WRVTH - No Rising Sun



All along we amble along

Hope slowly fleeting

Knelt down at the foot of the shrine

With our hands full of seeds clasped tightly

This garden will never grow

It will only flood

Soaking in a stagnant body of water

Breeding mosquitoes to feed off our poisoned blood

Shallow roots

Rotted branches

Petals wilted black

We lay beneath a weeping moon

With the sound of a concealed war ringing in our ears

No sights to treat our sore eyes

Stretched thin between frailty and grievance

This is who we are and what we've become



This is who we are and what we've become

Left waiting for the sun to rise


I'm licking my wounds
Picking at my scabs
Digging deep

Deeper and deeper into my skin

Anxious antics

Bewildered and damned
Scars line my body from scratching this constant itch
Devouring the truth
Swallowing my will
A pirouette of hysterics
I keep biting the inside of my lip in a nervous fit
Making myself bleed
The bitter taste of iron brings a wave of relief
Like gargling salt water to treat my pulled teeth
My face aging with each passing day

Eyes bruised black from my fights with sleep. Gnawing at my fingernails as my thoughts begin to seethe.

Anxious antics

Bewildered and damned

Anxious antics

Pirouette of hysterics


“Dive down deep

Beneath all the pain

Beneath all the fear

Drift away with me

Dive Down Deep

Until I cannot breathe”


Text pressed and formed
Bound by rubble and lead
17 bold scribbles and scratches
Hidden under a cloud of graphite dust
A constant smear under a heavy hand
Yields magma from every movement inscribed
Igneous rock set in place
Was swept away easily by four winds
At that moment
The illusion of good times
Would shine clearer than those 3 poignant lines.
When the prose was first composed
It was written out in lead-
Years passed-
Pages turned.
All it took was a sleight of hand
For a permanence to solidify.
Further into the notebook
Even the author himself couldn't see the transition stand-
It happened so subtly
Yet it happened so quick
Structures easily erased
Became forged by steel and ink
Gravel that manifested a message
That wasn't his choice to preserve-
The author was always tortured
But new lies would bring him relief
And if he gets a chance to write the ending
It would be such of an ideal release-
But until that moment passes
He will slowly tear down his beliefs

By staying away from the open windows
And to honor his musings as complete.



Dive down deep

Deep with me

Swim beneath

Beneath all pain

Sink below

Below all fear

Drift away

Away with me

Until I cannot breathe”

Submerged in a gulf of despair

Flooding the depths of my conscience

Relations swept away with the tide

As I sink the glimmering light fades

Drowning in my frailties

As my eyes began to shut

I felt your hand in mine

Carrying me through the dark


Entombed in silver and gold

Lowered beneath soil and churning ember

Resting under a blanket of stone

Erosion of muscle and bone

Hair, teeth, and nails recede

Rejection of spirit and creed

Distilled in wine and holy water

The baptism of an estranged daughter

Enshrined in blotted ink and prose

Sonnets and sorrows eternally perched as crows

Converging the sound of our roaring confession

Spread across a sinking foundation

Immortalized by one simple quotation

“All that we love shall fade

The blood is stained upon the page

If we die, we die as one

Absorbed into the final setting sun"


As time passes

Colors start to blur

Empty apologies

Forgotten goodbyes

Folded up and saved in a box

Fading to a time stained keepsake of formative years

Stowed on a shelf next to books that were never read

A canvas once washed in blood and bile

Burnt and scathed

Kept hidden in plain sight

Like scars and calluses

A reminder of a time we use to dream

When the sunrise of tomorrow felt like an unwavering promise

Now everything is old and grey

Like the headstones on the cemetery lawn

Inscribed with a quotable phrase to remember us by when we're long gone


This room smells of stale smoke

Walls stained a muted yellow

Decorated by holes from nails once hammered and a table filled with senseless clutter

There's tiny particles embedded in the floor

No matter how you try to pick them up they still lie beneath the surface

As if they were always there and forever will be long after we're gone

Like the inevitable end to everything we pursue

Gnats ping round and round with no pattern or destination

In this focused space that they aimlessly fly

There's a question I ask myself

Are they that different from me?

Amidst the constant chatter

There's a high pitched ring

That grows louder and louder

There's no articulating it but it seems so prolific

Like the novelty pieces scattered on the mantle

That have no reason but seem to be the only place they belong

Dull, lifeless, beauty

Endlessly starving for a place to truly rest


Backwashed words and liquor chased phrases

Followed by fits of nicotine meandering through the night

Agitating the sores on the inside of my mouth

My throat’s itching to say something profound

The television's projections light up this room

Just the elusive glow

No explanation as to why it's on but it's comforting to pretend someone is there

Objectifying the illusions portrayed on the screen

A paralyzing abstraction of nothingness

My head swells and my eyes shrivel up as I lie awake yet fast asleep

Every minute is an hour and every hour a separate infinity

The numbers change but the feeling stays


A sound resonates through the halls
A rusty creak in the dead of night
The ghost of yesteryear
A pagan cloaked in black
Four winds whir from every corner
Chattering leaves in the midnight calm
The moon is the only light
And the wind is the only voice
Telling a foreign tale of cohesion and avidity Nestled in the furrows of a dying tree

The moon is the only light
And the wind is the only voice

The moon is the only light

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