VOICE OF RUIN - Purge and Purify



They got the fame, they got the power
Praised and hailed by thousand millions of people
The last thing they can’t get is the consent
But they will be forgiven

They just need to repent
We should burn all these sinners
They have to suffer
And feel our anger

Jesus said that one has to forgive
Seventy times seven
Sincerity is what counts
What about clerical child abuse

No judge
No defendant
The dock is empty
This is Hollywood’s immunity
This is Hollywood’s impunity

They just need to repent
They will be forgiven

Repentance and confession make no difference
Notoriety would never allow such a deviance


Grab the bull by the horns
Go forth and face adversity
Crushed by the judgment of men
It's time to prove you're innocent

All the horns of the wicked I will cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be lifted up
(Psalm 75:10)

Is this the price to pay for their mistake?
Locked up for nothing, capital punishment
They say you're the scum of the earth
Taking lives with no regret

How to prove them wrong?
They are convinced
Your destiny is drawn
A fallen angel certain to burn

The horns of the devil shall be
Cut off and thrown to the crowd

How to prove them wrong?
They are convinced
Your destiny is drawn
A fallen angel certain to burn


Choose your own god as you shall not choose for others
Claim your freedom as you shall not slave to a God
Too much wasted blood for conflicts of the past
So many stacked dead bodies just for nothing

Polytheist, monotheist but citizen above all

Every nation is rooted in tradition
Democracy, monarchy, we shall see
Who rules among humans like gods of the past
Who rules among humans like the dog above the Styx

God’s army or prophets abolitionists
Standing for their people or fueling another conflict

Blood of religions

Religion can be a passion
But not a war’s motivation

You may not choose your king
But you’ll slave to your own God
Enemies of the state or enemies of God?

Who's your enemy?
Who's your God?

Our world is our nation
Our nation has to be a democracy
The first humans have been perverted by the serpent

Then they suffered in the garden of Eden
To this day we have yet to understand
The difference between good and evil


I said I wanted to protect
Claiming I was the new prophet
I spread all my venom
Showing an illusive wisdom

Chosen by my people
Rising like a black sun
Malicious and infamous
My teeth are venomous

I'm the one who tempts Adam and Eve
Their race they will deceive
Snakes in my head

We want to be free
We all want to know
Banished by the Lord God
This is our fall

I am a leader in their mind
They won’t see, they are so blind
This is the downfall of a nation
Call me Apophis the demon

Chosen by my own people
Rising like a black sun
Malicious and infamous
My teeth are venomous
Hidden in my own prison
My mouth is full of poison
I'm shedding skin
Immortality is my last sin


I have ruled a long time
I've always been acclaimed
My throne never challenged
My power ever respected

I wanted to start again
Placing my pawns with accuracy
Ruling without spreading myself too thin
Playing with more tenacity

I am the king of nothing
I was the king of everything

My decline awaits
Was I sat dead digging my grave?
Mercy turns to insanity

How could I've not seen this coming?
I have but my eyes left to weep
My self-confidence and carelessness
Have been my downfall


Lying on the floor I can see the stars
They are shining like your eyes
I can remember our last days together
This memory will remain forever
Today is another day and I’ve something to say
You need to know what I’ve done this last decade
Listen, it’s not easy to explain

I wish I could tell you the truth
Silence, nescience, is the best defense

You can't live with a sinner
You can't trust a liar
Love me tender forever
Forgive me, I'm not a deceiver
Only a sinner

My demons are back
They are all dressed in black

I tried everything
I killed for nothing
Just a lack of attention
And I failed my mission
Now I can see the light
This is the end of my fight
My soul is leaving my body
The devil can judge me


Always the same, always the worst
Abolish the legions, this venomous poison
We need to stop the destruction
And finally learn from the past
Time goes fast

Alone it's not easy to lead
Transparency policy
Powerful lobbies

It's time to listen to the wisdom of the anthill

We are the voices from the ruins
The last innocents behind the bastions

States are hiding
Behind guns that kill
Kings are sending
Their army to clean


Barking for nothing
Defending our offspring
Always coveting the other side
We both have our own pride
Barking, defending, coveting and killing

We have so much in common
Living under the same sun
Created by the same God
Commanded by someone stronger


It's in our DNA
Awareness of death
Is the only difference
Between our two kingdoms
We're not living in Disneyland

Survival instinct
Need to dominate
Revenge is in our blood
As killing others without mercy


Youth wasted by mindless acts
That's a part of your life you'll never forget

You think you know your enemies
Deceitful, human nature can be
To stand by on the sideline?
Or make the guilty pay?

This is our revenge
It's time to turn the page
This is our revenge
They will never kill again

Time for revenge
Vow of silence

Through centuries
Nothing has changed
The final say is always coveted

Justice is here to regulate
But it cannot prevent

Nothing in this life can counterbalance
Nothing except revenge

The gods of vengeance practice their own vow of silence
Payback is a savage way, this is the time for revenge


Sailing through the darkness
Killing all the gutless
Criminal violence and robbery
The black flag you will flee

The royal navy is hunting this pest
Never surrender, take no prisoners

So many secrets
So many treasures
Living by the code
Swords and bullets

Feared by the world like tornados and inferno
They kill without mercy, through the bloody sea of glory

Sometimes the poor have only few choices
Being starved by accepting their fate
Become outlaws by robbing others
Fishermen or sea rovers

Should they receive amnesty?
Only when poverty justifies thuggery

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