ANNIHILATION - The Undivided Wholeness of All Things


1. M.A.S.S.



In the abyss of nothing
A singularity occurred
A silent explosion
The beginning of everything
Contracting and expanding at a massive rate
The universe was born

Aeons have past since the beginning
Of everything
All that borns must die
To reborn again

Dissipation of dark energy by entropy
Leading to a slow dismal collapse of the Universe
Gigantic explosions of massive black holes
Awakened the decay dilation that was stall at an Hibernation state

Leading to the stop
Of the endless
Expansion process

Inflation is now increasing
Sucking in and destroying all forms of matter and Energy
Causing a time reverse rerun of the Big Bang
A Massive obliteration of the oscillation movement
That once fed the Universe


Primal unities of unmanifested love
Divine beings
Distinguishing themselves into a multiformity of
Consciously evolved entities
Who gradually fill the universe

Mere mortals in they´re past incarnations
Who undergone through a series of
Spiritual transformations
Until the Sixth Initiation
All subsequent creation occurred in conformity
With the divine plan

Evolved spiritually enlightened beings
Dwelling on the 6th dimension
Reconnected with the “I”
From the past present and future

Capable of travelling within dimensions
Manifesting themselves through an emanation
of three cosmic phases
Presented to us as time space and matter

Formerly embodied at Earth
As human beings
Learned the lessons of life
During countless incarnations.
Mastering the limitations of the matter planes
Now God-like entities
Sources of unconditional divine love
Through the Ascension they were able to unite with The Alness
Of the “I” presence
Evolving into Ascended Masters

Spiritual evolved beings
Transcending all creation

Spiritual evolved beings
Interpenetrating all existence


Physical transmutation
Of the body
Causing our being to move
Into alternate temporal realities
In the awareness of the higher dimensions
There is a deeper

Linear time
Becomes a circle
That transcends its own illusion
Time is inherently
Bound up with the illusion
Of the spatial matrix

For it is nothing other than a supplementary
Construct created by the mind
To entrap our true unlimited power

For it is nothing other than a supplementary
Construct created by the mind
An illusion meant to keep us
disconnected from our true power

Is in essence a grand illusion
That has taken a hold of humanity consciousness
And conditioned our reality to believe in it
Thus we then become enslaved
By the illusion of space and time
To suffer by countless reincarnations
And the karma’s associated with it


A permanent nothingness
That cannot satisfy
Our existential hunger

An existential hollowness
That is ultimately unfillable

The hollow Void screams
Thru our secret depths
Leaving us utterly empty and helpless
The wind blowing inside of us
Thru a vast wilderness of emptiness
We feel like seeds blown uselessly across
The desert

A permanent nothingness
That cannot satisfy
Our existential hunger
Our existential nothingness
Is an internal vacuum
with an insatiable appetite
An emptiness at our core
Threatening to suck everything
And everyone else in
The void within us grows darker and darker everyday

Leaving us rotten and empty
Till the core of our existence
Essentially we become hollow
As our lives progresses
Lacking of inner strength and vigour
An all-consuming ulcer
That keeps drawing our power out

This Void is a dis-ease of our depths
The distress of nothingness
A hollowness that threatens to engulf
And dissolve the rest of our being


All the universes and multiverses
In all possible expressions
Of matter and energy
Are now
Entangled in chaos

The vortex created Is immense
The laws of space and time
Are no longer applied
Explosions disrupting the fabric of space and time

Compromising the natural equilibrium state
Where the universe enfolds
Into a single
And balanced whole

All potential expressions of matter and energy
And the underlying fabric of quantum
Reality are now
On its unobserved state
Creating a place where all fits together into Timelessness
A single whole Xenoverse takes form


Hyper magnetic waves
Balancing rhythmically
Causing the universe branes
To collide eternally

Creating countless dimensions
Parallel universes
Governed by an unknown set of laws
Inside the Xenoverse
A chaotic eternal inflation
Expands exponentially

At the speed of light
Fuelled by vast amounts of true vacuum
Fractal dimensions spawning
At a massive rate
in a never ending circle
Atomic matter accumulating furiously
Spinning uncontrolled
The atomic whole component ingests all Present matter

A never ending circle
Of destruction
And creation
Death and rebirth
Inside the Xenoverse
A never ending circle
Of destruction
And creation
Death and rebirth
Inside the Xenoverse


Crawling between the surface
The Rulers of the 7 realms
Reptilian entities from the lower 4th dimension
Sentient immortal beings who rule the world
Between the shadows
A tribe of interbreeding bloodlines

They feed on human blood and energy
To hold they´re human form

Engaging wars and famine
Scare tactics to suppress
Our feminine energy
The intuition that allows
Humanity to connect
To a higher consciousness
We become dominated
By our lower consciousness
Isolated from our highest
Expression of love
Wisdom and knowledge

Secret societies formed aeons ago
Blood Rituals initiations to elevate the few
To higher states of consciousness
Drunk in power these entities hold the key
to the infinite wisdom
Only accessible by a few
Vibrating in lower states
of consciousness
Unperceivable to us

Disguised as humans Nagas
Disguised as humans Nagas

Guiding the flock
into obliteration

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