NECROART - The Opium Visions



As our god is searching for us
As our land is crying for solitude
What could I achieve from your breeding movements in time?

Seraphic visions in lust
Seraphic visions in fantasy
How sinuous our moving silhouettes should they fall?

Falling deep inside the scorn
Of our fantasies unborn, untold
For our beauty is greater than the sun

We've felt the sickening lust
We’ve felt the shivering sins
Oh melancholia rape our souls once again

And then our silent falling within the night unpure
Celebrating, penetrate all the leaving lives we choose

Stare at the wind!

In darkness we stand all alone
As shadows between wormholes
Naked, bleeding, dancing minority

A naked season undone
A dying season in silence
Naked, bleeding, crying again with the crimson minority

Falling deep inside the scorn
Of our fantasies unborn


Here is comes again
The splendid sun of winter
It covers me with heat
But could it really mean to me
Blind me touch me

I would never feel the coldest winter
Caress me with your chains
And when the moon is high cover me with your bliss

Blind me touch me

Oh summer feed my soul
My leaves are destiny
And to engrace the shames
I will dissect eternally

The seasons of my dreams
They walk a silent path
Mourning for necrosis
They'll see they're overpast

I've ever wanted
I've ever needed
But this time you'll break my heart in two
With my flowering tears
I fall in desecration
Oh useless demigod I can't look into your eyes

Mortification come to me in raven form
Could you really resist the storm?


All the stars of heaven - Rise beneath the other side
And their blinding tears - Would fall again for one dead star
Suffering the pain - Looking at our faces
With all their mercy - With all their loneliness

And you should shine forever - Like the flowing weeping tears
Gather the stars - All skies will cry in pain
Flowering away with the painless - This is the sun that I know
Stars of my dreams - Shine for me tonight

So is this the moment? - Could you shine for another time?
Just to end - What you wish and what you get
In mind vertigo - We all feel as painless
And with the wind just to kiss another star

Gather the stars on my mind - Try to forget all the ruins
This hearse has come to pray... - Would we live for another day?
I'm on my knees again - I see you cry in pain
Stars of my dreams - Shine for me another time!

I'm the dead star
I can fall and rise again
Ruin, pain, fly away

Gather the stars
I loved them all
For one more time
This fragile soul survives


Pandemonic creations - Everlasting confusion
I'm breathing these feelings - To cross the human mind
Destroying my wills - My hopes and my seclusion
These demons will come - To justify my needs

I'll be the slave of this sickness
I'll be the master of the demon itself

Blind the eye that could not see malignancy
Blind the eye that could not see

For the father, for the son - For the coming of the holy one
The snake will bring me the secrets of death

Pandemonic creations - Everlasting confusion
This demon has come to justify my needs

Now I'm embraced by the forces of nature
Oh, I can leave my dreams behind
They will fade away

Here come the demons!
In another form - Calling my new life
They will bring suffering - Coming from inside
Sickness will prevail - On human mind
All will live in darkness - For the rest of time

Forever the sun will drift away
Forever I'll live in the shadows of night
Forever my scars will set me free
And I will bind the sky


At nighttime she came to me
My eyes full of fear
And with arms wide open
She touched my skin
And then I felt so cold
And all the things I told
And with all my tears
To heal my Capricorn years

Another day
Another way
I'm not afraid
To live this pain...

Can you talk to the wind?
Can you smile to the sea?
I wish I was blind
I had no things to find
No more sins to ignore
No more sins to pray for
I've felt my blood boil to the moon
And my soul moves in Aquarius

What will you encroach of me?
My shadow, my pain or my end?
Oh morphine lady
My Eucharist pain fades away


Down the spires
All along the same visions
Everlasting flames
Burning my soul from within

No more pain
Ride these wings of passion
Make my dreams come true
And bring me back to oblivion

I see Dionysus spilling the last drop of wine
A blood-red nectar my symbols to line

All the secrets are revealed
The opium visions are ever clear

Anguish and despair!

Now catatonic I sit in darkness
The serpent and the lizard are creeping over my skin
Confusion, pain and blindness
The hole I feel within

Wings of pain
Guide my soul into nothingness
The opium visions I command
The mocking mask that I wear


Come with your dark embrace
Pale as a pale caress
Feel what I cannot feel
Heal this wound will never heal

Coming from the shadows
Beneath me
Piercing all my thoughts...

Dreaming the smell of crimson flowers
Dreaming the smell of crimson joy

Light blind my eyes
Sun burn the sky
Moon give me force
To celebrate my life
Over grief...
...but I can dream again

Come with your dark embrace
Pale as a pale caress

Dreaming the smell of crimson flowers
Dreaming the smell of crimson joy


Dolce pioggia lava i miei peccati...

L'inverno che gela il cuore
E' come un bimbo che cade, che dorme, che muore.

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