PLAGUE 9 - Mr. Ass [EP]



You are in my blood
Don’t know where to run
Have no need for you
You can’t walk away
From this misery
This was all your fault

Now we all are
But now you are
Stuck in hell

Now it’s time to see
What the hell you’ll be
Once I’m done with you
Walk around and round
Turn you upside down
You are your own death

Now that you are stuck in hell
Follow me I’ll treat you well
Torment, Anger, Misery
You’ll find it all in me

Tension building underground
Burns you up and strips you down
Pulling you so far away
Say goodbye And say hello to hell

Back into your fight
Fire burning bright
Never get away
Born into this hell
Haunting prison cell
Crush your will to be


Running through the streets at night
Try to get away
Looking back to see who’s there
You will stay the same
Will you ever learn your lesson?
Or will you pay the price?
You’re the one who’s in control
The ball is in your court

Can you see the fear in a criminal’s justice?
Can you see him pay for his criminal ways?
Only he can understand criminal justice
We are not the same
Criminal justice

Feel the blood pump through my veins
Adrenaline it flows
Feel the light shine down on me
My mind it will explode
Hear the sirens flash behind you
it’s time to run away
You’re the one still in control
The ball is in your court

Always running
Always hiding
You never seem
To get away
On the run
They’re on the hunt
They’re coming for you
Run away

Lost you right for public freedom
locked up now for sure
Had the chance to change direction
But straight ahead you soared
Never did you see the light
No never did you change
The ball has bounced and passed you by
And now its left your court


Always competing
never completing
try to tear us down
listen to our sound
hear the money talk
try to sell us short
what’s this world come to?
hear you see you lose

Steal my mind and steal my thoughts
You’re the flavour of the weak
Walk around try to be the same
You’re the flavour of the weak
Have no brain to the for your self
You’re the flavour of the weak
Steal my mind and steal my thoughts
You’re the flavour of the weak

Here we go again
Try to sound the same
What’s the reason why?
Can’t think. Can’t help but try
Once you reach the top
Don’t think that’s your stop
Soon you’ll start to fall
On the ground once more


Come to the dark side it’s all happening here
We have lost control all without a care
No religion just hypocrisy
Break the finger pointing down at you
Constant judgement for the things you do
All for profit not for pride

United - Together they stumble
Gather around as their world starts to crumble
We stand - The masses are growing
It’s happening now let’s get the word going
All rise - Bow down no more
Get on your feet we won’t take anymore
And fight - Fight for your freedom
We’ve done it before now let’s do it again

Can you see it? I can see it
They try to say how to live and breathe it
It brings me down And wears me out
Still they feed it the lies they’re making
It’s hard to take in It’s all the same
They just keep taking It brings me and
And wears me out Still the feed it

Oligarchy. Power by the few
Road to ruin. Leading me and you
Perfect system. Built to keep us down
Convolution. Twist and bend the rules
Heartless hunters. Praying on the fools
Greed and power one true enemy

Still they feed you lies

Come to the dark side leaders lost control
Starve the weaker Fear the over throw
Hear the hounds cry? That’s the price you pay
Magna carta. Right for every man
Live in freedom. Live the best he can
If this means war Prepare Coup d'état

5. MR. ASS

Hey, take a look at my world
Hey, it all belongs to me
Hey, come and see it one day
Hey, it’s the only place you’ll be

I will draw you in
I’ll feed you lies
I’ll feed you sin
I will draw you in and cast my mould
I will break you and bury you in ignorance
I will break you down and burn your soul

Yeah so you wanna be the millionaire?
Yeah so you wanna be the star?
Living life to his full potential
Say hello to the Mr ass

I will destroy your feelings
I am gonna make you cry
I will never stop this dealing
I will make you hurt inside

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