SHARDS OF HUMANITY - Fractured Frequencies



Cold is the design of a god's intention
Led by a divided mind
I've seen through a pharaoh's eyes
And from those in which disease entwine

Thieves of peace reflect
What is locked away, trapped inside
And through decades of duality
We grasp internal sight

Fractured frequencies - passion held beyond the waste

Fear is the fuel that powers
Parasitic entities
We are all connected
From the center of our being

I see… I know

I’ve broken egos
Torn them with razor teeth
Mind penetrated
Solar plexus frozen in the sleet

I’ve inverted difficulty
Transcended domination
Left them fighting the current
Lost in the fog

Consuming the leaches skin, I grow beyond


Cold and desolate
Life wrenched from existence

Wrought from a distant moon
Channeling the cosmic entities
Frigid laws grope the face
Abyssal possession

Grey matter carbonized
Consciousness throttled into dust
I’ve observed the torture
Slithered inside

Show no fear


Peer through illusion dissolved
Enveloped strain of thought
Transfixed – perfected

A vile elegance
Lost in perception
Electric eyes darting
Colder than souls
Spectral distortion enervating

Must look past this picture
Once said, once dead
By internal void consumed

Inconsistent since of presence – the meaning to time
Derived out of thought, a slave to the mind
Ambiguity draining from every fissure
Translucent, the filter obscures
Omniscient gaze unreachable
In this aphotic domain of thought
Transcend, walk through realms of beauty nocturnal
Forbidden taste of bliss, swallowed by… revulsion

Let the mind wonder through the depths
Of identity – an abyssal wraith sculpted in liquid reflection

Cyclic shifting, swirling images
Pierced awareness
Spewing mountains of crimson
Grace becomes obscene deformity

Let the smoke ascend
Once said, once dead

Ambiguity draining from every fissure
Translucent the filter obscures
Omniscient gaze unreachable
In this aphotic domain of thought
The meaning of time – inconsistence of presence
Derived out of thought subject to… transcendence


Failing… failing to comprehend
What is occurring
Right in front of my eyes
The earth is falling
Or is this just a projection
Another confusing chapter
To the pages of humanity – ending

I see burning forms
Turning black
Once a flaming body walking
It falls torched grey, once living

I am the epidemic virus
Swept to hell
A vision once held this knowledge
I know it well

Earth’s freezing over
I watch it crumble
I taste the ashes, dust
Now flying freely

He sits in his skull throne
Watching god’s creation wither
Slowly… falling
To disintegration… laughing

This brand new cancer
Will be your end


Cavity inside lurks
Abyss injected
Invasion of senses
Stabbed through the mind

Pathetic worm
Eat the dirt
Internal dissonance

Electric god nurtures
Choking on the glass
Tasting the truth
Tounging the slut

Lying through the black teeth
Frontal lobe dissolved
Mouth on a tailpipe
With black fog embalmed

Cranium forced to the ground
Reptilian eyes bulge
Haunting laughter omnipresent


The gaze of… searing eyes
Focused upon filth

Sacrilege to capability
Repression to oneself

Mind numbing masters
With a foot to your throat
Virulent scum possessed
By reptilian self interest

Leeches of dominance
What they seek is obtained
Mass media befoulment
Perversion of the brain

Apparition of hope… obscured
By the smoke
Of the burning mind
Hypnotized by elitist slime

Mental cancer injected
Through technology
Pseudo evolution
What’s condemned to me


I’ve broken a hollow scheme
Traveled past reality
Felt the grip
Of a lost force

I’ve watched them worship the swarm
Existence throttled and torn
Break the lies
I’m a different organism

Duality suspended
And outdated method of limitation

We’re the divine
To the crystalline
Design of time

Embrace the ancient vision

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