ALL OUT WAR - Into the Killing Fields



Call it progression
Yet they see regression
Trapped in a struggle with no way out
Been thirsting for truth but drowning in lies
Caught in confusion and lost within doubt
Days of illusions give way to delusions while searching for solace that they will never find
Cursed with awareness and blinded with madness
Take this injustice and leave it behind
Redemption is near
Defiance through fear

Chains of oppression will give way to aggression
The masses they cant take much more
They seek retribution through mass revolution
It looks like we are headed towards war
The weak proclaim their discontent, no longer to live in fear
No longer will they be victims, trapped in a void of deceit
Calls for redemption and absolution for all this grief
In fear they struggle to survive
Trying to escape genocide
Seek out the answers, their time is in doubt
Only to find there is no way out


Send us an angel of mercy to destroy and devour, to cleanse and to purify and rid us of corrupt power
Send us a mercy killer now, to feed upon disgrace
Send us a mercy killer now to bring down the human race
Killing in an act of cleansing, in the name of mercy, destroying human envy
Enemies, burn with me, suffer with me, in apathy


Slaves to the self-righteous
The ones who we place in control
Those who we follow in blind sacrifice
The tyranny in which we uphold
Force fed illusions, poisoned tongues that poison minds
Rotting from the bottom and we the fools follow blind
On the wings of damnation the fools follow blind
Onward strait towards extinction
Empty promises will bring our demise
The system it has failed
It rots and it erodes
Burning through mass corruption our silence always answers the cold
With our kings we shall falter
We are to lost to fear
They feed of our silence
The end time is growing near
Tools of aggression, apathetic genocide
Like lambs to the slaughter
What once was is now left behind
Consumers who are death addicted
Servants to our kingdom of lies
Architects of our own destruction
Always searching but we never can find
With our blind allegiance we follow the regime
Their empty promises give us comfort
In submission we bow on our knees
Slaughter of the innocent ones, we watch them as they burn
Blinded by our own consumption
Apathetic we show no concern
We ignore them as they suffer
We live content in shallow lives
Propaganda reassures us
We hide their cries


Fear through divinity, from a blood red throne
Faith based manipulation, sinners throwing stones
Blinded obedience in a age of distrust
Suffer the children, these are victims of the unjust
Claiming divinity
Claiming to serve the Lord
Claiming the crown of the righteous
Preaching peace
Yet bringing war
In our time of need they will exploit and they will deceive
They leave us to suffer as they bathe in our defeat
We are blinded by deception
We are abandoned and crucified
Through empty promises they will hide their lies
On my knees I pray to my God to strike them down
Divine retribution, burn their idols to the ground
Annihilation will bring solace and peace
Send a destroyer to let the torment cease


Victims lost tot he hands of torment as their cries go unheard
Slaughtered the souls of the innocent
Crucified, they are left to burn
Sacrificed to a system, these are the casualties of war
Suffering as they fall in silence
Their shattered lives are ripped an torn
Drowning, choking, broken lives
They become statistics as the live on borrowed time
Mass Extermination as politicians debate
They struggle to survive knowing hell awaits
While they suffer opportunists will take control
Feeding on their sorrow
Exploitation is taking hold
While they pray to their god
Seeking salvation to set them free
Man in black preys on their fear
He promises vengeance for the tears
The manipulated now become martyrs
Martyrs seeking vengeance for their pain
Victims becoming aggressors
Searching for someone to blame
They will find redemption through a veil of deceit
Manipulated martyrs who are too blind to see


Defiance be thy name
An enemy of the state
Standing in resistance
Seeing through the charade
Why must we always fall in line
Assimilate to fit the mold
Patriotic under class
To a revolution that grows cold
Why race to sacrifice
Why feed on a web of lies
Death based addictions
Resistance will not be televised
Humanity - enslaved, drenched in lies
Degeneration - prayers to an empty sky
Materialistic - choking on all this filth
Contamination - products of our own free will
Exalted images, we love ourselves more than our gods
Bow down to progress, in our own filth we'll rot
Into the killing fields, silence fuels the war machines
End game solution, killing time, killing dreams
Bow down to progress
Conform and stand in line
Servants to our demigods
Choking on their lies
Means of deception, blindly follow state sponsored suicide
Never to consider the ones who are left behind


Angel, why do you suffer?
Are they worthy of your pain?
Angel, Why give comfort?
When time and again you have been betrayed
Compassion has been wasted
Why show concern for their fate?
Serving you enemies, you serve and you grieve
Salvation, you grant them peace
Yet they will watch you bleed
Why bless you enemies?
These are enemies of faith
They are not worthy
Damn them in disgrace
Angel, why must you suffer?
Why show devotion to thieves?
Cast them in fire and watch these demons as they bleed


Have we not yet reached the point of defiance?
Or are we just blind to what lies ahead?
A race to extinction and we've been conditioned to trust
the deceit we have been fed
Without hesitation we are lost in acceptance
The truth is only to fear
A dead revolution wrapped in confusion
Can't we see that the end time grow near
Polluting our minds while corrupting the masses
As we accept injustice and all that it brings
With no solutions we sit back and feed our delusions
By seeking material things
Seek out the righteous before we fall to all this greed
We are lost in compliance and neglect brings us to our knees
There is no one innocent
We all must seek truth
We must reject this system and push away the lies of our youth


Immolation, an immoral sacrifice
Martyrs of deception, the cross of the crucified
Seeking out the truth of forever
and drowning in the flames of lies
Embrace the prophets of deception
and watch the innocent die
Suffering - and die for you lord martyrs still feel the pain
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust the infidels are to blame
Fire meets fire as war is waged
- where's your god as you burn
Paradise fade to black, no rewards now you learn
Slaves to devotion, their faith makes them blind
Purify the sinner - the servants to the kingdom of lives
Bow to your savior but your savior was born in lies
Faith has been corrupted to kill for God is not divine
The slaughter of the innocent and the rape of the weak
Is this divinity, is this the kingdom you seek
Faith has been afflicted. The righteous have been deceived
They shall find that there are nothing but enemies
And on their altars the blood shall bleed
Their Gods they have fallen
Their martyrs have gone in vain
These are the children of deception
They are lost condemned and shamed

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