ALCHEMIST - Damnation



If you wanna see the flames swallow your house,
You should strike a match and throw it away
If you wanna hear your dog terrible screams,
You should take the knife and do one little motion

If you wanna feel blood stream in your vains,
You should take the cutting edge and you will know, what is pain
If you wanna throw away everything in your brain
You should make the step to the point, the point of no return

Just one thought in your mind
Just one step in the dark
Just one bang in your face
Just one kick in your ass

If you wanna taste the bitter of the life,
You should make the step and split up with your wife


Now I´m in a strange castle
Far away from my world
Deep in the woods of North
Where the day is neverending
I don´t know, why I am here
Where the time stands still
I have fallen down in his eyes
Why, that only God knows

Forest is full of magic
It´s ready to take my soul
The land is dark
It will be good for my corpse
Why do I feel like a stranger
In this place of such misunderstanding?
The city of enemies
Is waiting for my end

I hate this town – where I am imprisoned
It will be burning down – to the depths of the earth
I hate these people – just puppets in his hands
Suicide, it´s the right way for me


It´s many years ago, when I damned this town
´cause people living here were too evil to me
I left this world by my own hand
And now I´m back to see my curse

The Glory of centuries was sacrificed
to the interests and the lust of the tyranny
The roots of the land are breaking down
And all the town are falling down into the deepness of the earth

The ground opens its throat
Under me only darkness is gazing
Steel monsters break the earth
And it´s giving out its fortune


After I died my dead body was buried
Somewhere at the foot of these mountains
Here I have rested for a few centuries
My spirit came into the walls of these chambers

It was the only place left in this country
The rest dissapeared into the deepness, as I predicted
Now I am guarding the lady of the castle,
who wants to save this land and give hope to the people

Now I see, everything I have done
My hatred and revenge devoured this land
Thousands of people lost their homes
My home now is in this forsaken castle

I hate this town – It was my big mistake
It will be burning down – I wish that never happend
I hate these people – If I could turn back time
Suicide, was the wrong way for me


The night´s putting on her gloomy coat
And everything falls into tranquility
Only the moon disturbs the peace of the night
Through the shine of his rays
Your tired body falls asleep
But your thoughts keep running away
From the depth of you resounds
This mysterious voice, which rules your every walking step

In the morning, when the night is going away
And you return from the empire of your dreams
The voice goes along with you
The guide of all your next days
Your body is waking up to life
In your ears still resounds
The voice of your own conscience,
Which always knows
what is the best for you

Everything is lost, he´s all alone
and he´s watching all your way
In crucial while he tells your soul,
the way you would play


You´re running for a long time and now you gasp for breath
Your way is narrow down and fading out beyond
Now it´s your time to stop and breathe for a while
Now it´s time to look back and clean out the closet

Many things that weigh you down must get off your life
Throw away all you don´t need to get on and high
Experience is here for you, bitter experience too
You never need all these people, who have nothing to give out

What doesn´t kill you, will make you stronger
Cut off these rotten branches, then you can grow up

Life is very short and there´s no time to lose
We don´t waste the time with those, who just abuse


What is day without sunshine
What is night without stars and moon
What is rain without drops of water
What is sky without clouds
What is life without love

I am the water, that you can drink
I am the air, that you can breathe

What is sleeping without dreams
What is body without soul
What is brain without thoughts
What is forest without trees
What is storm without breeze

I am the water, that you can drink
I am the air, that you can breathe
I am the ground, where you can stand
I am the fire, which burns in your heart
I am here for you, I´m Quintessential
You are here for me, you are the root of my existence


When the light collides with the darkness
Then it doesn´t have to fight
For its existence it just is
and the evil darkness is out

We are living in dark ages,
When evil thought is faster than light
If you wanna hurt, theres no limits,
(but only your mind)
The good follows the light more slowly than spite

If you want meet the light
Then you will free your mind
If you don´t have to fight
Your entire existence is your right

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