CARONTE - Ascension



I kissed Tiamat between the waves
of the Nile and the oceans
I saw the Leviathan in my star
burning incense for my request

Oh seas, seas of the universe
may Chaos pour from the waters
destroy our thought
free us from the chains of Reason

I ride the night on its back
towards each city my staff
turned to the sky creates storms
in the highest waves you may see his nature

Beautiful and sinuous creature
the waters bow infront of your glory
Chaos in my body when you marry me
and the world
we ride all night

I kissed the Leviathan on my star
that i drew as the horizon for you
I stained Belial with my blood
confining your body close to mine


I know the old secrets of the black art, son
I know the time is gone
one hundred season to find your spirit walk
Oh son Oh son come from the fire
take my left dark hand

Behind black candles through your ouija board
Behind shadows and ghosts
I saw the moonlight touch your purple eyes
A ghost, A ghost tells you
the unspoken truth

I feel your solitude i drink your tears,
this world is mine don't have more fear
Beelzebub will come from the void and you
can see the world with my eyes

And you walk through the night for me, father
And give me the power of shadows

I am dusk, midnight
I am the son of the west
I perfume the women with absinth
I accompany men towards the darkness

Through space and time
may the blood of Christ awaken me
You will drink from the grail when i look at you
And as the sea, endless, in the void


777, the light, the knowledge
the golden Ank, Ouroborus,
the book of law, Aiwass
climbing the mountains of reason

666, the devil, the beast,
Saturn, life, sex,
energy, strength, man
power and seals

I believe, between the numbers and cabala
the key is hidden
I believe, i gain strength from my
thoughts and expand my soul
I believe, i saw the silver woman flying

the priest rings the gong,
turns left in the temple
raises his sword towards the cosmos
lights the fire and enlightens darkness
incense wraps the temple and so we are lost

lost between the shadows of time
full of consciousness we guide our destiny
towards infinity and the farthest places
where God will be nothing less than our emanation


Oh Horus Eye
open your wings and fly to me
Oh Horus Eye
See the sun fall in the night
Pyramid fire
Bring the red blood of the ride
Come from the sky
take the desert to Seth from Man

Horus, now i'm fallen
Toth light from the Nile
Dark night when the moon dies
The Devil Rising

Oh flaming Seth
fire warriors of the dusk
Oh flaming Seth
keep the occult secret of death
Oh goat of Hell
my soul is trapped
Oh desert's lord
shape the dunes with your knowledge

Horus, now i'm fallen
Toth light from the Nile
Dark night when the moon dies
The Devil Rising

I saw the armies of Ramses mummified
adoring the Sun
Midnight of the gods between the pyramids of Cheope
I saw the Sphynx looking in my eyes like Medusa
The sound of the gong on the altar
made me come back
I placed my ancestor's gold on my clothes
I brought the light in this era thanks to my empiric travels
I saw Ra smoke between the clouds
I saw the First People looking at Helena and write theosophy for her


A Black Gold You Know?
The power of my love
A Black Gold you want?
Oh i try for more

Those nights with Horns
come from the power of Saturn
And those nights of love
Oh you need black gold

Oh...Saturn is dead
Oh...Waiting the Bleed
I saw your freedom lost in your fallen mind
I saw the eagle of my spirit die

Satan Satan Satan fall in my arms
Your eyes in me when I ride your wind
Black Spirit come inside my veins
Gold Raven grow behind my back

The ride of obscure drone
wait my throne on my dope road

The Knowledge, The Powers
The gold light
My light on your desire

Oh...Gold Eagle, Oh... Blood Legion
I saw your nectar, radiate my spirit to
Bring my lights for, ethereal prayer

Satan Satan Satan fall in my arms
Your eyes in me when I ride your wind
Black Spirit come inside my veins
Gold Raven grow behind my back

Dope guard, black temple
Obscure West, Gold incense
Those Gold Nights our minds
The eagles
Those powers remain

Shadow, Ghost of my love
Bring my soul I fall like you


In the nights of spring, you smell of blood and roses
The dusk of love, i wake up on your skin

Under the branches of these ancient trees,
the power of earth
Under the depth of your knowledge,
the power of the sky

The solstice is close and the stars above us
wait for the sunset of gods

Your blood covers my sword and shines between the stars
I kissed every curve of yours,
I kissed your entire body to dive in your love
You can hear the number wheel spin and move all the gears
of our life

My throne, twisted with last season's
branches is burning
My love burns for your warm lips reflected in fire,
my heart burns

You smoked my pipe and saw the stars falling,
You ate my berries and ran around my fire
You licked my back and saw the moon disappear
My body inside yours and you saw the
Ancient rise again.


I saw the hypnotic dragonfly making me sleep softly
I saw the sacred coyote save me from peyote
I saw the ghost owl looking into my mind
I saw the sun snake enter my soul

I smoked 'till it rained
White clouds fly from my tent
I sawn the ivory horse and he brought me to the stream
Blood was flowing and i took off my clothes

Men, follow the wind and the ancestors will
talk to you between the deserts of your lives
Women and children kiss the ground and
build a ladder of branches to reach the sun

I rode that bear into the mountains
For long winters in the snow
I ate the bison without greed
I thanked the dust upon my face

I saw the priest covered in colored feathers
watching through a skull with the bones of an eagle
levitating on the dunes

I saw death and the Wapiti saved me
I was dead and the crow gave me feathers
I saw the lizard and she gave me this song
I spoke to the sun and i became wolf

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