GARROTED - Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors [EP]



So rang the bells of hope and healing
And through all the land did they resonate
Kingdoms rose, no evil concealing
Nor wicked man's folly to castigate.
Armies grew lazy without war to wage
Drinking, laughing, sporting, sleeping
Truly saw they no end to this age
'Twas all the greater for the darkness creeping.

Whispered fears grew ever louder
Bodies gone to fat began to stir
As dormant forges now floundered
Warriors's preparation was deterred.
Iron hearts trembled at the slightest shadow
And martial arts once potent had been lost
Spirited resistance faced a great embargo
Cowering fops raising rusted swords crossed.

Shaking hands bore sapphire flags
As cold sweat began to flow.
The horizon filled with clouds like rags
And eldritch lightning struck aglow.
Across the land did the chaos mount
And what came next was nightmare given form.
The black sky cracked and evil poured out
A yawning portal spawning abyssal swarms.

Screaming demons and unhallowed ghosts
Flooded the sky and tainted the land.
The defenders balked before the foul host
And many fled, their posts unmanned.
Open slaughter was their goal
And slaughter they did with otherworldly glee
Crimson rivers flowed around ivory knolls
And dead eyes bore witness to the bloody spree.

They drank from skulls filled with blood
And wet their blades on all they found
Innocents choked under suffocating mud
And unholy blasphemies left charred mounds
Yet amidst the tumult an even greater evil
Descended from the portal and with him came damnation.

His minions cowered at his approach
And burning steeds paved his way.
He bore the weight of power beyond reproach
And all was naught before his fell gaze.

His cadre of elites kneeled before him
and reaffirmed their black allegiance.
Chattering devils lingered amidst the din
eager to march as untold legions.

The arch-demon brought forth a sinister orb
its purpose the harvest of human souls.
He raised it high and spoke words warped
and glimmer it did with ethereal cold.
His retinue trembled as silent energies built
crackling in the air and staining the earth.
So it was that all those killed
were snatched from the ether and locked in berth.

The screams of thousands echoed through the void
and from the sphere flowed to the portal.
Muscled knights cheered with blades deployed
As the light gave form to a serpent abnormal.
The Great Beast roared, and they answered its call
a dozen pronged heads bellowing at once.
it descended from the portal, and the angels balked
for now the voice of doom had sung.


Blackness filled the skies,
and the tainted earth split,
before an ocean of lifeless eyes
and the yawning of a red pit.

So it was that the Great Beast arrived
glimmering, shivering, laughing, seething.
Bearing the weight of impending demise
ethereal fire its unholy breathing.

Assembled legions cackled and screamed
raising bloody hands and weeping with joy.
Feverishly bellowing their blackened creed
witnessing fruition of the unhallowed ploy.

Amidst a forest of blades they sang
bloody hymns and foul salutations,
and they let hang the dead as they
declared their plot to unmake creation.

And yet as they cried of the end
hundreds died in a moment's span.
The sky broke once again
and the angels descended upon them.

Bright hammers broke their swords
and fight they did with fury and craft.
On ivory wings, flanked by his wards,
their leader charged the arch-demon and with him clashed.

Solo: Jerry


Night swallows shadows black
Disguising a butcher knife’s flash
Plotting and scheming my revenge attack
His earthly presence I will turn to ash.

Riding through the forest
Torch and blade in hand
A torrent of screams, a howling chorus
Such is the object of my twisted plan

Upon that fell house I sprang
And through smashed door invaded
My vengeance declared with bared fangs
And their deaths fated

Gasoline sealed the windows
Revenge through fire conceived
My wife’s betrayal made zero
My brother with a skull cleaved.

Solo: Jerry/Ray/Ray/Jerry

Away from the burning house I rode
Adulterous conspiracy now undone
As the pyre raged and their blood flowed
My lust for murder was hardly overcome.

As for what was next, I could not tell
But in the distance, torchlight glimmered
Presenting new targets on my path to hell
Advance deliberate as my thirst simmered.


Tension wracked the killer
Denial became acceptance
Her blood-flow now a river
And grinning marked foul remembrance.
Images flash, reality blurred
Perceived through a cracked lens
Broken was the consciousness slurred
Compelling him only to cleanse.

Solo: Jerry

Rushing wind, shining moon
Looming trees and splattered blood
Winter chill, smothering gloom
Flash of steel then carnal flood.
Thundering hooves filled the air
Furious exit now enabled
Churning soil said beware
Of my crime most unfabled.

Ivory mask split in twine
Crimson pool my twisted prize
Its metal taste rich as wine
To spite the dead whom I despise.

Memories of the slaughter orgiastic
Stabbing, laughing, slashing, crying
Fueling my reaction ecstatic
Urging me to finish off the dying.

Continued was my desperate flight
Muscled steed now made weary
Yet still through the night we surged
As the darkness grew most eerie.
And from afar there came flickers
Dancing flame embracing shadow
In the dark were hooded figures
Bearing torches and icons unknown.

Their leader spoke as we stopped
Describing my deed most unholy
And although I had been shocked
His fate too was to rest coldly.

Throughout the killing I smiled
Singing sword their glittering death
Blood flowed in the wild
As the fools took their last breath.
On the corpse of their leader
Was a tome bound in flesh
Depicted inside were beasts of the ether
And black tales of how they were enmeshed.

Lead: Jerry
Harmony: Ray and Jerry
Solo: Ray

With the foul volume at my side
I left the scarlet painted grove
With darkness as my guide.
The book began to flicker
Setting my blade alight
And amidst the forest’s snicker
Shyly began to whisper.

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