FALSE - Untitled [EP]



In the key of passive suffering
Of roots hollow and stars fleeting
In the key of infantile regression
Of the passing crowd sleeping
Never to wake
An ode to the metallic uterus
Which nourishes our spirits
And harvests our meaninglessness
For everyday that blood traverses death
And death is only sought in vain, cast into a realm of rot
A thousand pathways stretch beyond space and time
Blind are the seekers of truth
Hidden hands, silent voices offer treasures unspoken
Promises of a throne, a battle wages
Brother against brother, sister against sister
Vile hearts beat to the rhythms of violence and blood splatter
And it motions, running, running, screaming taking flight
Hours turn to minutes as days turn to night
Flesh melts and falls to ruined earth
Bones give way to ashes in our wake
Crimson sunsets it’s last
Grasps, the mass caste hopelessly cling to god, to the devil
To the ignorance within, answers, without
Pretender to the throne, what is there now?
At long last, a vacant hall of hopes and dreams
Hell is what we have sewn
And hell is what we reap


Endless, depthless nun lay motionless
Out of these dark waters
The sun was born
“I am Khepera od the rising sun!
I am Re at noon!
I am Atum at the Sun’s last croon!”
His bones were of silver
And his flesh of gold
The mightiest of gods feared him
Yet man disobeyed his will
So from his fiery
His daughter sprung forth
To show mankind
What they were made for
Skhmet, Sekhmet, show man your vengeance!
Her chief delight was in slaughter
Her pleasure in blood
For days she went on
Slaying all she passed
Showing pity to no-one
Eating the flesh of every man
The river Nile ran with blood
And the mountainside turned crimson
Re looked over the Earth once more
Pity for man infected his heart
He asked his daughter to make good again
Laughter rolled out from her mouth
Like a lioness ready to pounce!
Only the Sleepmaker could stop her

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