INQUINOK - The Hallowed Shall Serve



The falling rain's refreshing embrace upon the flesh
Numb, bewildered, the dark enters an embattled vision
Enter the world of a dreamer
Darkness enshrouds this domain
Symbiosis in two worlds
Dreams and the living consciousness

The Night Horror
Torment of the mind's domain
The Night Terror
Horror of this Nocturnal plain

Iron brings a searing pain upon lacerated flesh
Smoldering steel, battling a losing consciousness
Trapped in the world of a dreamer
Darkness owns this domain
Caught between two worlds
A nightmare bestowed cognisance

Echoes of screams bring you to your knees
A chase of the subconscious through rotten scenes
Wrapped in the vines of plagued memories
Despite a plead of mercy, no justice will proceed


A storm
The wind howls my name
I breathe the air of chaos
As I walk amongst the slain

Dark clouds
Suffocate the plains
Echos of suffering
Permeate these days

Scorched is the earth
In a hellfire nation
Gone are the days
Of its prosperous station
A burning flag
Propped up in devastation
The death throes of a dying nation

Breaks out in a fervor
The moths encircle the flames
A feverous pitch
Burning away the darkness with disdain
Are the profiteers
The masses surrounding decay
Blame feeds the chaos
The death throes of a Republic

We reap what we sow
Greed brings forth an abomination

The mob's reign
Embraced the Hierarchy of disdain
Signaling of the end
Or the beginning
Of an awakening metamorphosis

As chaos rules the way
Caught up in the emptiness
A darkened path awaits


Upon these cursed lands
Embraced by a suffering wind
As if a whisper from time is calling my name
I breathe in the air of despair
A trial by fire...perhaps?
But our destiny is preordained?
The Glory will favor the mighty
And crush the disdained

Is this the ordinance of our Destiny?
Amplify our Dominion through time
The tragedy of (Man)..
Is this the Ordinance of our Prophecy?
Amplify our dominion through time
The Symptom of Mankind

Deviation stokes the fire
The fuel of the intellect
Permeating hatred of a dogmatic reign
An empty embodiment
Rise from the ashes and become anew
Reborn of a flickering light
A Serpent with fangs and venomous rage
An Immortal dominion proclaimed

Shallow grasps at the prophetic future
The mob lacks hindsight of time
The agony festering within is the enemy
….is the enemy proclaimed

To linger in the soil of the embattled
And conquer the weakening mind
Profit from a ceaseless disillusion
Dominate a feeble mankind

The power of the purpose
A glorious dogmatic reign
Raise the emblem of our divinity
An Immortal dominion proclaimed


The prophecy arose
From stones of man
Chiseled from the surreal
Engrained from birth
Into consciousness

The human
The sacrificial lamb
Weaponize this martyrdom
Wrapped in the flag of faith

The bane of a nation marked for death
The weak minded rise and defend
Gather forth & lionize his death
A nation rising with divine intent

The Altar

Arise the faithful
Gather forth
Lionize his death
Glory be to the blessed
Worship at this altar of sacrifice

A gathering of the masses
A voice in loud booming fashion
The propped up demigod
Ills of man proclaimed


Embers rise
As the flames scorch the skin
Bodies piled all around with their lifeless.... limbs
We stoke the fire that burns the pyre, fulfilling our every whim
In the advent of lost souls, the hallowing begins

In the eyes of a tyrant
In this world of the dead
Become a reaper of souls
A devourer of flesh
The hallowed shall serve
In chains of their misfortune
For a kingdom has risen
As this fire has spoke

A storm of swords sweeping through the land
Crushing the will of the mortals beneath its iron steel

With fear's embrace brings visions of the end
A poison that seeps into the nerves

Horror, shock and content with death

Through the window of perpetual sorrow
The ember will see everything bleed

Bring forth the Arbiter
In this world of the dead
Become a reaper of souls
A devourer of flesh


Clouds embark on a journey
Filling the sky with hate
As rain pounds down
And darkness engulfs plains
Storms sweep the lands
In a perpetual desolation
The weak shall not stand

This Death surrounds me
It's all around me
This solitary confinement
Awaken in self-delusion
I pick up the pieces
Before I disappear
As I disappear

As a picture defines it
This massive blackness behind
Covers become dim
And the Darkness is left behind

Is Left Behind

Chaos rules upon the land
Darkness protruding from scars of time

A wasteland
Smoldering ruins pronounciate a fire that's gone out within
A Desolation
The illness vanquished but a new nightmare begins

A new nightmare begins

Indomitable disintegration
A world cast apart
From the shadows comes a new dawn
The way is paved with tribulations
Mankind draped in misery
Or a profound resurrection?

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