NECRODEATH - Into The Macabre



Pray with the creeping chaos
Denying the holy cross
Instantaneous demon is released by the force
Satan order all of us
In the pentagram of blood
Defeat the priest of lies and attack the place of God

Raise... the flag

Belial at my fuckin' side
You pray the unblessed grave
Symbolical dimension places my body rots away
Biblical verdict of heaven
Accept the words of hell
Sign your desperation to the sudden death in spell

Raise... the flag of inverted cross

Pray, the altar in mist
The soul of Christ denies the beast
Summon the force that regrets my domain
To find that someone will pay
Ascending from emptiness
Evil strikes for me
Unveil your Satan's flag
Calling, inside your head
Antichrist, debris of flesh
Death rips you apart
Annihilation, victims of pain
Serve your necrolust
Evil one comes on the wings of hell
The death of Christ is obtained
Defiled crosses on the altar of Hades
Unleash your disgust today


Flag of the inverted cross
Waves down in hell
Resurrection is not unveiled
Lunatic, demoniac spell
Back the soldiers to re-twist tour soul
Feel death that creeps inside of you
Endless torment, inflicted pain to see
Defeated priest vomits witches brew
Dungeon of eternal horror
Indulge desire and lust
Sacrifice by Satanism
Evil nature of disgust


Ice in sight fear his soul
The ship awaits the land
The camp of death, placed in pain
Ruins of city are near at hand

Mountains of madness

Ancient visions, inside his head
The blood has marked their way
Enormous rocks derange their eyes
The others men are slaved

Mountains of madness

The Creature appears from darkness...
Breaking the ancient gates...
Their minds are twisted with fear...

... Comes? ... Death?
They will die!

The flight toward the dead begins
A vast tableland appears
The Ancient begins charm my soul
Enter new world of fear

Hide... or die in the abyss way

They're bounded in a cage of stone
Seeking safety in flight
The visions from Necronomicon
Ways of salvation are open wide
Hide... hide... hide...


The Ancient is, the Ancient was, the Ancient will
From the dawn of times, in primordial chaos
Called Naxyr in every centre of infinity
The gods swim in shapeless water of darkness

Void of Naxir
The great abyss
Reveals the grand illusion of shape
Idolize the greater glory

Yog-Sothoth, the shapeless demon, the master's shape
He kills and laughs with his mortal coil
His face a pile of iridescent spheres,
The shape is evil for evils and pure for purees

Void of Naxir
The great abyss
Reveals the grand illusion of shape
Idolize the greater glory

This is the time, primordial dark
Hastur lives in fire
Nyarlathotep, the messenger
Kadath the unknown, caused the uncontrolled desire
...The seven stars are burning higher...
The son must born from himself
Flame is red by blood
The nine is black, dream and dream
The seven skies, home of anger's God
...The key is concealed in yourself power...
Ritual of Aangohr begins with lust and pain
Not forgives who's near and haunts his mind
One hundred flames are spirit in my brain
In death I will diminish then arise
The time is now I fall apart in death
Where my hands touch the hearts of lies
Two in one, one in two emerges
Fall into God's cue and die

Void of Naxir
The great abyss
Reveals the grand illusion of shape
Idolize the greater glory


Inferno's book symbol of blasphemy and fear
Unveils the still upbraided sign of death
Mothers unite as one in shape of evil itself
Darkness, tears and breathes

Mater Tenebrarum

Vision of inverted, fallen destiny in sight
The slave of hers inside of me
Jezebels scream for your defeat by smell of vault
Sacrifice your eyes to see

Mater Tenebrarum

"Bellum, Mortem, Crudelitates
Subtiles Et Immensa Feremus,
Inquietae Sumus Et Insatiabiles,
Odii Saturae, Subiectae Animi Impetis,
Fastidium, Invidia, Discidium, Inter Nos, Sacerdotes
Satanas Stant."

Fires, devils, from the depth of horror
Mothers demand the orgies of blood
Threw your lighted candles to the ground
Blest be the man that spares these sounds
Dance, around the pale
Uprising chalice holds my veins
Obnoxious mind, cursed souls
Desire of death, praying' to meet ghouls
Mothers, contend the reign
The Antagonist, claims God's domain
They will break they will twist
They will burn they'll destroy


Beyond the boundaries of evil and death
Where soul obscenity is true
Violence on animals, desecration of corpses
In pray to putrefaction
Bestial, bewitching, satanic embrace
With the endless tormented body
Exhumation of lies of woman and man
Children die in the wind

Violator of deadly pale
No one rests to be saved
Hitting with the unholy knife
No fearing the soul of Christ

Necrosadist takes your life,

Butchery of zombies, he enjoys while his victims
Relentless run to decay
Animals, children, old women, whores
Know the unbound agony
Vacher, one of the greatest exposures
Demon of bloody sadism
The upbraided and wild lust of nightmare of death
The horror becomes reality

Violator of deadly pale
No one rests to be saved
Hitting with the unholy knife
No fearing the soul of Christ

Necrosadist takes your life,

Slow, perfect in his rush of fear
Turning in the blackest sky
Spirit of the obedience
Smash! You're paralysed
Descend into the crypts of hell
Praising and deteriorate
See the colours of bones disease
Bleeding of the lifeless bodies
Satisfy his every must
Intense desire still alive
I will arise
Sucking' in to cause your death
Pay for endless decree
The flame of death burns black in mind
Slow death, eternity
Inform the lord of fire and pain
Look down the grace of spell
The old woman is twisted and slaughtered
Send her soul to hell
Deny the wrath of God
Pledge to me a slave
Drink the blood of the masses
Exhumer of your grave

Necrosadist takes your life,


Poisoned souls, exposed by me
Death's increase
One thousand lies of burning shame
In morbid soul
Consecrate the chosen one
Life of me
Carry your hand in my prophecy
The blood will flow

Morbid oblivious
Sickened corpses left beyond
My deception in your darkened mind
The sinners arise
To gaze the sacred lie
Internal, death, decay...

Germs of dismay, by carnal of life
Infest your blood
My son is light and fragrant soul
The days fall
Kneeling before dubious altars
The wise chose
Silent death of human soul
The pain wins

Morbid oblivious
Sickened corpses left beyond
My deception in your darkened mind
The sinners arise
To gaze the sacred lie
Internal, death, decay...

You will live in misery
By the spell you cannot lie
Yield your hands to prophecy
Bursting' of death, ... now you die!
Serve the wishes of the gods
Rule supreme in monarchy
Incantations of the gore
Sanctify your death to me

Distressed entrails
Palsy stricken
Sigmoid colon
Precious blood

Portrait of lust, front the accused
The bench of hell is reborn
Pieces of brain impaled on the tree
Disturb the sight of the weak
Living in chaos, perish in silence
Supreme annihilation
Infected breaths, reappears the plague
The sign of intoxication
My redemption fades to dust
Shows the symbol of lust
Infest your corpse, latent disease
Create the downfall of disguise
Morbid erosion, tearing of flesh
One thousand mutilations
Fallen doom, possessed bodies
Retting pit's declaration


Holding child in the lap of death
No feeling the touch of life
Denied pleasure, enormous sin
Sanctify your strife
In limbo
Chanting priest victimizes souls
Glorifying his useless God
The open ground receives the corpse
Earth purifies my blood
Nefastus stench of rotten bones
Footsteps on the earth I lie
Morbid hands will sign my grave
Torment, immaculate

New born's death
Slaves their mind
No return
In limbo I die...

They enter my domain with lust
Relentless much on holy ground
Blackest candles burn my soul
Violence, trespass...

New born's death
Slaves their mind
No return
In limbo I die... I stand at the gates of limbo...

Entering, I walk
Innocent blood I lost
Men on earth torment my ghost
Nothing I command
Deranged is my mind
Falling to the sand
Cannot open my eyes...

My tablet has changed (Sign!)
Signed with morbid
Colours (Sign!)
Death rules my veins

Trapped in this dimension
I've never known my soul
Now I feel the dead they call
I see decayed face
Appears from his lie
Feel the burning grace
Cannot open my eyes


Night of horror, his killing in sight
The Beast of hell brings new blood
Eternal life, drinking the lymph
The pale of death will remain
Rising the king of Romanian hell
Emerged from the abyss to be free
Lustful intent to take up your soul
Thirst for blood revenge

Unveil the grace of blood
And pleasure of fear

Alive... in hell's domain
Undead... and darkness' slave

Life aspiration, he's marking from hell
Not living beyond his own death
Banish the cross to join the legion
Of the wicked living dead
Religious warfare bursting' on earth
The sunlight of long distance sight
Fly to the tomb where darkness command
Avoid the forces of light

Unveil the grace of blood
And pleasure of fear

Arise... at your summit
Descend... at darkest pit

Blood, demented lust of death
The iron works the magic
Sanctify your useless God
The end will be so tragic
No mortal souls again
The Creature will arise
Scorn the cross of fear and pain
Order you to die

Walks through sunlight gates
Just as the vampires call
Torment... of your mind
New life by your blood

Trapped in pain by hypnotic trance
The sky turns black so near
Indications above the ground
Smiling at your fear
Unknown diseases in your soul
The oppression licks your spine
Ascending from the grave of hell
Death will fills your mind

Watch me stabbing my mind
Corrosions of my soul
Illusion... fills my eyes
New life by your blood

Living in damnation, the undead spreads his plague
Signifying the holy blame
Nightmares are reality inside my head
Sustain the reign of living dead

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