ALTAR OF FLESH - The Quarantine Sessions: Death Has No Cure



Long live the king, the king is dead
Assassin hides just to claim his head
From the shadows, as death befalls
A cowardly kill, though joy enthralls
No reasoning to exhaust his breath
Just the fun of bringing death

Killing just to feel like a man
Behold death within his hand

The joy of watching something die
The traits of a sick and twisted mind
Pride derived from taking a life
The darkest side of all mankind

Killing just to kill
Killing for the thrill

In the cityscape of sound and light
Crowd unaware of the sniper’s site
The bullets fly and bodies fall
The coward hides within a vantage, tall
No reasoning or point to fulfill
Just looking to sate the lust to kill


Thrown from the wreckage of metal and glass
Triple impact, it happened so fast
Blood shrouds the suburban street
Death is the beginning as you will soon see

Pronounced dead in the middle of the night
To your dismay you can't see the light
Something is wrong you still feel alive
Fully aware that you didn't survive

Into the morgue
Body dead, conscious remains
Into the morgue
Even death can't cease the pain
Into the morgue
Tortured on the slab, cannot scream
Into the morgue
Never awake from this eternal dream

Humiliation begins as your disrobed and cleaned
Details of death are to be gleaned
Feel the pain as the autopsy's performed
Can't hear the screams from your corpse now deformed

Sewn back up and shoved on ice
Locked in a freezer, you can't open your eyes
Your body a prison that you must endure
For eternity, for death has no cure


With me dead you thought you were safe
Completely harmless in the grave
I've returned from Hell to take my revenge
A rotting shade of flesh and bone
My God damned soul cannot rest
So long as you still breathe

Back from the grave!
Back for vengeance
Back from the grave!
Your life will end
Back from the grave!
Through fire and brimstone
Back from the grave!
I have returned

You live your life like nothing happened
No one knows except you and me
You got away clean and free
But I've come back to make things right
Vengeance is mine when your body dies
Vengeance is mine when your soul fries

When you killed me I swore I'd come back
Standing face to face you beg I forgive
Through fire and brimstone, six feet of dirt
I've come all this way, you can't escape
You betrayed me, I'll even the score
Final breath--Join me in Hell!


Closed Casket

Gleaming Steel in the moonlight enhances the urge to kill
The sharpened axe hits flesh and bone, it is such a thrill
See a random victim in the park walking slowly
Crush the face with the axe, before they even saw me

Massive trauma to the head
Face disfigured
Close the casket
Split the skull, head a mess
Can't be saved
Close the casket

Fingerprints are the only way to identify the remains
Mangled beyond recognition, never to be viewed again
At the funeral, there's no closure for the loved ones
I get off on savage murder, closing caskets for fun

I find joy in the sense of power that I feel when I kill
One who is loved by so many, and to know their lives are ruined!


Here in the morgue, I work too late
Body after body, no time for a date
On the occasion a girl will roll through
It's time to have fun and try something new

Pretty young college girl with rope burns on her neck
Obviously raped and strangled to death
As her garments are removed I'll caress her white skin
Spread her legs apart and reveal what's within
I sample the juices that pour from her slit
They smell like death and taste like shit

Forensic Foreplay!
Sex on a slab!
Embrace before decay!
Sex on a slab!
Like a twisted ballet!
Sex on a slab!
I end it this way!
Sex on a slab!

From every orifice drips blood, puss, and ooze
Nevertheless, I mount and penetrate her cooze
Almost rigor mortis her lips are like stone
I hear tissues tear with my every moan
Affairs with the dead, post mortem embrace
I finish the autopsy and shoot on her face

Here in the morgue, last stop before the dirt
With my senses these dead girls flirt
I can't help myself, to this habit I am stuck
Last rites of every good girl, a funereal fuck!


I am not here not just for vengeance but for pleasure
An axe to cleave your life and all that you treasure
Torment in such ways that you could not glean
Your pulse is your sin, my axe wipes it clean

Won't endure you living much longer
Your screams will make the world much stronger
To be absolved you must fall to my blade
Your soul, much cleaner as you fade

Sharpen my axe
Take off your head
Better watch your back
I want you dead

Before you die I 'll make you suffer
Utterly disfigured, your face bears my rage
Your terrible ways are an ensnaring malady
I'll chop off your head and then you'll be free


Torn from the womb with a coat hanger hook
She's overwhelmed with a compulsion to cook
Season and marinate, no need to eat it plain
She cleans the grill and skewers the brain
The juicy morsel cooked on the open flame
She devours the meal before it had a name
The evidence devoured, she'll deny she's a whore
Back on the prowl, she'll conceive one more

Delicacy of the subhuman flavor
Nothing like it's irresistible taste
Fetus kebab the most tender of meat
Nothing that I'd rather eat

At the clinic, they preserve the unborn deceased
Fetal remains collected for a feast
A cannibal barbecue, fetuses for all
A giant banquet held in the fall
There's fetus shish kebab, burgers and steaks
Grinding stem-cells into shakes
Consuming fetal remains, a joy they can't deny
Embryonic flesh, a euphoric high


Watching through the window wishing you were dead
Visions of a chainsaw ripping through your head
Mangled limbs strewn across the floor
Your rotting carcass nailed above my door

Strangulation and dismemberment
Too late for apologies
Strangulation and dismemberment
Hack the bitch apart!!

Your festering remains, once so fair
Reek of decay permeates the air
Maggots now inherit your flesh
Soon to dispose of what's left


You awake tied and gagged to quell any defiance
You'll be the charge in this journey of science
Seeking to cure the rot inside your brain
To cut out the cancerous societal bane

The band saw is sharpened, the band saw awaits
To cure your disease with a painful lobotomy

Preyed upon the innocent for control and power
Taking from children the virginal flower
The cure I propose is an act of benediction
A permanent end to your incurable infliction

Knocked unconscious and tied down
I, your surgeon of no renown
In a garage, surgery is performed
By the band saw you will be reformed
The blade awaits you
The fear sets in with the band saw shown
Reflect on your crimes as your fate is known
Procedure described to let you know your fate
No more games, the saw awaits
-- The blade will cure you --

Band Saw!!!
Band Saw!!!

The saw fired up as you scream and groan
The jagged blade to meet flesh and bone
Prefrontal cortex to the frontal lobe I sever
Awake and screaming through the whole endeavor
The blade cures your perversion --
To the thalamus cutting through grey matter
The blade too deep as the blood will splatter
No big loss as your life expires
To claim more like you this surgery inspires
The blade calls for more patients --


Bodies fill the county morgue
Autopsy done, already gored
Packed away, kept on ice
I sneak in to take a slice
Bone saw rips through the flesh
I am hungered by the stench
Pounds of meat hacked from bone
Trash bags full, I head home

Feast upon the dead
By this sickness in my head
From the morgue I feast
Upon the recently deceased

Coroner unaware of my mission
He returns to find parts missing
Corpses raided and partially devoured
Room looks like a bloody shower
Chunks of bodies taken by amateur cuts
Room embellished with left over guts
From the staff's stomachs vomit is perfused
My nighttime raid leaves authorities confused



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