformity, as you consume to pass the time.
Embrace annihilation - false convictions have brought you nothing
Your heroes have let you down.


Serving the obsolete, twisting the truth with lies.
Separate into factions and pave the way for genocide.
Self-serving, self-loathing and bow down on bended knee.
Obsession, oppression - drink the lies of new age kings.

Serve the needs of your masters and propagate corrupted regimes.
Controlled - strategic distortion - hidden intent to deceive.
Sorrow will serve the masses.
Silence will lead the blind.
Gateways- extermination - suck the system until it's dry.

Betrayed - unleash your own extinction.
Enslaved - rotting in your own degradation.
Fear has become the weapon, a weapon forged in lies.
Serving your own damnation and perpetrate your own demise.

Fear their lies - embrace deception, drenched in your own defeat.
Deny your oppression, you're a servant to the obsolete.
Blinded by tradition, trapped within your own fear.
Slave to hypocrisy and to the lies, which you adhere.

Harbingers of desolation, messengers of filth and disease.
Lords of deception, feeding on the lost and weak.


Choking on the stench of indifference.
Drowning in the filth of despair.
Bleeding through the wounds of deception with unknown crosses to bear.
Septic infiltration - rotting minds, corrupt and disease.
Controlled through hidden persuasion.
Complacent, we have been deceived.

Demons are dragging us down.
They are ripping, misleading, hiding their crimes.
Devils are all around us.
Clawing and tearing and biding their time.
Liars - we believe all they sell.
Blind acceptance, no rejection, victims of a self made hell.
Cowards - we deserve all our pain.
Our dependence, breeds regression, yet we seek someone to blame.

Accept their acts of aggression.
In our name they commit their crimes.
Lost in our own indiscretions, living on borrowed time.


Well, we've all heard the sermon
Seen the preachers or worshipped the stage
Heard the new manifesto? It's all questions, no solutions at all
Well, you're out on your own now
Always have been, just look at your "friends"
Break the surface to daylight
Strength will flow through our unity

There is a traitor in our midst
And when we rise we will be betrayed
They are the wolves in sheeps clothing
Taking place at the back of the flock
All this talk about freedom, will be tainted with blood (it's your life)
Put this cross on your back, child
Tread the long weary trail to the top of the hill

Get off your knees
Get off your knees, get off, your knees

There's some hard times coming down
There is the smell of revolution on the wind
Well, we're grinding our axes
Telling tales around the bonfire at night
We will set out with a fire in our hearts
When this darkness gives way to the dawn
In the light we united as one
For the kingdom of heaven must be taken by storm

Get off your knees
Get off your knees, get off, your knees

Arise! (x4)


God looked down from heaven shook his head and wept
His flock had gone astray wolves mingling with sheep
He tried to save man once by sending down a son
But the bastards nailed him up
And laughed at what they'd done

You gang raped mother nature I love a virgin's cry
Blood poured from the Earth she suffered and she died
Rusty scissors still in hand you castrate father time
Feed his balls to the hounds that drink his cum like wine

You've taken all my precious gifts
I gave unto you life from by breath
But you a product of my love
Your gratitude shown in my death

God is Dead
God is Dead

The devil has taken your spirit
Keeps it chained up in the night
Tells you that evil is good
But you will never see the light because

God is Dead
God is Dead
God is Dead

Eat his body drink his blood
Then we'll sing our song of love

Now you come crawling on your hands and knees
You beg for forgiveness suck me till I bleed
And for your transgressions heretical blasphemy
The punishment is damnation you'll burn interminably

Look what you've done to nature
And what you've done to time
There's no more room in hell
You sinners you steal what is mine

God is Dead
God is Dead

And now the dead walk the Earth
There's nowhere to hide
The devil and his disciples
Rejoice my suicide

God is Dead
God is Dead
God is Dead...

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