SADIST - Hyaena



The mountain cannot help me, not today
No one can help me, I have no strength,
My screams are weak
I get up, only for a moment
And then fall to the ground
Behind me laughing, feasting,
Sinking their anger
Into my flesh...

Agony in the valley of the lonely mountain
Into my flesh and into the body
Of an innocent unborn

The wind blows, while his sadistic
Laughter sings the victory
Powerful bites tear my life, pain, sadness, fear
Fall into the jaws of a brutal nature
The last breaths of a mother's failure
Devoured by their hysteria

Agony in the valley of the lonely mountain
Into my flesh and into the body
Of an innocent unborn


How difficult it was to live millions of years ago...
There were huge harmless animals of the plains,
Millions of years after overlooks the root of a skyscraper
There were large carnivores, scaring butchers
Invited by the smell of blood to the banquet
Their screamin' crazy eager to sink their teeth longer

In the side of those who do not know the desire to kill
And then their were, carnivores developed by the strong jaws
200 pounds, maybe more, with my strength I was fighting for

I had strong teeth, rip, this was my mission
Break up your body a single bite,
Ready to destroy...


The sun is rising in the clouded sky
The land turns into a theater of brutality
A few hours before the cold night meets the death
Dressed in black on earth to shed blood
Only drops dried by the first heat of the morning

Amongst a battle night is the brightest star
She cannot speak and bring the secret up to the sky
Until tomorrow when another death will smile to a new born

Scary shape is clumsy within evil sounds
Moving, stealthily almost invisible evil queen
1000 miles and taste the smell of his death
1000 miles savor the smell of your life

Resistance on one hand, innocence on the other


The legend tells of an old man
Who one day saw the devil very closely
He was riding a big hyena
But the devil was very large, strong and muscular
Arrived together from hell,
The devil riding the evil steed
Certainly did not have good intentions

The devil will take away
The body and the soul of the deceased
We will pray our divine spirits...

Hyenas and cannibal gurus feasted on bodies in life
People were looking for an escape, but there was no hope
The deceased had not been exhumed six feet under better fate

Wakhetane bou bene gorre gou magatte done wakhetane si diadiaram
Boba bene rabou alle migi nekone si wetame gorgi ware bene bouki boumak
Ba gnome niarre yeksendo si dire rabou alle bi done dieulle nitte you neup nga
Deglene gnouye dame yakhe you neup yi
Ngayye degue aye yaukhou you mette youye gene sibi soufsi

Zombie rotten meat and fresh meat for the last dinner
Damn soise of broken bones, torn flesh, moans and sreams
The devil will take away


Convicted and sentenced, but I am not this
I am a grim cutthroat a skilled and strong hunter
A kilometer away the smell of blood gives me strength

In stale air rises the acid smell of death
I kill and I devour, five minutes madness

My heart is big, pulsing in his ears, screaming in the heated brain
Sharp teeth tear chunks of flesh and skin, while the horns rise
Recite the victory trophy for another night battle
His head down, between the entrails of the animal still alive
The butcher is stained with blood, white slaver at the mouth

Scavenger, in the worst day of the year
Thief, I want to live, breathe my Africa, scream to the world

Convicted and sentenced
I am too attractred by a rotting carcass
From a forgotten fetus today I can steal
The blood excites me, brutalizes your dead body




You have bigger eyes than me,
Those of a ruthless murderess strong, powerful, you are the king
With the crown on your big and thick head a bow to your strong muscles,
Sharp as your fingernail that as the blade pierces the flesh of your slaves

Eternal enemies in the land of silence, there is no victory no defeat
Eternal enemies in the land of silence, there is only the call of the blood

You have feet bigger than me,
Those who have no remorse
Strong, powerful, you're not my king
No command, no order
Today I’m hungry fighting for a living
Against your strength, my cunning, my platoon let the battle being
A hollow sound is the omen of the end

Eternal enemies in the land of silence,
There is no victory no defeat

Eternal enemies in the land silence,
There is only the call of the blood


No sound in the warn mornin' hours
Risen and awaken at the sound of heavy hooves
Them, the huge animals of the African land
Towering trees whisper to the sky
In the blink of wings, which is a terrible certainty
You are my sentinel amongst the white clouds
Fly, ride in the sky , your echo in the mountains
There is a tired and sick heart, today is no longer beating
Still rides, the angel of darkness,

Winged monsters, carnivorous eyes of stone
We are African devourers

Climbing on the saddle, I know the way
Along the trail, within a buffalo skull
And a four - legged motherless puppy
Take me to that still warm body
I'll satisfy my thirst for blood
Monster... Monster... Monster...

Winged monsters, carnivorous eyes of stone
We are African devourers


The night is coming, with the birth of a new moon
That illuminates the munge riverbank

The battle begins today the day yellow ocher
Between chases and uncontrolled excitement
Who sleeps today, will not wake up tomorrow
Sunset after a trouble
A war without end neither winner
Stop foreigner this is my territory

Scratching rocks a hell dark depths
Imaginary boundaries of bloodthirsty clans
The wounds are open,
Guilty for stealing a few yards...
The sacrifice of a dynasty


Who stands before me?
What are you? Sex mask that confuses my brain
Maybe a female genital, maybe a male genital
Prominent, like the top of the highest mountain
Hidden, like the rabbit in the bushes

You are female, disguised as a severed head family
Scent of a woman, a mistress
Stirred into the den of desire
Smell matriarch, is at your command?

Heavy female disguise, driving the herd to survive

Today they said they'll stay alive
Sacrifice of a lamb alive and scared
Excited by the taste of blood

Heavy female disguise, driving the herd to survive

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