HELGRINDR - Cold Might of Winter War





Under the rise of the winter moon
Come the night of the frozen souls

Deep unholy chants of nocturnal witch
Blew through the ruins

And enchant the night with damned sound
Into the castle I'm travel on the marshes
Toward the dungeon top
Under the rise of the moon above
From this supreme dark place
I contemplate my cold land
And with the power I have
Kill and burn all the holy weak beings
And with essence of they dying blood
Funeral storm into witch I'm travel
My spirit embrace this northern wind

My shadows makes ones
With the black light of all things
That enschine the darkly sky
War against angels
And fire toward the white god

Immaculate frozen snow
Lay down on the stones and pines
Those cover the mountains of my land
And become ice on the crystal lakes
When the frozen moon
Illuminates my pale face
Thou art, the keeper
From my darkness kingdom
Thou art the only fire
That light my steps
In this endless darkness
That rule my land


Krieg ist angebiet an den rebellish
ein schreckliches Sturm will sie dezimieren
kalt und gottlos brandmarktete ihre Körpern
das ihre heilige Blut in ihre Adern von Kalte sich erstarren lassen
dass sie dann weiss wie schnee werden
blass und bleich in den tod
das ich da sie bewundern kann. Gefangen in einen eis block

Wie Skulpturen die ich betrachten
und die ich als kriege Trophäes sammeln werden
Ihre Bildern von schmerz
werden meine hassisches antlitz erfüllen

Bald wird den Reich von Nazarene
nur mehr ein block von eis und schnee sein
m k gegen die Kräfte des dreieinigkeits
wird sich verändern mit den domkrone als Trophäe

"Die Härte des Winters wird den himmel einfallen
die Kälte und die Nacht werden den Ort beherreschen
Der Tod wird die Leere des Lebens füllen
der heiligen Blut wird jetz auf dem Schnee fliessen
Die Kälte und die Nacht werden wieder besiegen
Die schlechten Kreaturen werden jetzt hier wohnen
Es wird niemals mehr einen Sonnnaufgang geben
die Strahlen werden nie mehr das Land verschönern
Nur kalt und Dunkelheit werden als Stärke vergleichert"

Ich werde dieses Land von Tod und Schmerz füllen
das da ein kalten und heftigen Wind blast
Gott und seine Gruppe werden vor meine Füsse sich
und werden mich anflehen ihre leben zu verschonen

Durch die Stärke des eiskalten strum
wird ihren Reich vernichtet
Das unheilvoll Gewalt meines Wüten
wird kein Leben verschonen

Ich bin den fire
Ich bin den Blut
Ich bin die Dunkelheit
Ich bin die Kälte

"Als Himmel in den Sturm fallen wird
werden die Mauern von den eisige Gewicht einstürzen
Nur der Wind wird zwischen die Tannen schreien
Das eisige Schnee wird alle Leben vernichten
Ein ewiges Nacht das das ganzes Land tauchen
in ein Dunkelheit die das reinige Seele ganzlos machen wird
Einige zerbrechlichen Lammen von Gott
Ein dichter Dunst wird die Erde bedecken
und wird für Ewigkeit ihre Seele verlegen"

Ich wollte ihre Niederlage betrachten konnen
von diesen christlichen Bastards
Für Ewigkeit in das Eis unsterblich gernacht
Ihre Gesichte inspirieren ein abscheuliches Tod
Ihre Schmerzen bringen mir ein
ein oberste Macht Gefüll
Den Gestank von ihre so reinige Blut
ein oberste Tode lust
ihre Seele gequält
Ein sadistisches Lust von Zerstörung
Diesen Garten von Schnee und Eis
wird für Ewigkeit den Trophae meines hochmut sein


The storm is raging in this winter night
Coming from beyond the eternal darkly sky
The castle of darkness might lies in this frozen kingdom
Where only the childs of the night will walk the grounds

Funeral blizzard storms...
Funeral blizzard storms...

The wolves screams haunts the immortal forests
Thirsty of blood, thirsty of kill, lost in the age, lost in the times
This realm of chaos has never end
Land of black souls forgotten here for eternity

Funeral times is arrived the infernal storm
That has devastated this land of sorrow
The grey large clouds withdraw
Letting the place to the immense black sky
I walk the path of desolation
That improve this frozen domain
Alone in the immaculate snow
With a sensation of death

All trace of holy life
Die in the dreadful shadow
And when the immaculate snow
Cover all the land
These one sink in desolation
And since the funeral wind
Blew across the threes
We can hear the chant
You, weak childs of god
Cross not this land
Is you take this life
Because, if the winter count
The unholy wolf spirit
Smell your feelbe presence
He will find your trace
Crushing your poor body
And hunting your soul

I close my eyes
And I can hear the mysterious chants
That come of the blizzards in the distance
I am the winter emperor
And I rule this frozen kingdom
With the blood of god children
I water my supreme necroly lust
My war against they
I without end
Darkness my bride

Bring me the supreme might
Fr destroy all traces of yaven's hordes
I like broke my raging storm
Over the god place
My wrath is the destruction
Of these weak souls
AAn infernal blizzard
That devistate their poor beleifs
Die by the frozen sword
Of the blizzard storm

From the endless place of evil for the death spirits
a funeral mist enshroud my dark place
I am the count of frost, the soul of snow
The unholy wolf from the blizzard


The obscurity filled the sky
The impenetrable blackness dominates
Where glittering the million stars
The one of the north showing the way
Who guide my steps

The thick and white moon
Pierce my eyes of his malevolent beams
Of the millennial firs tops
And reflect himself in the frozen lakes
Who spreads me in the plain

When the obscurity filled the sky. her full also my hear
and when the moon pierces my eyes, it pierces also my soul

Wind howls at my ears
It's fire freezes my pale face
As well as my impious blood
But warms my wrath.

Between firs my shade slips
On snow my steps disappear
Over the mountains I walk
I am an unholy creature
Sovereign of the winter

I am the raven............. who announces the morning on the earth
Black and harmful............. that brings the death in houses
My grim cry............. haunt the mind of god children
My vision............. bring the terror of the weak
I am the wolf............. that howls when the twilight comes
Thirsty of blood............. he tracks his divine preys
Terror of humans............. those run away to his name
My might............. mutilate the corpses atrociously

The morning I watch the walking
Of souls that I haunt with my powerful cry
Blowing the fear in the home
Terror that I inspire freezes of god lambs
I am the raven that bruised the human mind
That carry away with me in torments

When comes the evening, to the twilight
I search for the divine blood
Who flows in the pure veins
Of those prostate before the cross that killed the son of yaveh
I am the wolf that bleeded the bodies
With which I water my necrotic desire
At a time wolf and raven
Haunting the dawn and the twilight

Bruising bodies and souls
The unhealthy forces of darkness are the master of destiny

At dawn, of the twilight the night belongs me
In the cold weather and the obscurity, my might is whole
With souls and bodies, that I bruised atrociously
Of these mortal, that I torment forever
From the bedtime to the walking, my shadow hand over
In the uncouthness of the winter, my pitiless wrath reigns
The flesh and blood, fed my insatiable body
The fear and dread fed my soul

Once desires and lust satisfied
I return at the other side of the world
There where the obscurity and the cold weather reigns with me
Make ices and rocks
Of hate and pain
Where only shine the gleam of the moon
And glittering of millions of stars
WhoIe reflects in the frozen lakes
Illuminating the veil of the night
Dominating the frozen lands

Where the obscurity dominates, I reign with you
And where shine the moon, she illuminates my veil

Satisfy I rejoin my domain
Where the wind blowing from the north
Caress my pale skin
Freezing my impious blood
And flamming my hate
To recover the darkness
In which I drown me
In the deep and beautiful night
Princess of the dark
Only mistress of my heart


In the deep winter night
The sign of evil light the sky
Nocturnal frozen wind
Bring from the death kingdom
The spirits of hate
And the ghosts of unholy rites
Search the darkness might
That run in this black night

I am the ruler of death
And I rule my land
With might and wrath
Against the christian wimps

And the blood weaks
Feed my own divine lust
The children of god
Are my favorite course

On your black horse
With sword and axe
You travel through your forests
And burn all the holy light

Like a wolf
That defend his territory
On this frozen floor
Shred blood on my ennemies

In eternal ice forever
Prisoner of a immortal cold
Those who conquer my kingdom
Will pay with they lives


After the last beams of the dying sun
I'm coming from beyond
And the realm of the weak bloody light
Behind the season of mist
Begin the supreme darkly malefic reign
I bring my funeral frost
My darkness bring all the lands in sinister
In an endless coldness

Come in my embrace............. bring me
Join your might to me............. poison me
Touch my deeply darkness............. caress me
Smell my funeral blackness............. embrace me

I am the infernal goddess of the night
You are so black
And I rule with all the damned souls
In your deep cloak
Those make reign the terror in the lands
You are so beautiful
After the deep silence of the dusk
With your dark dress

Oh night, my bewitching beautiful princess
Your mystic charm, take my soul in darkness
Bring me your coldness oh majestic winter count
And come in my embrace for make one at never

Unite our supreme might for a immortal eternity
And we will rule all the lands in the death
Our dark and cold might will begin our supreme reign
The reign of a new world in the darkness and in the coldness
Soon this land will be our realm
And we will be the supreme divinity of here
This realm will be immortal, a nocturnal union
That will make reign the desolation at never

Now, and at never, for eternity
This land was our's and our might supreme in this winter night
All was so still around me
The silence was installe, in this desolate land since our union
A funeral frozen wind blew toward here
And bring the dark clouds that cover the grey sky, a raging............. storm begin

And since this immortal union
Immaculate snow cover all the land and kill all divine life

Now, winter and night rule the land
In the darkness and the coldness

I'm the supreme winter count
And you my beautiful princess of the night
We are the two only immortal beings of here
And our real will ring the bell of death
For all this vulgar mortal of here
They can die in my pale frozen snow
Or in your infinite darkness
The winter night dominate with might

We are the immortal majesty of the time
Our supreme reign will bring the death in this land
Only the strong souls will be survive in our desolate domain
The rest will falling in an eternal silence, a funeral deadly hush
Die weak mortal being, you cannot measure one's strength
.......................... Against our supreme might
In the darkness of the night and the coldness of the winter.............
............. We will rise..........................

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