APOCROPHEX - Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar



A shell of a man desecrated, infested with a foreign disease. Experimental procedures taking place in the endless sea of stars, weightless yet the density increased through veins now run a replaced plasma. Terror reminds one of a most soothing effect, its better to feel fear than nothing at all…darkness overcomes, vacant eyes seem so bottomless, searching for some resemblance of a soul leaves the mind to quake in primal panic, a chilled wind fills the air, gently blowing over chapped skin and into a barren skull..waves of paranoia flood all receptors transmitting dread through direct canals, the brain leads the body to writhe in agony an elegant dance of the nerves. A flash of light, hours perhaps weeks have passed. Awaken nude surrounded by familiar textures…all senses will soon regain, implanted with a manufactured brain. A shell of a man desecrated, infested...


Landscapes jagged ever flowing
For almost everything has perished formations litter the hazy yellowed sky
Traces of existence buried beneath miles of sedimentary rubble...
Violent seizures reveal fresh wounds on the surface, the vertigo inducing chasm cuts deep into the gaseous core
Spewing vile clouds that rise and hover but soon vanish to become one of the atmosphere, how was this polluted shell once ever called a home?
The cycles of life cease nearly complete anemic remnants of once a thriving colony
Soon the moons will cross paths and blanket the entire region in it's inky darkness
Shadows drench the rust hued soil as it's ominous figures amorphously form...
The cold settles in and the winds become still....
Rarely this display is to be witnessed not of a settlers eye but through the minds of the passing...
Crippled the shapes built of hideous blackness seems to invite the dormant evils within
This is not a place to call home, This place is not fit for the worst felons sins....
Coordinates mapped, tagged with a symbolic omen, never to be a visitor again


The shadows last cast down will always remain a never ending exposure like a painting of torturous positions caused by premature death
Radiation vitrified stone covers littered pavement evidence of an obscene force
Orbital birds of prey circle aimlessly silhouetted, shrouded by the back drop of the dripping blood moon
Rare celestial reflections of emotion waning lunations, collecting universal hated until it's core cannot withstand...
Focused precise blasts of lunar oppression rains down on Gaia from above us
Civilization in panic, throats hoarse from hours of screaming, evisceration
The oceans applaud and run a hideous red encasing the shores in a sheet of earths own plasma
Eventual evaporation morphs the atmosphere into a crimson haze, soon even plant life will cease to breath
Our closest brethren Luna slowly reverts back as the plague has passed, equinox
(Our closest brother, The age of blood is upon us)
On going rotation the age of blood is upon the gown of Terra


Disembodied tongues lashing poison phlegm from the tri-colored void, misconstrued meanings hidden between lines of disenchanted voices vaguely painting horrific visions of a splatted canvas of flesh
Communication lost amongst allies once tightly knit together
The direction of forward movement halted by egotistical minds
Powerless to these changes , a vicious onslaught of painful memories....
Appropriate without an anchor driven into solid ground to protect movement in the grit of sand and mud
These forgotten tools left strewn across the battlefield of psyche, consciousness becomes something terrifying morphing into a dream state....
Millennia trapped in suspension devolved
Tattered carcass hatched with vines of ivy climbing towards a dying star and effortlessly keeping it's grip
Stretching the black vastness of the cosmos


Traveling an angered sea of pure light
reflected back through the storm propelling
the ancient motor of the designs not derived from man the sound is of distress.
A vibration slices through thick air to rattle marrow through broken bones. Teeth jostled loose by the hulking scream of its fast decent.
Some broiled whole beneath the searing heat of the mighty craft.
Flawless exterior of materials fashioned with extreme precision
weaved in concentric circles, lit with a darkened aura, a blaze without light. Forecasting the floods, eternal tales of rituals taking place on higher ground, burning images into the skin of the young.
A fascinating prologue passed down through the broken mouths of the withered elders, a network of tangled lines. The inscriptions of a design that is not derived from man.
Reflecting upon this sea now thats been gazed upon by thousands the sound is now of disbelief.
For those who saw developed boils and were stricken blind, hallucinations haunted divinity derived from insanity. Fashioned from a first hand intervention with a force of energy and engineering of a design not derived from man.


False pride of the living, entitlement bound without contracts. He beckons and pleads with no such right to sit at nature's hand feeding grotesquely ravenous flooding and engorging through her eons pass. Judgmental divinity of the cosmos surrounded to serve the the sentence due. Chained so securely by unwavering elemental forces conjured, recalled the condemned's funeral rites... by the reciting of ancient incantations forever stained onto rare stones. This other-worldly universal majesty an utter severe monstrosity towers above the crooked mountains and weaves its complex passageways that tear straight through the dimensional arrangements of space. An artistic display unheard of as the beast takes its final form causing winds to blister human skin instantaneously upon each heaving breath... Then it utters the nine patterns that have been spoke not of this tongue. Undefined and yet of the utmost importance... decree this galactic leviathan comprised of pure energy and take this message to head. For damnation lurks in your breath now and poison in your veins, humanity offers no saving grace. No pardons to be had. Annu bleaches the color from the hallowed eyes of the confined and mutes the sound of what once was a deafening faceless atrocity left hung as an example to the cosmos and its howl is of pure agony. Stipped are the markings resembling a personality, the voids are decaying in the bowels of the condemned...


The blackened gates of oblivion close before their kneeling creator, begging forgiveness for an abusive reign and unholy associations... Pale skin draped from brittle bone grasps wildly through humid air. Dying gasps allow a spectral shroud to escape, angelic beams of unlight penetrate and blast from cephalic cavities. A beacon of warning sends shivers down the spines of the usurpers from all shades of the spectrum the explosion wreaks havoc. Physical to nothingness... in the mere blink of a bloodshot eye. Disposal of the undesirable remnants, baptized in flames.

Bestowing thick clouds of wretched ominous smoke... this bloodline is dangerous highborn failures reunited with this solution, to rule is to oppress at all times the enemy of the most. Through the tireless searches a new king has been chosen, spared of horrible poverty by divine coincidence rising to power through youth. Abandoning religion and welcoming the void of the ancient ways. Construct a monument that will command respect from our enemies, layer the stone in sheets of armor forged from spent soldiers. Brandished with a mighty sword that seems to be slicing through our atmosphere.

Avoidance by our two moons trembling bodies bathed in fear... A cycle of kings throughout the ages descend in fire.


Pulsating hallways lined with ectoplasm breathing end to end, pumping fluid through a network of valves.

Spewing out excrement from open sores which appear from floor to ceiling. Such horrific noises the innards stench surrounds all invading gaseous, filling every orifice.

Being dissolved
Left but a pile of bones
Soon to be devoured too
Torn flesh disintegrates.

Whats left of your face paused in a horrific display, marrow disintegrates. Being eaten alive from the inside out, dripping columns of acid create trenches in your flesh...

Being dissolved
Left but a pile of bones
Soon to be devoured too
Torn flesh disintegrates.


I recall a feigning interest ever so slightly as the illusion of solid ground crumbles at my bandaged feet. Slowly at first the echoes of dirt caressing the petrified walls that line the chasm ring like falling ice pellets on fields of freshly frozen snow like stone to glass or hot embers meeting respite among a still shallow puddle of stale blood. This sensation of weightlessness never ceases to churn noxious gas from the depths of the so very starved pits of my soon bloated corpse.

Now free-falling, certain senses become heightened as the sound of terrestrial holocaust is distorted by the intense speed in which exposed.

At the peak of the highest tide on the night of the ripest full moon. The haves have become should nots and the dids have become done for now is history. This chapter is not settled with a signature by pen but by the size of the impact crater that is about to form.

Unaware the air would become sharp peeling back my human skin in layers, exposed organics, the connection is deafening to the sound that once surrounded a combination of raw thunder timed to the exact crashing of the waves at the plutonian shores. The once forgotten feeling of solid ground is...

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