KOBOLD - Madman´s Overture [EP]



Black hearted man, twisted evil soul
Vile worthless being, rotten to the core
Deceiver of people, driven by greed
Heister of innocence, praying on the week

[Solo - Elio Rigonat]

Corrupted mind, perverted thoughts
Slave to his desires, lust, and control
Sado-maniac, bringer of grief
His victim's pain, he wants to feel

[Solo - Elio Rigonat]

Nail you down, cut your tongue, gouge your eyes, chop your ears
Cut your skin, rip your flesh, twist your joints, break your bones

3000 cuts feel like a year of pain
Neverending nightmare till nothing remains
Gruesome method, merciless deed
Ritual of blood to saturate his greed

Takes your pride
Takes your hope
Takes your mind
Takes your life

You scream in pain, gone insane
Mutilated, desecrated now you're dead!

[Solo - Elio Rigonat]

Tireless torturer, mankind's disgrace
Bloodthirsty cur, hunting for meat
No holy judgment for the Devil's spawn
He's free to ravish, forevermore!

[Solo - Elio Rigonat]


Incapable of giving any affection, ready to slaughter without hesitation
Pale skin of yours, turning bloody read
Stab you again until you are dead
My mind is melting infected with affliction
Twisting by the second without hesitation
I twist the blade as you scream, you are sacrificed and I am redeemed

Rules of the law don't apply to me
My hate and my rage render me free
My mind is locked in an endless strife
My instinct tells me to take your life
If you enter my own mind's domain
I'll strike you down with an endless pain
The last thing that you see is that you cannot flee
I'll split you up, I'll set you free!

I make the Devil laugh in his cave, That famous pleasure of going insane
Drunk by the power I am unflawed, I am unstoppable, I am God!

[Solo Elio Rigonat]

Die, Die Hard, Die!
Take my hand, take my knife, take my gun, take their life!
Take my hand, take my knife, take my gun, take your life!

[Solo Elio Rigonat]
[Solo Elio Rigonat & Nikola Abramović]

Your life belongs solely to me, I'll drink your blood it sets me free
Outright insane, completely deranged, sinner, killer, I'll take the blame
Cuntfaced bastard, call me what you wish
Soon you'll be laughing when your life's on a leash
Your body's mortal, let me help you out
Soon you will be, conjoined with your God!


Killing for God, Murder!
Killing for God, Slaughter!

Strap on a bomb, target the crowd
Blow them to bits, to please the God
Faith is cancer, a cult of belief
Poison to mind, bringer of grief!

See them falling
See them crawling
See them crying
See them dying!

Crushing the fallen, shooting on sight
Blowing their brains, charging to fight
I am the God, ruler of blind
A puppet master of human kind!

For God!

[Solo - Elio Rigonat]

Which way is right, which way is wrong
Discard religion, discard the war
Open your mind, see through your eyes
Look at the pain, your God's a lie!

[Solo - Elio Rigonat]

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