Í MYRKRI - Black Fortress of Solitude



Enchanted, beneath the darkening sky
shattered, I am the fallen

Rivers and streams
of how many tears
a dismal call from the void
my eyes drown in the black

A sacred doom

Wind rips at the surface
the forest breathes in the night
a path to worlds below
chambers of silent dreams

Shades of cold indifference
nocturnal trancendence
the shadows dance in starlight
oceans of delerium

A mirror of destruction
take me into the moonlight above
with twilight eyes
a spectre of light
can you feel it's presence
the force of atmosphere

An evil essence
cursed spirits
of cold intuition
in lustrous violet
what things appear in the dark
beneath the bleak skyline


The truth is hidden in the water
in the drowning of innocence
ripped from mortality
enraptured by a frozen heart
extinction of stars
a blaze in the sky

A constellation of loss
beyond the black veil
through the darkness of life
gleams glimpses of departure
and vast dimensions

Winds of darkness

The midnight passage

Into oblivion

Faded secrets
concealed by the realm of time

Thoughts of torment
as darkness swept
the face of the earth
beneath veiled chambers
a supreme sacrifice
the will to grow
fades and withers
this is my fate
deep within the core
living memories
to seek the dawn of light

My spirit awaiting
everlasting sleep
to find peace beneath the depths
the illusive wings of death
a cursed obsession
through shattered eyes
the becoming of madness


I desire the silence you hold
these sacred gifts
I accept into my soul

Before an altar of blood
ancient forces of nature rule again

My worthless self I sacrifice
a fateful bond of truth
obscured, cavernous dreams
of the abyss

In the shelter of darkness unseen
esoteric powers warp the light through trees

The oncoming storm
an arrival into twilight
a shadow of lost selves
sorrow is my home
the true essence of pain
I hear the mourning of the forests
spare me from the agony
as the shadow falls

Disfigured landscapes
a final call to the void

Vast dimensions
faded secrets
a cosmic revelation


We belong to the night
shadows of death
where cold silence dwells
unconscious fading light
born into grace
now blood paints my dreams

A cascade of fallen leaves
cryptic signs from gods of old

wrath and devastation
a prophecy
of desolate bliss
obscured and shining

Forever mysterious
a forlorn sacred art
a starlight ceremony
the moon bereft of light

Deathlike silence, pervading
rise in a unholy blessing
upon burial grounds
an unholy craft
true shades of darkness transcendent
through fields of hallowed tombs
across the midnight sky
with eyes like serpents, gleaming

Unbound under the spelling moon
arise from the abyss
hear distant echoes calling
screams fill the atmosphere


A mirror of pale skin
an aura of pain
a river runs silently
dark visions of what life used to be
as I drift in haunted misery
follow the streams of blood
a dark evil space
agonies, memories, devouring

I require deep solace
as the night is redeemed
the wind whispers my name
nocturnal enchantments

An invoking ceremony
twilight abstraction
cold emptiness
enraptures my heart
silence and shadows
I cast a spell
upon raging flames

All life is abandoned
into the embrace of death
streams of vast miseries
spirits waiting to be set free
a cosmic symphony
drift through the halls of wondering
as I cross dimensions
the axis of fate
the only light through dark corridors
a flame of secrecy
a life left in darkness
a yearning force of will

Imprisoned in anxious pits of shadow
a midnight aura
a phantom fire


Our spirits shall mourn
the pale formless agony
I cross the blue bridge of light
as the shadow falls

An entrance into universes
faint nocturnal screams
into the cold beyond
a star shines in silver

Drifting in the ether of death
an altar of sacrifice
I call upon the night
take and give me life
beyond the shores
a heart left forlorn
the hour of blackness
a paragon of destruction

My whispers are thunder

A cosmic revelation
feel the burning flames inside
with thorns piercing at the edge
an art of suffering

An entrance into fantasies
a black fortress of solitude
engraved in memory
a ritual of death
whirlwinds of flame consuming
the ravaging of mind
wings to be reborn


Midnight shadows drifting
summoned by the woods
a shudder of fear
what dwells beyond the pale
phantom souls dance
upon unholy ground
beneath the red moon

Great stone chambers
in a temple of decay
mysterious invocations
a blackened rite
suffer in pain

Darkness above
to drift in the cold
cascading voices

Sculptures of stone
eternal wastelands
enthralled in
a cosmic sea
an epic dream
transcended in astral energy

Thunderous echoes
a plague of destruction
dark seasons of horror
harnessed powerful rage

Storms of terror
diabolical flames
the eye of illusion
boundaries of light devoured
a point of no return
an ocean of sleep
an abysmal tainted sky
burning with desire

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