In the mountain
young shepherd found a little wolf,
between sheep the wolf never discern
his predator nature
The human spirit over the animal,
with the ability to discern
himself and his Creator
Under the superficial thoughts
originate deep

and we live because He is alive
We exist because He exists
we die because He calls

Suffer from superficiality
suffer from depth
With one to decay
with other to immortality
Why do we need wolf in the herd
opening the gates
of the spirit to peek into the
meaning of existence


Souls covered with dust
pensive for purified
solitary in time,
gray sky above remains
a hazy trail from path
human spirits desperate
with a knowledge for a absence
No source of life in the
internal struggle in the desert.

Bethlehem to raise us up
from earth to heaven
Bethlehem the source
of life in the desert
Bethlehem oasis
within the desert souls

Obtained boldness
for the souls cleared
from dust of the unknown,
fear, pain, separation
solitary minds the wind
in the gray sky
showed the narrow bright path
from Bethlehem
to the New Jerusalem


The sun in the heights
becomes darkened for me,
may Your light shine for me
and disperse the darkness
of my mind

Before the wheel of time
stops in my life
the wind of death blows

and diseases appear on my body
have mercy on me

Before the The destruction of
all beauty, have mercy;

Before the earth returns to earth
and becomes decay
Before the The destruction of
all beauty, have mercy;

Before my sins deceive me
at the judgment
and shame me before
the Judge,
have mercy Lord
filled with gentleness


The world discovers
and reveals
filling the ears
with theories
minds overflowing
to wishing
different expectations
that would last and
after the going away
of generations
in blurred truths
about existence

In the short life
there is a brief moment
in the last moments
where the spirit stands
and think of the
One who created us
and everything around us

and then the endless discovery
of the world mind rejects,
that line between life and death
revived conscience
manifests the Truth

6. YOU

You gave Sarah a child
You saved Moses from the death
You made the young shepherd a King
Whose words still guide us
throw the valley of shadows

You gave them
You took them
Blessed be the name of the Lord

But above all You gave us your Son
Your flesh and Your blood
You gave us Bethlehem
You gave us ETERNAL LIFE
You gave us ETERNITY
Blessed be the name of the Lord

I thank You Lord for all
All that is good in my life
And at the end I admit
As Job did that All is from You





There's something out
that wants to
change humanity
of all past generations
this one is caught hard
by showing acts
of some majority
complicacy, confusion,
hedonism, lust
Slow changing and
twisting of conscience

It is easy
to love each other
but there is manifestation
in the air that
prohibits to happen
But almighty God
will bring victory

Conscience given to us
from the beginning
to keep it as pearl
Today something wants
to turn it into rust
Keeping the pearl
will lead us to follow the One
who has given
in the world of
love and justice


1- Oh beloved, oh beloved; nailed unto the cross for me
O what sin hast Thou committed; Thou who callest all to be.
Oh beloved, wish that I could; spend the rest of life with Thee
Worshipping Thine holy passion, crucifying the flesh for Thee.

2- Daughter of Zion behold Me; stricken and smitten for Thee
Friend and kin, me have forsaken; there is none to comfort me.
All alone I'll tread the winepress, all alone I'll drink the cup
Shedding my blood for Thee to ransom, and my flesh for Thee to sup.

3- I was bound, and I was smitten, and they did spit in my face.
I was stripped, and I was scourged, I was condemned in your place.
Your sins became my crown of thorns; Oh that you would understand
Everytime you sin a new, it's one more nail in my hand.

4- Like a lamb brought to the slaughter, like a dumb sheep to be sheered.
King, Creator, Lord, and Master, by His creatures, mocked and jeered.
Despised, rejected, with grief acquainted, and of men was not esteemed.
Bruised and wounded, sore afflicted, yet, with His stripes we were healed.

5- Lord create in us a fountain; that with tears will ever flow.
And a heart contrite and broken, and the spirit within renew.
Oh that we could shed the tears over Thy feet pierced and bruised
Oh that we always remember, for our sins Thou wert abused.

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