BÆST - Danse Macabre



False virgin mother
Deceiver of man
Abusing herself
With a crucifix in her hand

Her eyes are vacant
Her soul depraved
Forsaking the spirit
As she masturbates

Behold your bastard son
Upon the cross
He will pay for his pride
And arrogance

Pale priestess
Mother of lies
Virgin deceiver
Behold the...

Reveal your flesh
For me, courtesan
As you corrupt yourself
By my command

Your cunt is soaring
Withered skin
Your loins are burning
Commit(ting) the sin

I am of void and futility
Your defilement is my salvation
I will rape your virgin cunt
And infect your womb


A parasitic growth
Conceived within your womb
We shall derive
The unborn bastard child
In the (name of Satan)
With an inverted crucifix
You will impale and mutilate
The coming stillborn into pieces



Gloomy sun
Ashes are falling from heaven
Burning one

Looming eyes
Black mass gathering
In the night

Their bodies doused in oil and treachery
At the stake they'll burn and suffer
Such acts of sin and infidelity
In flames they'll meet their maker

Dragged through the dust
In condemnation
For they are born from filth and vermin

Burning morbid rites
Moral servants
Vermin sacrifice
Bearing the crown of scorn

Wretched and cursed
Baptized in fire
Scorched human race
Burning alive

Sun of extinction
Purge out their sins
Flaming perdition
Dance of the dead

Infernal inquisition (their shrieks resonate)
The scent of burning flesh (filling the air)
Rivers of fire shall consume (hecatomb)
The painful screams are dying out (fading)
From embers into ashes (blowing away)

Culling the weak,
The hecatomb is finally complete
Culling the weak,
The immolation of a worthless breed
Culling the weak,
Your destiny you finally have met
Culling the weak,
Only the ashes remain


Faint crosses
Temple of lies
Lit torches
Heathen sighs

Heinous oath
Ominous prayers

Unholy truth

Flaming hazes
Servants of night
Vacant faces
Furious light

Damning the blessed
Dance of the dead
Purification throughout the flesh
Evisceration at the behest

Scorched remains
Roots of the earth

Embers glowing radiant skies

Preacher's moaning
Sacred lies

Pagan ritual
Blood sacrifice
Forged visual
Freedom deprived

Sharp is the blade
Dark is the night
Punish the saint
This elegy

Blade plunges in
Carving the flesh
Cast out the sins
Open the chest

Drowning in screams
Lungs exposed
Circle complete
Dance of the dead


Atra mors
Damn the blessed
Atra mors
Danse o' death

Creeping decease
Age of the wretched
Piling debris
Of those infected

The morbid is here
Dance with thee
Welcome the morbid victory

Atra mors
Black abscess
Cadaverous hordes
Hellish infest

Rotten waltz

Atra mors
Damn the blessed
Atra mors
Dance o' death

Cadaverous hordes
Hellish infest
Black death
Atra mors


A piercing light
Ravage from the sky

Heaven divine
The pending seven
A roaring silence
For about half an hour

The seven trumpets
Prepare to sound
The seventh seal has broken

Sin of the lamb
Imminent atrocities
Smoke rises
From the abyss
Awaken the beast
Ancient serpent
Fire shall walk
And death will dance

I am a burning covenant
Centuries of woes shall follow
I am the rapturous suffering
I will entangle this world

There is no light
A veil of shadows
That will benight
This fallen domain

For I am death
I've long walked by your side
The weakest threat
I leave no respite

Formulas fatal to the flesh
Rites to open the abyss

I'll roam your lands
Until you've all fallen
Into my broken hands

I am a burning covenant

Centuries of woes shall follow
I am rapturous suffering
I will entangle this world




I am the weeping sun
I am the father of lies
I guide the legion into the undivine

Cast out from heavens
Scorned and cursed by the light
Sound of the seven
A swarm of lies breathing dark dismay
Leading a world of sheep
Inside his vortex
Into debauchery

A great heretic spiralling symphony
Out from his directing baton
Eradicate the words of God
Annihilate the face of the earth

Follow my lead into abyss
Beyond madness
Winds of decay
Swirling disillumination

I am the weeping sun
I am the father of lies
I guide the legion
Into the undivine

Oblivion is my name
Follow my rhythm so deep

Idol conductor
Leading the dance of the dead
Into the core
A core of sin

Mass of corpses
Spiralling endlessly
Into the void
Into damnation

Follow my lead into abyss
Beyond madness
Winds of decay
Swirling disillumination


All rise
And stand before me
I am the chairman of primeval force
You're standing trial
For the neglection of your legacy
For the constant decadence
And immense depravity
Convicted in life and blessed by sickness

All weak aside here lies no savior
Your fall from grace,
For now you shall pay
Your fall from grace,
For now you shall pay

I set you free
From life in vain

I set you free
For hell shall reign

The seventh trumpet is dying out
Now there is only emptiness
This is the hour of penance
Your absolution

Behold the pillars of sin
Stare into the den of iniquity
And as the undivine foretold
This is the great... The grand apostasy

Come forth burning one
Come forth abbadon
Come forth weeping sun
Come forth Satan

All weak aside, here are no prayers
Unholy rites, here lies only the serpent

I absolve you
From life
I absolve you
From empty praise
I absolve you
From lies and deceit
I absolve you
I will dominate
I absolve you

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