WITHIN THE FALL - Navigator [EP]



Long into the ethereal night he confides to the dark
His soul keeps yearning for a whisper of the universe
The tear of azure falls into eternity
A glimpse of the future and the tales it holds

Between the sun and the lonely moon
A gentle dreamer with a raging storm in his heart
The aesthesis of freedom lies ahead

Navigator the stars align
Leave the past and the pain behind
The beacon of light guides you home
Cast away and sail into the storm

Navigator the stars align
Will you leave your sorrow behind
The beacon of light guides you home
Cast away from the last strands of fate

The gate now open and I speak thy name
Kingdom come and take my soul forever
The ebb and flow of life and death
It courses through my veins
As the astral choir sings my name


I saw her that evening
When night settled in
Her heart a faint ember in the dark
This lone soul is reaching out
For something, for someone
A life in silence

I saw her that fateful night
Sitting at the edge of the ocean
Under the vault of heaven whispering to the stars
Innocent tears for every wish that was made

I saw her that day in the pouring rain
Hands reaching out for dear life
Arms wide open for someone to take her in
A broken plea to belong in this world
The simple truth to be loved

I saw her in the misty morning
Her pale face so hollow so lost
I sat down by her side and asked her name
My name is loneliness
Will you be mine


In the embrace of night lightning strikes
I hear the silence and I keep you close

I feel the tears and shed my skin from it all
The lone redemption
I see all the fears washing away
I lost everything and here we are

Standing, holding, keeping us stronger
I live for the music of tomorrow

I still stir the melodies of life
And the harmony in the currents of time
To safe havens where stars align
The songs of tomorrow will never die

The sea keeps calling me home
Hold the rolling waves
And listen to the perils in my heart
I yearn for my soul to be at peace

And I should be on my way to the setting sun
Until death do us part


Cast me away in the burning times
So far away I am drifting
From dying light
And shore to shore
Lost in thought and in pain

I still see their sorrow
Empty eyes still haunt me
With the sun dying in the sea
And all the names seems to fade

Long into the night I sail
Holding on for the dawn to break
The lantern is my only company
Lonesome with my tears I still yearn for a home
Through the storm and through the rain
The hymn of the ocean is still my chain

I threw myself to the waves
Deeper and deeper I sink into the dark
Return to our home and see the end
In the dim light of morning to break even with death

The tides brought new hope
I hear them beckon beyond the mist
A journey so far away
The harbour of souls you keep calling my name

I still see the sorrow in their eyes
With the sun dying in the sea
And all the names seems to fade away

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