DEADWOOD LAKE - Forest of Whispers



I traverse the night alone
Upon this open road
The wheel of life is finally turning

For the first time in my life the future seemed so bright
But heading towards me was the final white light

I have departed this body, this life, this world
My time has come now
My fate has been sealed
I have departed, this earth, this place, this world
I look down on the wreckage
As devastation unfurls

My spirit saved from impact
Now floating in the sky
Below I watch myself die

Let it be known I felt no pain when I was taken away
Let it be known I did not mean to leave you all behind


My heart is as cold as ice
My blackened soul can be seen in my eyes
My tongue, twisted and sharp
Abhorrent visions come to me from the dark

I dethrone, I destroy, It's my time, vengeance will be mine
My desire, born from fire, It's my time, vengeance will be mine

Your eyes, so red and blind
You seek the way through a tunnel of lies
Your mind is dead inside
Molding perception to believe that you are right

Pay the consequence of your actions
Eye for an eye, life for a life

My hands wrap around your throat, writhing as you choke
Suffocating from the pressure, held tightly like a rope
Desperate, you try to flail, you are destined to fail
I feel your final sigh and watch your skin turn pale

My mind will not cease until I find
The ones that caused the suffering, all those that caused this pain
My breath felt upon their back
They shall freeze in terror and then I shall attack


I have returned to my home
I walk this earth as a ghost
I have returned from the unknown

I am the movement in the corner of your eye
I am the breath that chills your spine
I am the footsteps that walk down the hall
I am the shadow upon the wall

With celestial power at my grasp
I keep you on the golden path

I am the wind that snuffs out the flame
I am the whisper that calls out your name
I am the silhouette in the dead of night
I am the ghost that stands by your side

With celestial power at my grasp
I keep you on the golden path
From beyond the veil of existence
I keep you on the golden path

I am the watcher
I am the one who keeps you on the golden path
I am the spectre
I am the one who keeps you on the golden path


With the weight upon my back I try not to bend or falter
I hold my heavy head high as we walk towards the altar

I can see anguish on every face
I feel the sorrow on this day

Yet we sing the songs with power
We speak our praise with pride
In the dark we will not cower
Remember those who've died

With the grief upon my back I try to keep my grace
Slowly I drag the weight as I walk towards your resting place

Treasure the lost within your heart
Treasure the lost and carry on

With the sun upon my back I walk in strides
I find the strength to carry on with your memory in my mind

I can see acceptance on every face
I feel no sorrow on this day


It eats away at me; the hell that none could see
Deteriorate; my life force drains away
Oh I'm feeling weak with haggard sunken cheeks
This torture is unfair, I reach and gasp for air

In hindsight I can see the great life I did lead
The home that I have made slowly starts to fade
The cancer in my soul takes it's control
I see the face of death and sigh my final breath

Now my time has come

Don't forget my words; the lessons you have learnt
The knowledge I have shared, the scars that I have bared
Now that I am gone pass my wisdom on
It will enrich your life like it did to mine


Wide awake within my slumber
I'm surrounded by trees
Ethereal wisps cause me to wonder as I tread upon dead leaves
Lost within this illusion again
A figure coalesces in the mist
Familiar voice calls me
Undeniable silhouette stands amongst the trees

I run with all my might
But no matter how hard I try
It lurks within the distance
Nightmare in the forest of whispers

Twisted vines and blackened roots writhe and coil at my feet
Slowly they pull me down, pull me down to my knees
Entangled in a web of green, I am pinned on to the ground
From afar I hear your voice, the constriction drowns the sound

Strangled, I am strangled, the vines tighten their grip
Suffocating in this forest, can't escape this lucid dream

I rip and tear my way out of submission
Rise to my feet and seek the apparition
Lost within this illusion again
Standing still in the light of the moon
The ghost of the past is waiting
Embodiment of a savoured soul of which I have been searching

I awake, the dreamscape fades away
The vision disappears and the whispers dissipate
I was so close, I could see your face
But now I wake into another nightmare day


Behold the messenger of death

I stand by the ocean side
Black wings descend from mountain heights

The shadow makes it's way across the sea
It soars down from the sky, down unto me
It sings a song with sick cacophony
The harbinger of dark catastrophe

I was complete and at peace
Now I am shred to pieces

It's melody replays inside my head
The scene that once was warm, so cold and dead
It's talons cutting deep, wrapped in it's wings
I try to free myself, yet it still sings

This omen came in search of me
Flying over the land and sea
Around the world the crow flies
To tell me that you have died


Cracks appear below me
Collapsing beneath
Into the void it disappears
Here I stand at the edge of fear

Grief's touch
Hand on my shoulder
Grief's touch
Pushing me over the edge

Now I fall into the darkest depths of the abyss
And my sinking soul is filled with emptiness
Now I'm swallowed whole by the depths of the abyss
And I am consumed by grief and sadness

Devoid of elation
Stripped of sensation
The tears fall from pale eyes
To happiness I am blind

Grief's touch
My minds controller
Grief's touch
Planting the thoughts in my head

There is no guiding hand, no one to lead my away
I am unable to stand, alone in darkness I lay

Consumed by grief and sadness in this eternal anguish


It never crossed our minds that it would be the last time
I didn't say farewell, we didn't say goodbye
So I cry out loud
No chance for final words, no time to speak my praise
I only have one wish; to tell you face to face
So I cry out loud
"Can you hear me now?"

I have my regrets; the words I never said
Now they haunt me, they torment me

These thoughts are overwhelming, I am struggling to breath
I must rid myself of doubt, I must find relief

So I walk through the gates and kneel before the stone

I pour out all my heart, I want my conscience cleared
"Farewell my dearest brother"
I shout aloud for you to hear

Please listen, please hear me, please show me a sign
Hear my words, hear my woes, hear my desperate cries

I wish that I was there when you needed me
Your outstretched hand was out of my reach
Would it have been the same if someone would have stayed?
That is the question I ask to myself everyday


By their hands he was granted life on this world
But from their hands he was ripped and taken away
They wept with joy by his cradle
But now they've wept with sorrow by his coffin too

The elders stand at the burial ground
Where the seed they first planted was laid down
The cracks of mourning start to show
Elders above, son below

By their hands he was lowered down into the ground
And with their hands they buried one of their own
They cried in agony by his coffin
And now they've cried by his graveside too

They could not foresee all of this pain
What they would do to take his place
Fall to their knees, heads to the sky. arms open wide
'Was it not our time?'

'The pain forever burning!'
'Oh please take me instead, not him!'

Gone; he has walked to the other side
Forever; he has walked through the fire
We never wanted to leave your side
Gone forever never ever to return




The wheel of time still rolls
The sands of time still flow

Life does carry on in the cycle of the sun
When that flame does die, I'll be by your side

From days to weeks then weeks to months
From months to years then years to eternity
Time has passed since that day
Yet the wounds are still tearing at me
This torture still causes pain as I live under the sun
Time heals everything they say but these scars always come undone

But still i'm not afraid to die
I carry on for the others, knowing you wait on the other side
I'm not afraid to die
One day my time will come and we will be together in the sky

The years will turn to decades with the age carved upon my face
Memories still etched inside and forever holding their place
The torture will still cause pain but I'll know my time draws near
I will march to my final hours and embrace the face of death without fear

The birds line the sky, my next of kin, they cry
I watch the sunlight die as my soul starts to fly
My whole life I did wait, since your untimely fate
The clouds dissipate, I see you at the gate
Standing with open palm, I try to keep my calm
I know I'm safe from harm as I run into your arms
My heart begins to pace, I've found the sacred place
I'm held in your embrace, I see the smile on your face again

When I reached the end my soul did ascend
Now that flame has died I am by your side

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