REPRISAL - Ichneumanity [EP]



Thud, the fading heartbeat of a dying whale
A sound that chases sleep forever
Deep into the stomach of the waves
That cradle a titan in its rest
A calming veil that guides it from the flesh of existence

Fathoms of night
Sweeping into closing eyelids
A final rush of blood runs through abandoned veins
In silence

Atomic tectonics
A final repose
Carbonic reclamation
Devoured, digested and reconstituted
Jawless necks which resurrect the future

When something colossal dies
The presence it leaves behind
Resounds in the echoes of the dust of the depths
Of the world it lived inside

The worms that find their purpose in the bones of the dead
Who build skeletal cities, continuing the thread
Atomic ghosts, that shimmer in the dark
The echo of existence as the fragments drift apart

Atomic tectonics
A final repose
Carbonic reformation, respiration slows
Reborn in leeches
A continuum
A root that springs in tangled strings of equilibrium

When something colossal dies
The presence it leaves behind
Resounds in the echoes of the dust of the depths
Of the world it lived inside

Our movements when in life, merge with wider tides
In death we live within those things
In whom our bones reside
In life


Onward black forever
A lifeless surge, servants to the urge
A river of limbs with one purpose
Thralls to success, a vapid gnawing insect
Ichneumanity arise
And build your nest
Seductive sedition
Seeps from a swollen queen
Spawns a vermin sea with souls on which to feed
Willing fodder for an endless greed
Dark tendrils, insectoid
Swell in the vast ego void
Slaves, vacant, idiot tyrant, suffer

A global trade in servitude
They're gladly sold
Kissing hands of power
They someday wish to hold
Like victory is found being the teller, not the told
Like worth is estimated in the currency of souls
Voracious, hypnotic, brain dead and flesh robotic
This is desire

Ichneumon race, ascent to domination
Defective apes will be replaced
The weighted stone of want, is hurled at the face of god
Deformed by its brunt, idiot tyrant

At the frozen summit of his influence and wealth
The lengthened pulse surrenders to the crawling ice
No heat will ever melt
Every breath a falling tide, which pulls him farther from himself
The king can find no prophet, when the final deal is dealt

They beg with hands
Grasping and clutching
Fingers wrench at hands, that give them nothing

They eat themselves
The silence, of the god they've never met
A tombstone sky, stretching forever overhead
Voracious, hypnotic, brain dead and flesh robotic
The virus swells

Cower in fear, vermin under the wings of a serpent
Glistening crystal vineer, appeasing the throes of his servants
Idiot tyrant, every life is spent
Idiot tyrant, all life is an expense


Exiled, no semblance of humanity
On this wasteland, clinging to our sanity
Cast out, we hang by a thread
Running through mountains of heads
Malevolent menace, hell-bent entity
Cerebral remorseless enemy
Sever the nerve
For we refuse to serve
Under this rule of pain
We must...

Kill the brain
And end this merciless reign
We must!
Kill the brain
Or be souls to obtain
A splatter of grey matter
The monster writhes in pain
A prisoner of its fury
It perishes in flames...
Kill the brain

When your
Eyes roll back into the head
The tentacle enters the skull
Sucking out the information
Only leaving desiccation
Until the vast memory is full

Beamed down, homicidal hemisphere
Infiltrates the atmosphere
Invading, sadistic mind
Sole objective: enslave mankind
Total neurotic abduction
Pulsing, electric
A weapon of mental destruction
Captive and paralyzed

Their master
From the skies
Fortress of oppression
Retaliation, maniacal aggression
Strike it down!
Kill the brain!
End its life!

Kill the brain
We end this hellish reign
Kill the brain
The planet is reclaimed
Cortex: exterminated
The monster has been slain
Target: terminated
We live free again


Beating your chest because you beat the rest, those who oppose are zero. Nothing enshrined behind the eyes, feeding the ravenous ego. When the curtains fall and we exit the stalls, what will become of the hero? Does vanity endure, hiding the flaws in the dominion of Nero? Vultures only love you when you're dead, they'll cut out your heart and mount your head. Genetic religion, the gaping void of the human condition. Kneel with the weak at the throne of fiction, fucking kneel… Thoughtopsy. Watching your back for the phantom attack, behind all the smiles lie the fangs of the pack, you don't own your position, demise is imminent, reach out a hand they tear it off at the ligament. At the end of the day when it's all stripped away and you sit on the throne of your empire, all you survey, a vision in grey, a cackling vaudeville satire. Starvation of the mind, monoxide of the heart, coma of the soul, no way out.


Arterial rivers carving a mountain of flesh, the peak, a jar of hollowing winds and the underview effect. What vantage does vision afford us if sky is a cavern of depth, and desert surrounds, seized by a drowning gush of shrieking insects? Wretch, writhe, the amniotic tear bore a vision of flies. Wretch, writhe, in ever shortening circles life survives, tightening spirals of order, life survives. A swarm of cells, fractal splinters gouged from a mass of adjacent shells, order, harmonic lunacy surfaces out from the swell of life, rebuilding reforming, life, procession to the final dark. The truth is hell is real and it's frozen, still and private; a neutral abscess leaking from the space behind the eyelids. Indifferent glow of unbroken snow feeds the crawl of a glacial torrent, a gentle maddening press that forges a strangled root of torment. Even the path to self destruction can light the way back home, the vein that winds through woods so dark and deep can lead to Rome. In the end we all chose one, love or fear, the choice that forms us all. They are the words we write on the same wall. Progression, unending arc. Procession to the final dark.

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