SPIRIT, THE - Cosmic Terror



The ability to spread agony
A sick craft you truly master
The enduring thirst for power and dominion
Poison, obsessional voracity
Dangerous strength to the perverted insane
Unleash hell to enhance pathetic egotism

You sick fuck who creates his own reality
Inviolable, attendant of the key
Intruder with backward ideals
Serpent as time reveals

Hate caused by lies, infected human mind
Violence will rise from repression
Atrocities and fratricide, systematic homicide
Breeding ground for terror pain

The heart stands still when the thunder is roaming
Inferno, the dragon´s breath released a sea of fire
Mud soaked with blood, insanity breaks out
Images and cries which will never leave your mind

Torn life to pieces
Madness erupts upon the world
Turn eden into a wasteland


Mystified, alienated from the world around
Sense, aspire for enlightenment
The quest, emerge from the abyss
Sorrow, the fuel that lights the flame.

Meaningless, gratifications of your pathetic life
Attended by the moon, your dusk is my dawn
Onerous times, when I walk the trails of mortals
Distressing times, detained by my demons

I strive for salvation
Suffer and embrace temptation

The strain, intoxication of the mind
Trial, rise from the adversity
Escape the past and enter fields denied
Misery for the weak, I fight for the treasure I seek


The end of balance rise of insanity
Dominant one a new reality
No hope for liberation, annihilation

Frustrated and appalled the upsetting certainty
The mind is capable of such abysmal ferocity
Distress caused by resolute ignorance
The fool´s empty words a tremendous insolence

Hypocritical one take the son of another one and let it be done
Lead the blade end the day look in the eye when life fades away

Predetermined fate born into perdition
Greed is sovereign and averts abolition
The journey ends you smell the blood and hear the last moan
You realize with giant fear that soon you´ll taste your own

Repugnant human scum

Pale tyrant phantom of death
Structure an iron wall
Mother hear their call


As I found myself at this barren empty scene
The uncharted desert, soon to question everything
Yesterday, a slowly fading memory
Begin the odyssey across this vast desolation

There is no infinite patience
The seven will soon elapse
Enter the second circle
Absent the two whisperers

Withdraw from confusion
Withdraw from their hold

As I proceed to walk, my vision on the path
Don´t notice the approaching darkness
The conflict with oneself, time will agonise you
Utterly alone encountering a demon

Grow from suffering
Face the tasks in the chasm
At times the pit sends something back
Sorrow reveals understanding

Withdraw from adaption
Withdraw from their beliefs

With every step I feed my despair
Seeing now that thoughts will turn into action
Devote myself to the rising shadow
Crush the bonds of life

I embrace the eclipse
The path of solitude leads me away from thee
Prisoner of my experience
Melancholy will transfigure me

So my journey ends as I reach the altar of ages
And run the knife of determination
Release liquid life, no need for a sermon
There is no fear when you are certain


Creation raised by lucid minds
Unforeseen architects of death
Madness the horror was evoked
Incertitude a new age has begun

Sickening beauty reaches to the sky
The first one, followed by the gemini
A fallen star carrier of gloom
Towering clouds the pillars of doom

Ten down blinded by the flash
Eerie shadows burnt into the ground
A fatal mist diffuses across the sea
Bringer of disorder your scion will decline

Scattering the unseen demise
Invisible alters the code of live

A firestorm the power of the sun
Twisted steel morbid relicts of the past
Growing titan fatal vapor rising high
Doomed as they walk towards the pillar


The small in the endlessness
A drop in the vast ocean
The infinite where a lifetime means nothing
A meaningless spark in the dark

A dim perception
Distance beyond comprehension
Rising phenomena, no imagination
Unable to understand

I gaze into the sky
Witness an ancient cry
A faint light from the blast
A picture of our past

Floating across the black sea
Facing the colossus in the core
Orbiting the source
Combined by the invisible force

A journey with bleak future
As sanity will not prevail
A fading civilization
Towards extermination
Realize your nothingness
In the wide cosmic emptiness



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