SARCOPTES - Thanatos [EP]



I woke from reveries of love to find they were not real
Yet her talons still rake wounds no salve can ever heal
I grew up from youthful fantasies where colors filled my sight
And slowly watched them fade away, the world an ashen blight
I gazed into the heavens, night’s train of stars above
And felt their cold indifference snaking through my blood
I escaped into bemusement, and drowned inside her swirl
And found that I have become one lost unto this world

Betwixt the forest of confusion and the slough of despair
The path before you weaves and twines far beyond your stare
Beset with briars and with thorns hopelessly treacherous
Enshrouded in gloom and mist your senses you mistrust
Victims of this cruel road lie slain and unredeemed
This pestilential air occludes with noxious misery
Across the boundless distance you espy a glimmering
The goal at last, the end in sight you bear this suffering

Twisting, writhing soul
Escape these common thoughts
Look beyond your brethren’s ken
Drink from wisdom’s draught
Burning, bleeding heart
See the universe within
Wipe the scales from your eyes
The veil of disillusion

Transcending the boundary, this prison of false dreams
Ascending through the netherworld of lies and human schemes
To navigate a course through the round of wandering stars
Passed the manifestations I set my gaze afar
At the heart of creation where time and space proceed
The poets and philosophers are silent in their screed
In the hollow of this mystery eclipsing arcane law
No one knows its origin, the source is without cause


Countless, an infinitude of paths lead to your threshold
The doors to your hall are open wide
Frozen, the kiss you bestow upon your lovers
Faithful, till the end of the age

With hallowed earth
Baptize us all

Like incense, our prayers rise ever before thee
Casting all crowns, bending the knee
The idols that have misled man’s heart and clouded his vision
Wither like grass and scatter like sheep

Fear of thee
Gave birth to mankind’s faith
You are the source
The essence of deity

Faceless, the throng is assembled within your mansion
Never to speak nor to depart
Silent, beholding your face and your ghastly pallor
O Mistress Death, Goddess of All

With hallowed earth
Baptize us all
The Spade’s work unceasing
In filling the void

Within this realm of dreamless sleep
No names exist, no gods are invoked

Within this realm of dreamless sleep
No names exist, no gods are invoked

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