Now Satan takes his place
In The Throne of a Fallen God.
Ripping their wings off. Smashing their bones
The Blood of God drips below
And fills The Lake of Fire
Crushing The Angels. Seizing The Throne
The tears of your God
Drown the Sheep of Earth
Ripping their wings off. Smashing their bones
Crushing The Angels. Seizing The Throne


The feeble have now fallen, begging on their knees
The lies they have been fed, The Master is now pleased

The Book that they believed in, the words they memorized
The hours they spent preying, the deceit is in their eyes

Now they have become, what they always craved
So for all eternity, they will be Satan’s Slaves!


There is a symbol in history, that was one of Three
The others could be used alone, but one must never be shown
For if seen with the naked eye, your soul will eternally die.

Visions of the Mad Arab, 3 Seals of Masshu, a ritual being performed.
Priests of Nar Marratu, Conjuring Great Kutulu, from Sunken Varloorni.
The Bandar Sign, The space, between the lines
The Bandar Sign, From the Tree behind.
Conjuring the Fire God, Lord of The Watchers, Who Dwell in Ancient UR
Three symbols on a stone, glowing flaming red, Gate to The Outside

The Gate Walking Ritual begins, shedding their human skin
Dressed in black hooded robes, their faces began to glow
Chanting their ancient prayers, these evil soothsayers
In a language quite unknown, their silver tongues shown
Chanting ancient lines, waving gleaming knives, the stone began to rise
Underneath the floating stone, arose a mighty stench, appears a serpents tail

As it slithers from the hole, followed by many others, the ground began to tremble
The Priests chanting hysterically, as they cut into their chests, as their blood flows to the ground

Seeing this in horror, and letting out a scream, now I have been seen
Interrupting their ritual, their eyes fell upon me, sealing my Fate.

As I ran into the night, I stumbled and fell, and turned to fight
As I looked all around, just robes on the ground, no bodies could be found
All that remained were piles of slime, no other trace could I find, Was this all in my Mind?


Over 2 million years ago, the emergence of primitive man
The first human development, of the Old Stone Age.

The Pleistocen Epoch, bringing glacial onset, initiating climactic cycle, The Gelasian Stage
Rapid changes occurring, ice sheets melting, causing rising sea levels, altered environment worldwide change.
Paleolithic era, Quaternary Period, land masses forming
Earth evolving, ice age ending, changes occurring
New plants growing, life reappearing, emergence of man
Cultural stage, human development, using stone made tools.

Grouping together, in small societies, ensuring their survival
Using stones, making weapons, hunting wild animals
Gathering food, creating housing, for their shelter
Discovering fire, cooking food, defending off predators.

Raw material, core prepared, centripetal reduction
Removing flakes, made of stone, achieving desired results
New techniques, great advancement, for early man.

Building rafts, the need to travel, across the water
Moving farther, discovering lands, migrating across the globe.

Creating weapons, for survival, based on hierarchy.

Animal carvings, cave paintings, forms of magic, ensuring a successful hunt
Shamanistic practices, symbolic patterns, depictions of, half human half animal beings.

Tribal society, animal cults, sacrificial hunting ceremonies
Altered states, of consciousness, through group ritual
Religious practice, honoring the dead, first human burial
Excarnation, ritual defleshing, preparing for The AfterLife!


Moving westward in the sky
Along the ecliptic plane, gravity induced axial change
Motion of the equinoxes
Relative to fixed stars, opposite of the Sun
Gradual shift in polar motion, changes in the alignment

Wobbling rotation, equatorial bulge, inertial space, planetary precession
Gravitational force, diurnal motion, celestial poles, axial tilt

Changing of the polar positions, over 26,000 years, it’s The Precession of The Equinoxes

Cycle of the seasons
Change over time
The Earth's obliquity
Of the orbital plane
Circumpolar stars, celestial poles, stationary points, the zenith angle.
Astronomical horizon, vertical directions, force of gravity, opposite of nadir.
Precessional eras, of constellations, Kochab and Pherkad, Guardians of The Poles


Deep within the dismal chamber, hidden beneath the sands of time
Dedicated to a single objective, lies the Antechamber.

The Sphinx holds the power, underneath of its left paw
Down the gloomy staircase, to a chamber below
Filled with ancient machinery, by beings from strange aeons
I now hold The Key, to the mysteries from beyond.

A single source of power, from an ancient culture long ago
Telepathic beings from remote galaxies, who lie dormant sleeping below.

I must learn the answer, to bring them back again
To awaken them from their sleep, to rule throughout the land
The stars have now aligned, as they have once before
The time is now right, for their power to be restored.

The Secret Lies – In The Antechamber (4 x)

As I chant, the sacred tones, the machine begins to hum
Activation begins, vibrations start, the room begins to glow
Formless shapes, in the air, appear and begin to show
Awakening from, aeonic slumber, their numbers begin to grow.

I call forth, by their names, as they begin to appear
Mighty beings, from the beyond, now they begin to come near
Taking their place, back once again, their intent begins to come clear
Ruling the planet, making human slaves, mankind will begin to live in fear.

The Sphinx holds the power, underneath of it’s left paw
Down the gloomy staircase, to a chamber below
Filled with ancient machinery, by beings from strange aeons
I now hold The Key, to the mysteries from beyond.


The Great Old Ones have now appeared, in The Star Chamber
Denizens of The Ancient Ones, from the Black Grimoire
Transplutonic entities, from the Outer Gateways
Forbidden Wisdom, holds their hidden power

Awakened from, their dreaming state, Ophidian current, radiates
From the spells, I create, Guardians of, the Hidden Gate

Cosmic power reverberates, in the atmosphere
Dynamic energy concentrates, forming a portal
Transcendental consciousness, has awakened
As they begin to permeate, into the chamber

Awakened from, their dreaming state, Ophidian current, radiates
From the spells, I create, Guardians of, the Hidden Gate

The Return of The Lost Key
Concealed in the chamber beneath
By the spell I decree
The power to set them free

Now by the Sign of The Key
I have the power to change history
By the spell I decree

Now by the sign of the key
I have the power to change history.

Die By The Sign of The Key

I know I’m the chosen one, emissary to The Gods
Prepared by The Secret Chiefs, Adept to their forgotten ways
Bringing them forth through the Gate, stellar cult of the ancient race
Priest of The Ancient Ones, reclaimed to take their place

Manipulating the masses, to do their every bidding
Controlling all their senses, mindless slaves I’m guiding
Building unknown structures, where they’ll be residing
Amassing war machines, to do all their fighting

Awakened from their dreaming state
Ophidian current radiates
From the spells I create
Guardians of the Hidden Gate
By the spells I decree, The Return of The Lost Key


Traveling through time and space, through a portal in the hidden place.

I opened The Gate and let them in, for a new Era to begin.
But first I will be taken to, the space between our normal view.

Breaking through the seals of fate, as they lead me through The Gate.
Being taken to a strange land, from my Empire in the Sand.

I am now the first to see, alien landscapes in front of me.
Unknown shapes I can’t describe, twisted structures come alive.

As they take me to a room, I will find the answer soon.
Why they brought me here to see, things that should never be.

They put me in a strange machine, that showed me things I’ve never seen.
They bestowed their knowledge into me, prepared me for what I am to be.

It’s the state of my autoglorification. For the act of raising my exaltation.
At the apex of my culmination. For the Second Coming of my Deification.

Now they bring me back to rule, over all the human fools.
Preparing for, the time when, they come to take their place again.


Now it is time, for the cycle to change. What once was, will be again.

Now the time has come, It’s the Aeon of The Ancient Ones
As foretold in the prophecy, What once was, again will be,

Before the Earth, had been named. Nothing existed , but The Sea of Absu
Realm of The Ancient Ones, shapeless and unformed.

Force without form, pure energy, the Essence of Chaos, The Primal Sea

From The Abyss, Sephira of Daath, The 11th Gate,of The Qliphoth
Yog Sothoth, is The Gate, Yog Sothoth is The Key

Outside the dimensions of time and space, Between the Angles is a hidden place

The 8 directions of time and space. The Gateways to The Outer Void
Between dimensions, the astral state. As I become The 9th Gate.

There are no Signs at The Gate. There are no Symbols at The Gate
There are no Locks at The Gate. There are no Keys at The Gate
There are no Guards at The Gate. There are no Gods at The gate.
At The Gate I AM!



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