OBSIDIAN TIDE - Pillars of Creation



Look past what your mortal eyes can see
Through the blind eternity
Break the earthly limits of the flesh
Set your spirit free afresh

Tall and mighty, made of primal haze
Crimson woven into gold
All existence, dreams, the fate of all
The Pillars of Creation hold

And now you understand it all
The Pillars’ riddle and their call
And once you’ve seen it,
There’s no turning back,
You’re endless as your soul

A secret star, a shining gem,
Divine, a regal night sky diadem
The vault of heaven welcomes another god

Through ethereal guidance I find myself
Among the most exalted of beings

From my new seat
In the azure fields, I see
Countless new worlds
Reveal yourselves to me


Seven cities burn in bright blue flame
Scattered ash, the scars remain

Thousand years have passed and still they stand
Tales engraved into the sand

Haunting men in haven, Innocence made leaven
Seven false kings roam the land

See a woman pale as snow
Silent come and silent go
See a man without a face
Move like ghosts from place to place

Seal the moon behind the doors of stone,
Nameless demons in their throne
Sing a song to perish, your doom will be garish
Do not speak the bloody name

When your bright sword turns to rust
Seal the door, from blood and gore
Hated, hopeless, sleepless, sane
Chandrian, Chandrian

Run, the heathen fiends, they come
Swept by shadow, going numb
And, in graceful sin, they're gone
None will draw a breath by dawn
I, can ever feel, cold sweat
An image I cannot forget
When, his eyes are black, as crow
The endless wind will cease to blow

As they walk the silent path,
Driven by the ancient wrath,
Gathered by your heresy alone

Treading by the light of moon,
To bestow the mortal boon,
Sevenfold the hangmen you denied

As the noble healer aches in pain
All must pay, night and day
Hated, hopeless, sleepless, sane
Chandrian, Chandrian


Others I have known,
Seemed to overlook my pain
In the depths of the smoke, I found it,
The refuge that was gold to me

Should I take her to the new realm,
Let her to my soul,
Maybe she will understand

She will be my queen,
In the haze of my creation
Together we'll have
The nightlands

I have taken you to the new realm
Let you to my soul
How could I have failed you?
How can you simply burn to coal?

All is nothing but a dream


I see them falling
I fear my own demise

A thorax, pierced by the last blade,
Ending the hoax of undeath
Consuming stagnation extending,
Clutching every breath

You have not been forsaken
It is I who lies in wait
For your descent
I am he who shows you kindness
Should you ever rise to the kill again

As I silently wither
My demon subsides
And my kin,
hear my laughter
Now I depart,
Forever to dust


As my home burned to ash
And the flames claimed that silenced grove
The wind was dry, under the crackling sky
The day I lost my place in this world

We walked the four corners
Weaving dreams alive
Creating war and love and magic
Stories untied

Your amethyst eyes, pleading belle cries
Drew me into your tranquil realm, of violet skies

Let me stay for a while
Let me feel the warmth
Shadows have come now
With fire, through branches
Like arrows, piercing my soul

I'm fleeing them ghosts
Of unborn nightmarish truths
I shall stay no more, stay no more
I shall seek my home, now

Nothing awaits me, and still I return
to the same old place
Peace has eluded my path
For far too long

Nothing awaits me, and still I return
to the same old place
Peace has always eluded my path
Its absence may cost me my grace

What I desire most
That which I’ve loved and lost
To be embraced once more
By you

Night sky with countless stars
Leaving behind our scars
Ethereal moments of bliss

Abidingly I must leave
As blood will have its way
Accursed as it may be

Perhaps my fate
Is to never find a home
Perhaps there was never one
To be gone


The ocean’s breeze
The silent war
The breath of life
On which I swore

All of these
Will fade away
As the true gods break
Their bonds of clay

I will harness
This world’s dark divinity
And it will play my pawn
And reignite my time to shine

The world must bleed
To yield its core
And all the pain
Will be no more

The time has come
At last it’s here
Accept our fate
And have no fear

Listen in awe
To the Ceaseless hunger’s
Song of devouring

The ocean cage will break,
The Great Distortion
Time to rise

If it weren’t for those wretched vigilantes
The stone jailer would have already been dead
But nothing can truly stop me
From obtaining my vengeance

Now I realize how
My mortal prayers were awry
Led astray

Endless slumber lies ahead
Ancient thunder that has bled
Left divine


Let me tell you about all the things that I heard when she cried
Let me tell you about all the tears and her woes when she died
The tears and her woes when she died
The tears and her woes when she died

Untold tales and the lingering pains
the quintessence of life
Always Looking the other way
never able to draw out the knife

Merciless fate is unraveling before our eyes
Brooding here endlessly, behind celestial guise

I see we became like the beasts
we proclaim to transcend
Are we all not just reflections of space
And are bound to succumb at its end?

What if we’re weak and just no one dares speak
As there’s no new under no sun?

Are we all not just reflections of that
Which we dream of and shouldn’t be?

Give in to your temporal urge
Which you thought you’d left behind
Revel in the clangor of war
Put it to rest with your mighty roar

Answer heaven’s call
Rise above the human fall
Be part of the
Great unknown
See the truth
And take the throne

Will we never descend
down to earth?
Drenched in indifference
what is power worth?

Kill the king, boy
Slay the heedless
I will violate my oath
And dance in rivers of ichor

Ancient gods turn wrong
Yet the pillars still stand strong
Sometimes stars fall
What is dead may never rise once more

I will vow, this
Bound by the abyss
As the azure is reborn
Reshaped in bliss

We will keep watch
All you see
Relit again

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