TERRORIST - And Then Life Was Death



Cemetery desecrations, the dead call my name.
Sex with the dead is just my fetish, it's time to dig a grave.
My blood is the only source of lubrication as I penetrate rotting flesh.
Now it's time for amputation and masturbate with your limbs.

Sadistic Necrophile

Embalming fluids preserve you no more.
As maggots feed on your remains.
I cum each night to watch you rot and then to get some more.
Penetrations are fulfilling but I will have to let you go.

I fucked you to dust and reached my climax
Now I will leave you to rest.


Thunder and lightning awaken the night.
Horror and evil strike you with fright.
All fallen angels arise from the abyss.
Watch as violent flames burst out of the crevice.

Barbaric slaughters, tortured to death.
Hordes of evil vengeance, merciless attack.
Satan has returned to claim the Earth.
With our evil forces conquer the throne.

There is no nuclear weapon that can stop us now.
Your only choice to Satan you bow.
We are now immortal with hatred in our blood.
We're the militia, we are Satan's spawn.

3. M.T.D. / I.M.W.D.

For many of you this is just a phase
But I gut metal pumping through my veins
So this goes to you metal fucking fiends
Not to you wannabe metal fashion queens

Wearing an inverted cross, trying to look your best
Why do you dress all in black, who are you trying to impress?
If it's not in your heart you'll never understand
And you'll never be a part of the metal command

For me metal is a way of life, I'm not suicidal
Or any of your stereotypes, this is my metal uniform
Wear it everyday, I won't cut of my fucking hair or change in any way
The only way I'll stop is when I'm rotting in my grave

But if I could resurrect, I'd come back and headbang once again
So make an oath to be metal till death you die
Cause metal is the law, so live by the scream
Metal till death, in metal we die.


Zombies have arisen by an evil spell
By an unknown evil force they will rise from Hell
Mindless ripping carnage under Satan's hypnosis
The gift of immortality has been given to these corpses

Corpses splattered on the ground, dead without a sound
Smell of death is in the air, reeks of sewer cunt
Travel off to the next world, in search of a God
All in highest power you will be broughten down


You pray to your God in hope of salvation
The lord has left you in desolation
Years of worship, now you're worthless and wretched
Your God is a fraud, why don't you get the message
And when you return, we'll nail you again
Dismembered your body and sever your head

Lord of Deceit

There has been preachings of his return
When we see the bastard, his body will burn
He's ruined the lives of many people
He will be left on the cross, dismembered and crippled


I'm the Destroyer, that's come back from Hell
Before you, your life I'll foretell
I have come back to avenge Satan's fall
I'm dragging your souls down to Hell

Satanic might is coming your way
On your body knees you will pray
I am the last plague your God will not save
I'm taking all your lives away

Fuck all the people who live by Bible, hail unholy disciples
I am the one who will reign in the end, my spirit I will commend
I've sacrificed my soul for his dream, Satan I worship at your feet
I am the one to accomplish your goal, Satan I give you my soul

I'm the Destroyer, I'll take your life
I'm the Destroyer, feel the presence of my Satanic force
When I have walked the face of Earth, you'll see acts of genocide
Now that Satan's work is done, I descend back to Hell!


Welcome child, to your darkest dream
Now in Hell you hear infernal screams
So prepare now for ceremonial death
Join our legion now or take your last breath

Call forth Sathanas, baptize me in demon blood
Unholy father in your name, bring forth the inverted cross
Repent no more sinner you are Satan's son
Bow before the altar unholy one

Rise up and receive unholy sacrament
Betray Satan and experience death


In the name of Satan, we kill on command
We fight in his honor with axe at hand
Butchering all that comes in our way
As we march on with Satan, you'll hear us say

Decimate the Inferior God

Piles of corpses is what we surround
Setting them ablaze, sinking to the ground
Give them a taste of our own medicine
Capture your God and burn him in the pit


Watch your life flash before your eyes
Seconds just before you die, denial of death starts to set in
As loved ones stand around and start grieve
Now your life is leaving in fear

Knowing the end is coming near
Death will come and catch you by surprise
That's when you know you're going to die
And Then Life Was Death

From the seed you were born
You fucking die
Try to escape death and you will see
In the end Life is Death

Your next trip is to the burial grounds
Where you will lie dead, six feet underground
As you lie there and you are fucking rotting
Years have passed now and you at forgotten
Your body has started to decay
Maggots feast on you life a buffet
At once your life was living in fear
All for what? Your body has disappeared.

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