Lustrous fall of faith, we are sealed, obliged to guidelessly obliviate
Cosmic maelstrom on the human race, a shapeless entity
Will gorge on flesh and soul
A capite, ad calcem
Ash from fire, dissolving every lifeform, with a purpose
The cycle turned on us, it’s time to beg back to the Gods
Once forgotten
A deo rex, a rege lex

A light in the dark will come
It brings on no hope, just cleansing
Given the chancе, man chose betrayal
With great powеr comes greater punishment

Eyes that witness our endless felony, a restless guardian
Peccat in se / Culpa par odium exigit

Decapitation of the mother, lead by
An entire mindset based on ungratefulness
Artificial changes which decayed a once pure creation

Flies, nothing but flies, feeding on remains, turning everything into piles of excrement
The fruit was a gift and it rotted, face now a judgement of force

Four million outworld astral beings
Arrival of the trial
A verdict with a certain resolution:
Blazing fire hecatomb (2x)


Throw out the corpse! For now the fish have something to feed on
Unable to move or fight us all, a dumb superiority
A last breath of distress, her misery turned to flesh
Into the screams from ancestral daughters
Hear hear, the siren appears

My purple wrath won´t let it go, despair
A thousand knives against a wall, are they in vain?

I, who have fallen in the unforgiving raw hazards of time
Shall unify inner demons with blood
You, rotten child, blindly fighting with fear
A host for sickness, swarmed by unexpressed rage
Through lies

My purple wrath won´t let it go, despair
A thousand knives against a wall, are they in vain?
Eye for an eye

Someone else just chose your side
These roles were made to tear us apart

Rastros de piel
Sangre y sed
A través de viento y sal, el mar
En su rostro solo queda rencor


Slit open throats gobbling up refined excrement for life
Give them more, see, they need more
Embedded in a throne, mouth fed by a complex system
of rusty pipes
Give them more, see, they need more
Gorge until you expolode

A distorted mirror of our condition
Shackled by the horde, spawned from the meek
Everlasting greed

Effortlessly led to self destruct
Disfigured faces overflowing with satisfaction
Nourishing a higher entity

A headless chicken with a full stomach
All they felt is gone, lost in ash and manure

A belief in the flames from foregone realities
Spread to purify, a redundant fiction sealed on our peeled flesh
To justify
A belief in the flames of foregone realities will keep mankind at ease

We all have a fate to fulfill. Eyes that remained closed,
unconscious empathy ends with fire

Unending corrupt circle foretold that their heads will roll
Power expires
Kings are destined to end up beheaded and dismembered
with their filthy hearts on a spike

Af ollu vid erum
Af ollu sem vid verdun
Bera skilabod ad handan
Vitni ad peirri fallkomnu umbreytingu
sem ad skal og man verda


Look down into the void, I've been here for so long
Wandering through despair
But I accept my place and time
For I am the bearer of skies

At the place of stranded dead whales
I walk this burden with a colossal pleasure

One that shall not be easily excused
Descending into madness like an adrift rotten asteroid, always falling

Lash me with memories, give me the world to keep afloat.
I'll face fate with no regrets, no need to mourn,
the remorse shall not be removed

Punishment means lesson learnt
All the lies were self treachery
Now I sit on the picture of the decadence,
throne of my repentance
Eternal pleasure

Everything seems to be the same, and nothing is different
Bring me out of deathly grounds.
Agonize my aching heart
Put me back to whence I came


Conscious less, I'm comatose
Falling away from myself

I'm flooded with memories that matter no more
Yet their claws always manage to find me and drag me to hell.

Watch me, I'm fading, slowly diving into the realm of false regret
Regurgitating dead thoughts from a bottomless morgue

Take control, I'm clueless
Take control, I am useless
My mind is not mine.

Well well well, where was I?
Oniric interruption, developing angst with unending hesitation
Would you ever be able to kill the expectation?
Illusory resilience blinking from time to time

Now, listen carefully, there's always a precious memento,
Beloved vehemence leading to the darkest hour
And my personal favorite:
Licking the bottom of the pit, with enjoyment

Lack of control, collapsing into a timeless hollow vortex
Distant howl is calling, anguished voices from the void
Twisted flesh, limbs falling apart

Conscious less, I'm comatose
Falling away from myself

The verdict from up above: A last sacrifice is required
So I will set the fucking train of thoughts on fire

Lies irredeemably taking me to dormant state
A place where I find no thoughts, thus no harm
Flames irredeemably taking me to dormant state
A place where I find no thoughts, thus no harm

Last to first, all in all, a will-less piece of meat,
dying for a mercyful trance
Burnt alive, alive, burnt down to the bone
Open path to the realization:

Existence is meaningless



In the edge of mankind's awakening
A white fire star will descend from the sky
To close the eyes of men forever

Behold the conception
Chaste kiss, a written fate
Arranged fornication, Feathers on her flesh and blood

Sodomization of purity
Adultery, her sweetest mystery

Bent on the sacred nest, There lays the vestal queen,
Stranded in rotten infamous thread

Any safe word?
NO safe word

Deflorate her mercilessly and plant the seed of purity
Tear the flesh and bite it off, now burn the rest and claim the heir

A colossal display, irresistable
Flesh, blood and broken limbs, a glorious still life
The inception of the prophet
Shall bring the eternal night

Oh Joseph you poor bastard
fool in the kingdom of the blind
Let the word spread, let everyone know,
the messiah, her betrayal
Her moaning would be heard in all Jerusalem
music to your ears

Mi corazon que me lo han destozao
mi alma rota por el engano, maldingo la hora
hechico peazos, no han quien calme el llanto
Ahora que se que el mundo eh un luga embuhtero, os maldigo.
Esa bruja sera el tormento de tos vosotros
Vuestra faacia cubira el mundo en un manto negro de ruina
Ruina y soleda

In the sixth awaited month, born in sin
A treacherous conception that brough a false savior
Destined to die, for all of us, sinners from birth

A mother cries in vain, as her spawn spreads the fallen
For a thousand years to come you will only face servitude

Kneel before the dove prophet


Bow to your knees and obey
Fallen demise

In the last nook of this realm, where we coexist blindfolded
Producing for them the cradle to the grave
We shall not rebel
We only exist to serve its will

Spitting at you, extortionate you, draining your will to the last drop
Doomed to the bottom of the pit
Fallen, flooded
Staring at you, humiliate you, the fall of men shall be idolized,
unending strife while you're alive
Fallen, flooded, forgotten and shattered, drop to your knees and kiss her feet

Lust a slave, lingering
Venerate and take the blame
Fuel the fire and watch the flames
Behold your mightiest creation!
La colmena de los zanganos sin aguijon!
Keep your chin up until the very end
The prize for excellence is unaffordable death

Bow to her will and obey
Screaming at you, degrading you, this last act will be merciless
Fallen demise
Fallen, flooded

Illusions, delusions, delirium est
Took a lifetime to see
This ain't a disease or distortion, it's our perfect fail
Ultimate triumph of the powerful ones
Thank god we're alive


Oh Lilith, emperatriz de la carne
Suplico una ultima andiencia en tu abrazo
El priviledio de admirar tu gloria
Y si asi sea, consuma mi ultimo aliento

Imploro el olor y la piel, la sangew y el sudor
El Bano de las masas

Ven a mi, primigenia, calma el apetito

At last...

This night the onirie dance of the flesh takes place
Opening obscene portals lingering at the edge of two worlds
One of abhorred limitations and the other of succulent pleasures just yet to unveil
She weaves her way to me as dream divides reality

Tu entre en moi et j'entre en toi
Prends mon fruit, mong sang est a toi
Le soupir du Fantome

Two thousand long years have passed
But the wound is fresh as new
I cans still hear the laughter of the lamb
The sound of nails entering the flesh

Witness the death of the bastard prophet
Eyes dry as dead rivers, only a pleasing grin
A reminder of treason, a reason to linger

A feast for the sight and such an inviting scent
that opens the appetite of the hungered ones

Her whisper tears me open, devouring the meat to the bone
Strip away all the earthly anguish, I beg you to come
On my knees venerating your flower, a path to eternal rest
Take me to the abyss and watch me fall

Tu entre en moi j'entre en toi
Prends mon fruit, mong sang est a toi
Le soupir fu Fantome

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