IRON FATE - Cast in Iron



In a time...
Where the world lies beneath
A cloak of fire and brimstone

The beast of steel
Rises from the ashes of humanity

It divides the sky
By the force of its mighty claws
And evokes powers to
Bring back the values once gone lost

And for all eternity they will be
Cast in iron!


In a time when rivers run dry
And evil comes along
Thunder keeps on roaring
Heavy Metal will be strong
The electric eye is near you
Looks straight through your mind

Don't think, just follow the stream
You'll see it makes you scream

[Pre chorus:]
Cast in Iron. By hands of fate
Shut your eyes now. For something new

Bang your head, till the dead rise again
Shout it out, hard and loud, to break these chains
Now you see, what I mean. Let it in
Make it real. Come and feel your iron fate

A leather crowd surrounds you
With black boots in the dust
BANG! their heads fast up and down
Be a leader in the town
Try to know and never guess
What's coming after death

[Pre chorus]



[Pre chorus]



We're locked up in prison and
want to break free
A leader is wanted, but who could it be?
A girl is the one, that we're searching for
It's a reincarnation and we look for more

Howling of the wind is heard from a far
We want to come back - our life is a scar

Something attacks you again and again
It's a parasite, that slept in your brain
Don't try to escape. We'd find you in the end
Unlock the door to the far promised land

Now close your eyes and enjoy the view
No one will miss a young maiden like you

Once again - rising high
Out of death into life
We sold our souls, but we want to survive

Take a look in the mirror, you sweet little child
Your destiny's to be restless and wild
Use this one-way ticket to take us away
The howling was heard and
it's returning today

Don't look so afraid with your eyes of blue
The gate is now open and you can run through



Once again - rising high
Out of death into life
Today is the day when the dead start to fight
We're marching the world
with darkness and light.....Destination


Look! The sky
Turns to blood
The rage of heaven
Let the thunder strike
Heavens war
Is going on
I'm scared
It makes me run

A lightning bolt
Shoots through the clouds
And leaves a riot down below
A lightning bolt
Strikes down the ground
And the earth begins to shake

The angel fell
From the burning sky
The shaking earth
Divides the ground
The gate to hell
Is open free
The fire spits at me



I'm scared
I pray
I'm running away
I'm scared
I pray
I'm running away.....


Into another world
Into another life
With closed eyes
We get get inside

It's so could outside
The sun spends no more light
But the smell of peace can't be
But the smell of peace can't be denied

There seems to be nothing
But so many air to breathe
The silence is a novelity
I hear my heart pounding

We don't want to leave this world
Where my soul is feeling free
We just want to live like now
Without any memories
We deserve to be - We deserve to be free

Now open up your eyes, it's time to face the truth
But what we'll see, it's an unreal reality

I'm not a preacher, or any kind of fool
I'm not a higher might's, A higher might's tool

We don't want to leave our world
Where my soul seems to be free
We don't want to live like now
With some kind of memories
We deserve to be - We deserve to be free


A howl surrounding me
Spattering blood is not the key
The gun! My destiny
All I see is hate and pain
And I close my eyes - I close my eyes again
Again, again!


It's cold outside, a few minutes past midnight
I hear that somebody talks
The beast's on the run and the damage is done
So blood will flow down in the streets

The hunter is fast - a murder at last
Somebody will die tonight
I can't let you go, then you will know
The reaper comes over you
My face like a stone. I'm breaking your bones
You're left with your last thoughts alone

Killer instinct - Killer instinct
Half beast, half man, so run if you can
Killer instinct - Killer instinct
You'll die if you stay, so get out of my way
I don't want it to be - I don't want it to be
But the killer is me!

Alone in the dark - a walk through the park
A smell of death in the air
Heaven and Hell - I'm under a spell
Darkness is waiting for me

Next victim is found - down underground
We disappear in the fog
He had no chance, his blood on my hands
I'm the last one he saw
I cut him twice, midnight sacrifice
His body is cold as ice



Is it real or just a dream
Whatever it is, I can't break free
What do you see?
If you look (If you look) If you look at me?


My spirit is crying
And my brain is overloaded
Heaven can't help me
I think I'm going insane
Flying high
Where angels sing
Burn my wings for

I got a hole in the head
And god comes down from heaven
He throws me down
My mind is overflooded with madness

My sickness
Is so hard and deep
Madness haunts me
In my sleep

Rage in a..Rage in a cage
Rage in a cage

My future is shrouded
As my knife reflects my smile
I close my eyes
And watch my life fading away
Just walking
On broken glass
Call me two-faced



The day has come, I can't refuse
I lost the fight 'cause the monster's loose
No matter what you'll doing to me
I won't repent. You'll see



Marching in the streets
I hear the stomping of their feet
I'm obliged here to stay
The night burns brightly into day

Generals command the troops
Civilians build rebellion groups
See the rage in every face
What they'll do, is far from grace
They keep their weapons at their chests,
Holding high the local flag

Bullets flying through the air
Bodies falling - nobody cares
People dying - more and more
If you see this, then you'll know
(It's) war in the streets!

Battlefields are drenched in blood
Children faces full of mud
Holocaust! Fight to survive
Hostages try to be alive
Both sides are closed the freedom door
and carry on to be at war





Yesterday you left us - the race is run
You finally made it - god quit us all
We had tears in our eyes
As we remembered the time
We stood by your side -
But you lost the fight that night

With pain and torment you died
Sorrow and sadness we cry
God took an angel away
Night and day - for you we'll pray

You'll never know how much we miss you
(When pain and sadness hurt)
Heaven took your soul away
(Our thoughts are hunting us)
In these days of mourning,
is death a solution?
(The suffering will be over)
Memories of fear disappear in the dark
(They try to take us away)


We know you can't come back
We just hope you're fine where you are
We're sure we'll meet again
Sometimes and Somewhere



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