DEADWOOD LAKE - Forgotten Hymns [EP]



Have you ever seen a loved one dead before you?
Have you ever seen their skin, lifeless and pale?
Have you ever seen them laid within their coffin?
Have you ever seen the wounds that tell the tale?

So look at me for I have seen...

Loss, loss - It rips your heart in two
Loss, loss - It drains your soul from you
Loss, loss - It grips and drags you under
Loss, loss - All you know is torn asunder

Have you ever felt a kiss from breathless lips?
Have you ever felt the touch of a frozen hand?
Have you ever felt all-encompassing misery?
Have you ever felt emotions you can’t understand?

So look at me for I have felt...

My eyes have seen the darkness and destruction
My hands have felt the stillness and the cold
My eyes have seen the end of it all
My hands have felt a body stripped of soul

Have you ever known everything to crash around you?
Have you ever known the real weight of death?
Have you ever known that there’s nothing you can do?
Have you ever known the true meaning of useless?

So look at me for I have known...

I have lost
Still I live


Under the lights and judging eyes
I pull at the wounds
Watch as I tear them open wide
I pour out the pain and it will not cease
I bare it all
This is my cathartic release

Let it all go, set it all free
Unlock the chains inside of me
Release the hurt, release the fear
Unleash the words for all to hear

Reveal myself
Unveil the flesh

Tear down the walls
Peel back the skin
Unveil the flesh confined within
Draw out the poison
Let the blood drain
Unveil the heart devoid of shame

I spew out the words that boil in me
For all to hear
I loosen my tongue and set it all free
I pour out the pain and it will not cease
I bare it all
This is my cathartic release

This is my release


Age old texts, written in my blood
This tome holds everything that I have done
The triumphs, the downfalls too
With every passing day my knowledge grew

I write my final words
My chapter has closed
My story ends
My story told
A new chapter starts
The scripture is passed down
Your time has come
Your time is now

Age old texts I gift to you
It will hold everything that you will do
Turn back the pages, read from the start
Validate all you feel within your heart

Become the bearer of the torch
Become the wielder of the flame

Before I died I gave you life
Carry on my legacy
Carry on my name
Before I died I gave you life
Inherit my history
It is your time


You walk a blackened path
Which step will be your last?
You walk towards the pyre
Fall into fire

The inferno claims us all

We will all be erased at the end of days
Destiny will come to claim
You will walk into blackened flame
We will all be erased by the final blaze
Destiny will come to claim
You will walk into blackened flame

You can try to prevent your death
It will find you
You can try to hold your breath
It will leave you

With open eyes you'll realise
You are fragile
You can't escape inevitable fate
You are mortal

You will burn
The fire will take your soul
We all burn
The inferno takes us all

Incineration, obliteration, eradication, extermination



Sleep is solace
My only shelter from the shadows of the waking day
I welcome sleep to take over
Within my dreams you come to me

Your death becomes the funeral of my mind
Sanity has decayed since the day of your demise

Suffering internally
Suffering eternally

I shut the light, wait for sleep
Forget the day and close my eyes
Let me drift, fall asleep
In the solitude of slumber you shall rise

Come into my sanctum
Under moonlit night
Suppress my inner torment
My mournful cries


Inherited life force, inherited name
You and I are one of the same
Inside you and inside of me
We harbour the blood of our family tree

We will always share this name
Not even death can break our chain

Bonded by the within both of us
A crimson unity for eternity

What flowed through you still flows through me
It is the power that makes me be
Vitalise and invigorate
With this force I can create

I bleed your blood
You bled my blood

It courses deep within my veins
To remind me in times of pain
You will always be my brother
The bonds of blood transcend all others

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