SERPENTINE CERBERUS - The Abandoned Temple



It all began at dawn
In the land of Aëdinthör
A farmer gasped in fright
Collapsed to the ground and mourned
The labor which he slaved
And toiled for a thousand suns
'Twas withered, rotten, dead
For a blight had overrun
The earth herself pulsated
And released a rancid fume
Violating his senses
Madness, his mind consumed

Within the hour spread
Laid claim to land and flesh
Once righteous gentle folk
Now feral, deranged possessed
Those who escaped ran forth
And brought their woes to the king
In hope the nobles take pity
And swift salvation bring
But the ruling class did scoff
Deemed it fantasy, dismissed
Until the blight took the castle
Every sovereign claimed by the mist

This great kingdom
Once filled with song and laughter
Now barren, impure
A valley of slaughter

In time the smoke had cleared
But the damage was complete
The remnants gazed in fear
Their homes now obsolete
Half did choose to flee
Made haste to the mountains west
These forlorn refugees
In sorrow beat their chests
Half did choose to stay
Amongst the clans in woe
Desired their world reclaimed
Unto rebellion thrown


Days have passed
Since they stood their ground
Outnumbered, under siege
Mounting casualties
But the hordes were too vast
Forced the clans to retreat
And amidst the frightened mass
A stray fled to the east

Horribly wounded
Spirit broken
Judgement clouded
Eyes blurred with tears

For hours he wandered
In search of shelter
Reminiscing the former beauty
Of Aëdinthör
Until he came across
The temple of the founders
Long abandoned, yet intact
Not a place which evil attracts

He built a fire
As darkness fell
Without warning
Distant growling

Lunging out from the shadows
There stood five fiends
Horrible revolting hybrids
Of man and beast
Twisted dark figures
Skin so diseased
Terror gripped his mind
Causing him to freeze
Closer and closer
Claws and fangs gleaming
The fire gives out
Silence broken by screaming


It was late at night when
The surviving clans found shelter
Their energy was spent
Thus gave into slumber
Men, women and children
Lost in dreams of wonder

But in the shadows
Something evil lurked
Cold, with malice plot
Targeting the young ones
As a spider descends
On a fly it's caught

And in the following evening
Something terrible would be found...


What child is this
That hangs from a hook?
With soulless eyes
Which downwards look?
His skin removed, dried and cured
And made as a frame for a book
Missing limbs, contorted bone
Father weeps for his firstborn

Whom are these maidens
Young and pure?
What cruel torment did they endure?
Hung upside down, split open
With faces rendered obscure
In stillness and the cold confide
In terrible pain they have died

Oh, scions, sons and daughters
Infants robbed from their mothers
They hang up high in this dark room
What villain devised your doom?

Under what crime has invoked
Such monstrous retribution
A curse upon this wretched world
That slaughtered a generation


Aëdinthör has fallen
Her majesty stripped away
Here we stand, distraught
The remnants doomed to fade

Is there any god
Willing to lend an ear?
Why have you turned your back
On we who've long revered?
Why do you avert your gaze?
Have we never given praise?

Our home is gone
There remain no trees nor a brook
The infected have overrun and
Our children hang from hooks

Is there any god
Who sees this injustice?
Why do you hide
Concealed within the stars?
Are you truly blind
To the evil that persists?
Must you ignore
Our voices in the dark?

Unto any god
Out there beyond the stars
Come forth from heaven afar
Cease the spillage of our blood
From the cosmos, please embark
Hear our voices in the dark


What was once a holy temple
Now a daemon's fortress
Corrupted by their sorcery

The five have gathered again
They desecrate and celebrate
The latest in a trail of genocide
And tragedy

Once great kings of men
Whom desired power
Engrossed in evil magic
Malefic enchantment

Their forms, twisted, grotesque
With swords, daggers and hooks
Feeding off suffering, consuming
The life-force of the world

It was they who brought the blight
And devoured the stray
Whom butchered the children
For they were easy prey
Brought the kingdom to its knees
Another domain slain

As they plan another attack
Something catches their ears
Distant rumbling of thunder
Rushing water draws near
Gazing out from a window
Their eyes confirm their fear...


At the sound of the god's trumpet
Out pours divine judgement
The cries of the clans have been heard
The creator's wrath incurred

Behold the rampaging rapids
Purging a world of sin
Panicked, attempting to escape
But the knaves can't flee from fate

Hear the waves crash
Their fortress smashed
In furious waters cast

Swept away by the flood
Its holiness drew their blood
Oh, how their skin did burn
They were swallowed by mother earth

The water, so relentless
Drowning the infected
Now from their torment, released
And in death find peace

As the waves pass
A river is formed at last
Reborn, plants and trees
As far as the eye can see

The river heals and mends
A miracle from Heaven
Singing and rejoicing
Aëdinthör has been cleansed

Right before their eyes
From the shores, arise
Those young from life erased
Unto each parent embrace

Right before their eyes
From on mountain high
There are songs of praise
From they who ran away
Unto their champions, hail
Justice has prevailed


All hail the gods
In the heavens above
Whom brought salvation
And delivered us from perdition

Shout from the mountains
Sing to the sea
Dance 'round the fire
Witness the rebirth of an empire


Chanting our praises to those up high
Come join the pagan's dance
Glory to the kingdom beyond the sky
Come join the pagan's dance

Hail to the ones
Who stood their ground
Your courage and bravery
Will go down in centuries

The rulers of old
Were ignorant and arrogant
You will inherit their thrones
Immortalized in gold and stone

Chanting our praises to those up high
Come join the pagan's dance
Glory to the kingdom beyond the sky
Come join the pagan's dance
An age of peace has now arrived
Come join the pagan's dance

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