JORDABLOD - Jordablod [EP]



A Wolf, sits at the Throne
Serpent at its side
Draining its life force
Seeping its mind

The lands, die down
The courts gathers dust
The fire turns to ash
The wolf is a prisoner of his might

Its subjects living in fear
Draining its wrath
And properly they do so
As Justice is no more

The hounds feed on the carnage
The ravens flock the corpses
Children cry out in misery
While the Serpent slithers through it all

The one who ones where the apex
of all has fallen
The one who fought for the good of all is now gone
The Wolfthrone is now merely a tool
Hinder the fall

And all will fall


See this ailing land
Stretches ever on
These barren fields flourish no more
For concrete pillars impaled their souls

Release timeless wonders
Live with open hearts
See beyond the surface
Towards the Endless Light

Depleted forests, rise
Breathe, reclaim, begin
A final hope for the abusive
A test of true reverence

May my spirit fly freely again
May I retain what is broken
Set the false Idol aflame
May my feverish soul fly ablaze

My sword shall no more sleep
My vengeance shall be fulfilled
No peace, No truce will settle
Until they have vanished forever

But there is time for forgiveness
Yes there is time to heal
Feel the roots replace the iron wires in your veins
Be apart of the wilderness, once again

To your home

Feel the spirit be part of the eternal divinity
And your soul will be granted peace


The Light will leave these woods again
It fades more each day
What will save us but ourselves

As the leaves fall of the trees
Our hope falls with them
Will Faith linger through the end

In this world of concrete lust
We have all lost our ways
May the chaos set us straight

I hear the trees I hear their screams
They are praying with us still
Evoke the past, the Awakening

Path of the enlightened
United in faith
Reaching for the skies
They still carry the fire
The realm of peace
Rests no more in oblivion
Rebuilding the worshipped
The one, The final, the truth

My divine
In need
In time

Still winter
Living Spring
Hear us now
The light you bring

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