ENNUI - The Last Way



What was bound to happen became lost
And is laying on my soul as a heavy boulder.

Mocking hopes of happiness
Broke and pieces fell on my heart.

Wrap me into black silk shrouds,
The toll of bells is heavy...

The oblique reflections of the candles
On dark walls are driving me insane.
I hear dark disturbance of the night,
Deafening silence...

I saw everything, I created,
Incinerated in my hands,
Black mist devoured my days,
Everything I had around me.

Branched circle of memories
Will soon break with muted gritting.

Last sleep – my friend
Will relieve me from last seconds.
Will walk me the abyss of torment,
Will walk me the path of sorrow.

Thoughts are going out like a dusk,
And someone whispers to my ear,
That my pain will be cured soon,
That death will cease my sorrow.

I’m dreaming and I hear voices,
Hoarse farewell.
Behind the sad oblivion,
My face is disappearing in the dark...

What was bound to happen became lost
And is laying on my soul as a heavy boulder.
Mocking hopes of happiness
Broke and pieces fell on my heart.


Wave is hitting the coast
Moaning loudly,
Feeling the salt on my lips,
Wind is freezing my skin.
Before me lies
Giant, endless ocean,
Soulless Conqueror,
Power of earth and fire.
World of dream,
Land of fantasy,
Place of calm souls,
Paradise and shrine.
Look at this endless land!
Calmness and bliss
Awaits you here.
But shackles are holding me,
I'm chained to the land.
Before me is only
Cold, high wall.
I can feel only it,
Tender touch on the skin,
But I won't know it...
This spread out beauty.


This days are blacker than night
And I can't tell nights from days.
Hung above the abyss,
From where no echo gives a voice.
The empty last second
Brings dreamed of relief,
Chains of lonely days
Will remain on teared off life.
Like needles on dried out heart
Sorrow thrusts with false life.
From the musty cell of my heart,
Pours out like a stream.
Incinerating bitterness of hope
Covers winds of past times.
Muffled whisper of the silence:
«There is no soil for your grave,
No enlightenment for your soul,
No one will remember your name,
Let you perish in the brink of time »


Ashes of hope dim the scarlet heavens,
I wander through the forest of lively suffering.
Heart sinks into sorrow like into swamp,
I know, nothing can save me in this world.
In the place where my soul once dwelled -
Now dull pain lives into dark cell.
My life is scattered like leaves,
Will go through the fingers like a sand.
If this early wounds won't heal,
Is the soul doomed forever and ever?
Who sentenced me to be lost for centuries?
Does life have no meaning?
I don't even see reason of death...
I was unable to save what was dear to me,
I am a hermit, orphan soul.
Nowhere have I seen the dreamed rest.
Shadows of tombstones attract me,
But they are silent too,
The answers to my question is silence,
The tomb of the time is the past.
The constant search for answers causes sadness,
Dying hope is my faith,
Nothing I can change, never,


The descendant of lifeless rebirth
I rejoice in admiring empty space,
In the endless distance of time
Where horizon hides in the mist.

In the fog of sweet ignorance,
By the rock of despair
Every wish falls from the sky,
And breaks to dust on basalt stones.

The descendant of lifeless rebirth
I have peeled off the skin of primordial meaning,
But these proud numbers can’t warm me,
I can’t count the rest of being...
I can’t count...

A letter disappeared in colorless name,
The name someone carried, disappeared,
Maybe you’ll be thought to look like somebody,
Forgotten, sleeping with the dead.

How can I speak to myself if I’m mute?
How can I prove I’m nothing?
The reek of rot blinds my eyes with tears.
What should I look at? There are only, dead around...

I will lock myself up into rusted cell,
Gnaw on dirty bars with my teeth,
Will torment myself with rage, will remain
Inside the silent dream, unlike the life...


Floating in the river of memories
I separate reality and dream.

I am a prisoner of my own grief,
Can’t walk away from suffering’s stream.

I am the sun, cold and lightless,
I am the pain, incurable wound,
I am the weight of the burden of times,
My sorrow has captured me.

Now you close your eyes one final time,
Only the bell will mourn for you.
Tomorrow’s dawn won’t come to you,
Neither night’s veil will come down.

The future, I know, is empty now,
Pain will grow without you,
I will grip a handful of soil,
And see you off the last way...

I am the sun, cold and lightless,
I am pain, incurable wound.
I made strong winds sing your name,
Tore off the branches over your grave,
The memory of you will forever shine,
As the beam of light on the cold tombstone.

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