BODY HARVEST - Futile Creation



(Solo: Gaz Nash)

Tearing your flesh
No escape, this your fate
One by one
Agony and torture comes

Lying down shackled and chained
You've only got yourself to blame
No one's here to see you die
Now you're screaming endlessly

Sharpen your blade
Time to take your life away
Lifeless eyes
I am here to see your demise
Rancid meat on rotting bone
The smell of flesh my stories told
Killing you was so much fun
I didn't even need a gun

There's no escape, you've sealed your fate
You shouldn't have come, but now it's too late
Across the road, there you will find, all of my
Helpless, victims, ready, to, die

(Solo: Gaz Nash)

Sadistic Existence: The life i lead
Endless pain: I'll make you bleed
Withering, squirming 'till you feel no more
You will die, you fucking whore


Nothing you say is ever true
You don't have a fucking clue
Blinding by your own false mind
Everything you say is lies

Our thoughts fall on deaf ears
A blank look to all you hear

Clouded mind full of smoke
All I want is for you to choke

Condemned, suffer
Power, crazed

Two steps forward, one step back
We're the leaders of this pack
Not your way, we will take the road
A long time ago, your soul was sold


You are forever blind

Running your dumb mouth
Spreading all disease
Become pathetic
Waste of oxygen

Continue to deceive
Spew our false words
Blinded by yourself
Backstabber, you are forever blind

Obvious to
Any true reason
Death of rational thoughts
Lost in your own mess

(Solo: Jake Ettle-Iles)

Claiming all the riches, demanding for control
Abuse your power given and disgrace us all
Manipulate the scum, brainwash the weak
Blinded by yourself, self-obsessed mad man

(Solo: Gaz Nash)

Cut out from the glory
Cut out by fair choice
Cut out for betrayal
Still claiming control!


These four walls are closing in
Mental state of mind starts to sink
I drown in my own mind
My thoughts are lost in the sky

Paranoid: I have no control
Something has taken my soul
Crying out for help: Can't you see?
I'm sick: I need someone to see

I'm trapped with these dark thoughts
Compelled to live this way
Disease of my own soul
These thoughts cannot be mine

An escape is what I crave
Leave this place and start again
Release me from this pain
Help me as i drown in my, in my own despair

Misery taking control
Lost for all eternity
Spiralling in disbelief

A bleak self perception of life
Running from reality
A waste of my humanity

(Solo: Gaz Nash)

Rapid state of deluded thoughts
Wreaking havoc in my brain
Hazardous to myself and others

Psychosis strengthened
Normality lost
Forever, lost, in the vault
Of my mind

Padded cell awaits my arrival
Locked away without hesitation
Rotting mind obvious to see
My destination is isolation

Trapped; within my mind
Release me from this pain
Total desecration
A waste of life
Can't you see you've ruined your life?


Raped by the cross
That's forced in my face
Take my revenge
On the holy church

Pray to a God
Who doesn't give a fuck
When you're in pain
He's not around
Destroy this faith
That wastes all your life
Break from the cross
That blinds you to shit

Sacrifice your fucking God
And crucify your Christ
Get yourself some common sense
And stop wasting your life

Burn down the cross
Burn down the faith
Burn down the priest
Burn down the lies
Burn down the hate
Burn down the sin
Kill all this faith

(Solo: Gaz Nash)

Brainwashed by the bullshit
Loathe your own belief
Terrorised the son of God
Fearing his own flock
Praying to a false sermon
Who won't return your cries
Death day comes; you rot and die
Such a waste of life


Embrace the breed that has conquered this world
We fight for freedom; they fight for their cause
They came from nowhere, bound to the sky
For our existence they have to die

Floating in orbit, across this mess
The damage fatal; our structures stressed
Audio sensors have tracked our place
Deathly killers; we can't escape

The skyline opens, the creatures freeze
We praise this moment, try to appease
The skylines burning; hellfire reigns
The creatures own us; prepare for the pain

Scream in terror
Writhe with pain
Begging for death
All enslaved

Cast down by this defeat
Never to rise again
Beaten by inhumans
Enslaved all mankind

Slave to this breed
Bound to the sky


Extinction is close at mind
Human race can't control the land
Relentless fighting; kill us all
Judgement day, this is called

Desolate wastes, ruin and dust
Programmed hunters never to rust
Raging on, day and night
We can never stop this fight

Day of reckoning is now upon us
Who will stand and who will fall
On this day the sun turned black
The ground was red and all was wrecked
Hope is gone; we won't survive
This massacre that is in sight

Abominate, annihilate
They'll never sleep
Their mission will complete

(Solo: Gaz Nash)

Smashing our skulls; tearing our flesh
There's only a few of us bastards left
Showing no mercy or remorse
Destruction, anarchy; the natural course


They take our lives
Kill all hope
Make us squirm
Vengeance is born
They take our lives
Kill all hope
Make us squirm
Beg on our knees

Tied down, strapped down
Crying, screaming
Begging, pleading
Vengeance is born

Screaming for help
No one hears us
Death comes slowly
Beg on our knees

Drowning in tears
Face full of fear
Running feels hopeless
Vengeance is born
Bodily destruction
Forced mutilation
Limbs all severed
Beg on our knees

We are finished
Totally fucked
Life has ended
Forever lost

Human death quest


Frantic screams as they arriva from the heavens
Is this the end of our civilisation?
Annihiation comes quick
Relentless cries for the ones to be the sacrifice
Blinding lights mesmerized; I must be hypnotised
Powerless; I have no control

How can I escape this fate?
I'm destined to die or live this way

Domination for the human race is
Upon us all
Destiny in our hands
We have chosen

The one to fulfil the quest
Open the gates

What is this place?
Am I dead or dreaming?
No one around in sight
Something's dragging me into the light
Transcendent vortex
Time and space is lost
All hope is gone; at what cost?
There is no returning

A new chapter has begun
The fourth dimention; your destination
Beyond the realm of life and death
The unknown path you will walk this day

i see the light at the end
Waiting for my descent
Spiralling into emptiness
I'm drifting into a paradox
Into the void of your soul and mind
I can't think; my mind's capsized
Twisting into pandemonium
There is no return for me

i see this place
A rotting decaying waste
A sphere of fire
A desolate planet
Existence is futile
Extinction of our race
No one to stop
There creatures of evil

The end is drawing closer
I feel i sense it this time

(Solo: Jake Ettle-Iles)


Global terror
Desolate waste
Cyanide, sulphur all we taste
Streets full of death
And corruption
A broke culture
On the edge of extinction

Nothing will remain
Filled with hate and pain
Death and violence reigns
Nowhere is safe

Make us beg, make us suffer, make us fear
Your hatred throughout theses years
Make us beg, make us suffer, make us fear
Completing the death sphere

Government lies
Fear campaign
War on terror
Excuses to control us all
Fear and despair
Enforced by
Globalist demons

We cannot escape
Forever trapped in hate
Hope obliterates
Nowhere is safe

They take our lives, take our dreams
They will destroy us
They take our lands, take our hopes
They're world destroyers

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