DEVOURMENT - Obscene Majesty



Architects of detritus devising common filth to contaminate the masses -
Destined for eradication.
Bow down and hail thy obscene serpentine majesty.
Slithering, I sink my teeth in. Viral death delivery.

Stricken by my scathing venom. Contaminating veins.
Baptized of my vile contagion. Tainted bloodstream - Bleed.

Pathogens infiltrate you - Consumed internally.
Symptoms worsen, haemotoxins liquefy your body.

Massive swellings, weakness sets in, limbs go completely numb.
Breakdown of all bodily functions, nerves blown to kingdom come.
Sores and oozing pus develop before your heartbeat stops.

Envenomation. Paralyzing neuropathic degradation.

Immobilized, now dead. Primed and ready - In position to swallow you whole.

My jaws come unhinged. Let the feeding begin.
Throat fully dilates, contorting around your head.

Double, double, toil and trouble.
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
From slaughter to fodder.
Rot in my cauldron, boil in the acid.
Dissolved to nothing. I bask in the sun.

Wholly devoured, rancid digestion. Sadistic revenge.
Legions suffer my predation.

Crossing my fucking path means eternal rest - Put to death.
Predator to prey upon the weakest of offerings.
Killing for the pleasure, devouring to survive.
Anointed by the devil to terminate those meant to die.

Architects of detritus, devising common filth to contaminate the masses -
Destined for eradication.

Thy obscene majesty.


Dreaming nightmares under heavy sedation
Scalpels slicing deep into me – consumed by the pain

Dissection administered through deception
Pseudo-scientific experiments
Insane torture – I lie conscious
Paralyzed, yet I feel agony

Taken under the knife
Mindless vivisection

Incompetent breach of ethics by unqualified medical practitioners

Cognizant sedate butchery
Intraoperative awareness achieved
Evisceration and dismemberment
Intense suffering of my worldly being
From above I view the carnage
Indiscriminate removal of my limbs
Cauterizing my every bleeding wound
The pain intensifies, they laugh hysterically

Morbid desecration, hideous segmentation

Lying limbless
Forsaken flesh
Death now lingers

Grinding and hacking and hemorrhaging upon the table - exposed insides writhing
Entrails and organs removed as I watch
Wounds pulsing, heart pumping - cruelty through disseverment

Psychotic surgical extractions
Hacksaw rips through my neck - total decapitation

Random body parts from various dead - sewn and transplanted insides, limbs and a rotting head

Extending life through the vilest procedures
Revived with a hunger for living human flesh

Reincarnated to consume the masses
With unrivaled strength I infect the Earth
Nothing will stop me from swallowing blood
Inhuman, immortal, necrotized incarnation

Condemned to a life of death
Mindless, cannibalistic teratoid killing machine


Rooted deep within my psyche dwells another being - incurable and unrepentant in its isolation
Kill me now before I kill another motherfucker dead

Disconnected socially - abnormal genetic psychopathy
Cold-blooded homicidal fixation
At home they know not of what I have become

Driven to kill by predation
Schizophrenic profanation

Motivated simply by self-gratification
My grisly practices remain undetected

Death by torture, my only salvation
To slowly die in pain must be the greatest gift of all

False perception through psychosis

There are many more like me - products of society
Hiding in plain sight as we walk among you

We are your sons, brothers, husbands, friends and fathers
Ordinary men by day - concealing offal secrets.
Meticulously devising plans to murder
Littering the woods and riversides with human detritus

Homicidal ideation - abductions through seduction
Gashes to ashes, dust to fucking dust

Dumping bodies, one by one
The stench of death permeates the air we breathe
Strangulations and dismemberments
Eternal mask of sanity


Enter darkness.
Where blood splatters with every cut.

Candles light the sigils in this carnal dungeon.
Crucifixes inverted in sacrilege and sin.
Explore the realms of your darkest fantasies.
Execute yourselves through the ways of the flesh.

Nothing in this room is forbidden.
We all shall die in ecstasy.

Bloodshed and debauchery - Intercourse entwined with sadism.
Domination and submission - Paraphilic vampirism.
No safe words will be had in this dungeon painted with red liquid.
Compulsive ingestion for the ones who may have become addicted.
Motivated by the sight, we brandish our razor sharp steel.
Slicing through our arteries, consensual drainage of life.

Indulgence and pleasure take control over the pain.
Blood erupts in fountains surging from our butchered veins.
Copious amounts producing timeless works of art.
Projecting through the air to the pulse of our still beating hearts.

Gruesome patterns paint the ceiling - High blood pressure, so appealing.

Nonstop bleeding.
Rapid heart beating.
Life receding.

Thou shalt perish in ritual.

Drain the blood. Sanctify my sickness. (X7)
Drain the blood. Self-induced exsanguination.

Drenched and writhing in pools of crimson fluid.
Ecstasy and death coalesce as one.
Lives relinquished with bliss upon our faces.
Eternal darkness willfully obtained.


Biological weaponry unleashed by our insane leaders.
Exposing the world to life-consuming plague contagions.

Infectious agents transmitting their vile contagious filth.
Vulgarly imposing their will - Unshielded by quarantine.

Systemic pathogenic.
Catastrophic pandemic.

Continents conquered by way of airborne contact.
Thus the end of life has reared its ugly head.
Land and sea succumbing total inundation.
Rancid incubation.

Pernicious earthly holocaust targeting all forms of life.
Sickness blacker than decay - Incurable and unending.

Impending darkness - Global devastation through biological eradication.

Human vectors of transmission chanting blame unto the heavens.

Rapidly spreading profane wholesale pandemonium.
Miasmatic warfare through large scale contamination.

Imperiled landscapes, populations reduced to nothing.
Inevitable extinction through deadly propagation.
Outbreak of the epidemic, never to recover.
Ash and darkness consumes a world void of its inhabitants.

Scourge of obsolescence prevails over all existence.
Never to be extirpated -Thriving in all seasons.

Clandestine usurping.
Earth now inhospitable to all things that resemble life.
Landfills writhing with infection.
Stench corrodes the atmosphere.
Civilization withers away.

Systemic pathogenic.
Catastrophic epidemic sent forth to crush the planet.


Overwhelmed with pure revulsion as I stare into the mirror.
Physically problematic attributes disdained in horror.

Social situational avoidance due to imaginary shortcomings.
Suicidal thoughts provoke me to eradicate these anomalies.
Mortified at the sight of myself, I must purge these deformities.
With a knife I begin slashing at the defects that inundate me.
Under the influence I slice the margins of my fucking face.
My fingers slide beneath the skin. Hell bent on self-mutilation.

With fervor I peel the skin away from my skull.
Created in God’s bizarre mutant-like image.

The need to completely destroy the bane of my appearance overcomes me.
Slicing what was once my face into smaller edible pieces.
Shoveling chunks of my own tissue into my goddamn mouth.
Masticating every piece to become fully digested.

Gazing deep into the mirror.
Grinning at the blood soaked mess.
Triumphant in my grisly deed.
Knowing I must finish myself off.

Faceless in my contemplation.
The pain unbearable.
Bolt-action chamber loaded - Staring down the business end.

Preparing myself for the blast to come.
Barrel in my mouth.
With no regret I pull the trigger.


Condemned to excessive archaic means of death
by the beasts of tyranny who rule with iron fists.
Symbolic power resonates throughout the ages
to strike fear deep into the hearts of their enemies.
A human achievement of artistic ingenuity
combined with a sadistic imagination.

Hollow body chamber cast entirely out of bronze.
Using the most perverted sense of imprudent cruelty.
Fitted with tubes to distort the screams
of those sentenced to cook.
Nefarious torture and diabolical execution.
Thrown into the belly of the brazen bull of hell.
Locked inside in order to be roasted alive.

Naked in darkness the alloy feels cool to the touch.
Kindle the fire beneath.
Temperature rises - Sweat begins to drip from your pores.
Stoking the flames under this bronze creation.

Heat engulfs and overwhelms those
who live in transgression.
Screams of pain translate
to the sounds of bovine bellowing.

Imprisoned and entombed within the makeshift oven.
No escaping from slowly roasting like a fucking pig.
Claustrophobia and suffocation sets in.
Skin begins to blister as nerve endings melt away.

Now the heat intensifies the pain becomes unbearable.
Smoke and stench of broiling human meat permeates
from its nostrils.
Calefaction with no mercy - Feeling your own flesh sizzle.
With every movement inside the hot belly you’re greeted with a hiss.

Slowly succumbing to death.

Torture - The ruling passion of the ancients.
Insidious apparatus of cremation.
Merciless martyrdom through incineration.

Reduced to nothing but ash, bones and gristle.
Triumph and victory over all those who oppose


Bear witness to the scriptures that I speak in tongues.
Grant me thy total devotion.
Asceticism rewarded in the afterlife - Inherit eternity.
Rise above humankind.

Judgement day is nigh.
Trust in me, oh children of the next level - Answer his final call.

Hear the seven trumpets sound.
Cult revolution - Infiltrated compound.

Faithful reapers of salvation ascend towards Heaven’s gate.

Sinful armies impose their weaponry.
Lay your lives down with dignity.
Gain the afterlife through willful quietus.
We must take ourselves before they take us.

Consume the cyanide - Mass infernal suicide

Sacred and profane creation.
Anticipation of the end, a new beginning.
Blind disciples cast to the darkest depths of Zion.

Coerced into false redemption. Blood shed to obtain salvation.
Desolation, condemnation in everlasting damnation.
Hot blood showers, mangled carnage as far as the eye can see.
Souls forsaken, mass cremations, boiling seas of sanguination.

Congregations exiled to the false Promised Land.

Enraptured in supreme castigation.
Suffer in eternal tribulation.


Ligature around your neck fastened to a makeshift gallows.
Both ends securely tightened - Terminal gravity.

Bend your knees to apply tension.
Feel the rope constrict your air ways.
Achieve unconsciousness. Modum Sui Morte.

Life is not worth all the pain.
Use the rope to end it all.
Death is near and everlasting. Soon the noose will set you free.

At war with your own existence - Just fucking kill yourself.
Power through survival instincts. Tonight is your night.

Through persistence you’ll gain death.

Bear down to apply more pressure, lean further into it.
Worry not of an intrusion, no one really gives a shit.

Hang in there.
Rid this world of your despondence.
Welcome death.
Give up on your fucking life.
Hang in there.
Soon you’ll reach the other side.
Finish it.
Embrace eternal damnation.

Keep pushing forward - Feel your brain swell as your heart rate plummets. Don’t give up now; this world is much better off without you.

Blackness has now been achieved, there’s only a few seconds left.
Blood flow to your brain has ceased, prepare to take your final breath.
Tunnel vision sets in, next week you’ll be found dead and rotten.
They’ll question themselves for what you’ve done, but soon you’ll be forgotten.


I cannot suppress my sexual addiction.
Sickness conquers me until I spew my semen.

Driven by a violent predisposition and a weakness for unwanted fornication.

They typically like to play hard to get.
The more they resist me the harder I get.
Stimulated by the thought of violation.
Think I’ll find another object for my taking.

Masculinity, strength and my cock join forces to take what is ours.

Predatory instincts take control - I stalk the darkest streets.
Sociopathic deranged hunger - Hunting for easy meat.
Here one walks in my direction to service my erection.
Heart pounding, sweat dripping - I draw closer. Overcome by the rush.

Her dead eyes reveal pure disdain and revulsion for mankind.
All at once my face caves inward - Confusion creeps up my spine.
Coerced at knifepoint into the darkness so that my pain goes unheard.
Bound, hogtied, gagged and blindfolded where more men have been slaughtered.

Stripped of more than just my pride - Completely naked I lay. Forced compliance of her demands, please
Lord Satan let me die.

Cold, naked and shivering. Pulled upright onto my knees.
Blindfold removed - I watch the sharp steel bear down across my face. Mouth ruptures wide open torn and bleeding - Jaw drops to my chest. Blood pours as she tears my tongue out with her teeth, she chews and spits out.

Blood-soaked I writhe in defeat.
Emasculating misandry.
Devastating, humiliating.
Demoralized with no escaping.

The hacking and the mutilation persist.
With the butcher knife she slices off my dick.
Shoving my cock in my mouth until I choke.
The flesh becomes further embedded in my throat.
Brutally eviscerating my lower torso.
Intestines ripped from my stomach to my asshole.
With her final act she douses me in gasoline.
Set aflame, my body burns - The pain is overwhelming.

Misandry rules misogyny.

Gathering the pieces of charred flesh for her own consumption.
Reveling in the sadistic ways obtained by molestation.

Created by a violent upbringing from childhood.
Hideous tendencies fueled by hatred and antipathy

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