F.K.Ü. - 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers





Done dwelling, welcome back
Domination, your world will crack
Ripping and tearing, rumble and pound
Attacked with force, blown to the ground

Hear our chant, four for all
Horror metal horde will stand tall
An army like soldiers a million strong
That never asks for right or wrong

And join the mosh crusade
We rise
We're the horror metal brigade

Licensed and trained so step aside
Moshoholics nationwide
Merchants of mosh, the thrashing elite
An unholy power, roaming the streets


Come forth and give heed
And listen to our creed
Come forth all those in need
And join the superior breed
We'll march to the top and we will never stop
Until we see you bleed
So rise, mongers of mosh!
Death is guaranteed

Here to crash your humble abode
We light the fuse and watch it explode
The four moshmen in command
We hold your future in our hands



We pledge allegiance to the flag of the moshoholics
And to the republic for which it stands, one nation
Under F.K.Ü., indivisible, with horror and metal for all




Welcome to Dr. Weir's creation
A behemoth from another dimension
State of the art interstellar terror
Infinite space means infinite horror

Instantly it folds space
A gateway to an unknown place
A demon vessel with a curse
The black in the gulf of the universe

They cannot avoid, the never-ending end
They will be destroyed, transcend

Watch the crew on Lewis and Clark
Heading for the darkest of dark
Led to the slaughter like sheeps
Going off the deep end, a quantum leap


Enter the home of the devil
Into the womb of fear
Enter a void of the evil
Submerged in the darkest sphere

Confronting ghosts of the past
Hallucinate, this hell will last
Pain comes like a flash flood
Rivers of fire and oceans of blood



Into the black hole hell

It's their gruesome fate
Only pain is real in this reality
Now it's too late
They are lost and will face inhumanity
Rip, tear
It's fuelled by their fear
Powered by their sheer insanity
Kill, shred
Their blood runs red
Hell awaits for all eternity


Into the black hole hell


Got an urge I can't control
When I see you I see meat
I'm so pleased to have met you
Main ingredient in my stew

You're the meat to please me
Just the way I want it
The human flesh is my treat
Hell, I'll even eat your feet

Off to a party, I know how it ends
Me left alone to feast on my friends
A cannibal detox is what I really am
But tha human meat, it's such a treat

I will not lie, I cannot deny
My need for marrow and blood
The taste of flesh is what I crave
Fresh or from the grave

Call me sick or even insane
Try to bring me down in vain
I really can't control my need
All I know, it's time to feed


I'll eat it raw or I'll eat it cooked
Doesn't matter much to me as I am totally hooked



Disciple of the horror
He's metal slashing mad

You die!


Used to be the poser
Fearing the pit
Now you're in the middle
Thrashing around enjoying every hit

Addicted to the chaos
You hit the floor
Just the way you like it
Up again and coming back for more

The sound will make you act insane

Bleed for me evil thrasher
Do you have what it takes?
Moshoholic or just a fake?
You have to scream
Scream for me bloody mosher
Let us hear your voice
Come on and make some roaring noise

You release aggression
Out of control
Now you're addicted
Dictator of the pit you have found your role

Now amongst equals
And it feels right
Just what you desire
Frolicking around in a mosh delight



You must scream!




Gone fishing, gone for good
There's a new killer in the neighbourhood
Fresh water, fresh meat
A predator you cannot defeat

Evil assassin, lurks in the dark
He is faster than the shark
You will never stand a chance
Against decades of nature's advance

You will catch him face to face and eye to eye
You will fight him but you will die

He's the new ruler of the sea
On a merciless killing spree
Getting ready to invade
Cuts flesh like a blade

Dip your feet in if you dare
He's the master of rip and tear
You and your demise will merge
When his power starts to surge

You will catch him face to face and eye to eye
You will fight him but you will die
You will catch him but you'll realise too late
All this time you were a bait

He's as deadly as he looks
A carnivore with teeth like hooks
This killer will leave his mark
And drag you into the dark

Going down, losing the fight
He is terror, the ultimate fright
He will strip you to the core
Your remains washed ashore



His blades are sharp and the cuts are deep

You die!


An expedition to the eerie cold
To unveil a story never told
Beyond a range of mountains high
And the secrets they behold

Horrific sites before their eyes
Bleak realm of death and ice
A gateway to an unknown world
Hidden under darkened skies

Creators of life - elder things
Progenitors of mankind - evil kings
Creators of fear - elder things
Enter the darkest sphere
Where the evil kings rule

At the mountains of madness
The will lose their minds
At the mountains of madness
Too much to comprehend
The ancientsreveal their secrets
Never meant for mankind
At the mountains of madness
Sanity will die

These barren peaks of mystery
Holds a secret of treachery
A world 40 million years dead
Is in charge of their destiny



They will never understand
The sight of forces in command



You seek pleasant dreams
That's not what I provide
Love to hear your painful screams
You're Jekyll, I am Hyde

Exit sandman, I'm for real
Here to break your stride
It's your innocence I steal
And there's nowhere to hide

So you see, you created me
The scource of your mental clash
It's you and me in eternity
I'm a nightmare made thrash

Your the maggot, I'm the hook
I'm the pain inside your head
Step aside and take a look
Are you alive or are you dead?

You will never live your dream
Your nightmare is here
When I unveil my evil scheme
And your insanity is near


Of morbid visions that haunts you in the night
The possibility that you might wake up dead
What made you think that your dreams would be utopia?
Will make you face your own mortality



Strange manifestations
In a dream house, possessed
Life becomes a nightmare
It does not want them there

In for the kill, Amityville
Blood it will spill, Amityville

Swarms of flies
A premonition of things to come
Demonic forces in the walls
Green slime oozing in the hall


112 Ocean Avenue
Built on evil ground and it's coming for you
There is no one to blame because you already knew
112 Ocean Avenue
Get the hell out and never look back
Just bolt for the door 'cause there's no time to pack

A building that hosts
Evil forces from the unknown
3:15 the time to kill
Time to obey the demons will



Filled with fear
Evil lurks everywhere
End is near
But why?
Find the well
It's the passage to hell
Break the spell
Or die



The slasher apparatus
Inhuman death machine
Flesh is torn and skin is ripped
To the most extreme

You die!


On certain nights
When the moon is full
The maniac farmer
Will come for your skull

A demented menace
That lurks in the dark
He's seeks revenge
And he will leave his mark

A mass serial killer
Enter his domain
You're all doomed
And you will be slain

Call out his name
Death is guaranteed
You're on his list
Get whacked and start to bleed

A madman with an axe to grind
A backwoodsman out of his mind

Damage will be done
Anger's on the rise
A murderous psycho
Pure hate in his eyes

An ugly craving beast
He will slaughter and maim
Reeks of rotten flesh
Madman Marz is his name


The axe will drop
He'll never stop
No mercy!
When Marz attacks

When you least expect
You will feel his spite
A predator deformed
Creature of the night

A hunter in the shadows
Out to crush you all
He's stark raving mad
And he's having a ball






New year's eve, it's party time
They once committed a dreadful crime
Driving poor Kenny quite insane
So tonight they will die on a train

It all started three years ago
A party prank hitting an all time low
Fooled by the college fraternity
Thought he would lose his virginity

The boys and girls of Sigma Phi
Some will live and some will die

Terror train
Tonight they'll lose their lives on the
Terror train
Tonight he's going off the rails on the
Terror train
Tonight they'll lose their precious lives on the
Terror train
Tonight he's going off the rails

Now he's back to make them pay
Just need to make the pain go away
Just one kiss from pure insanity
A kiss from Alana, the eternity



New year's eve, it's party time
They once committed a dreadful crime
They drove poor Kenny quite insane
And now they will dia, on a train



On the terror train


Master of his trade
To slaughter and to maim
An artist with his knives
In blood he will reign

Rise Rise!
The Überslasher kills
Rise Rise!
The Überslasher lives

You die!


It's near dark, time to feed
In your veins, what they need
Force them back but not for long
They'll attack, their hunger is strong

Pray for light but it's too late
Useless fight, it's your fate
In pure spite they will return
And tonight you will burn

Blood - their demand
Thirst - their motivation
Light - their enemy
Darkness - their feeding ground

There's nowhere to run
When they come to kill the sun
Watch the mayhem commence
You won't stand a chance
When they feed in the dark

Suckers unite, coming for you
Just one bite, become one too
Test you will, feeling strange
Show your skills, psychotic change

Getting strong, devour the night
See no wrong, blood in sight
It's your turn you're now undead
Time to learn, go for the red




This is not the end, no, we have just begun
We will come for you and you will run

There is no escaping, you can never hide
But we're quite sure you'll like what we provide


We are the moshoholics
The amry of four
Here to wage a metal war
Rise moshoholics!
Settle the score
Shock the earth down to its core

We'll restore disorder, the tables we will turn
The world you know will slowly crash and burn

You will leave behind the world we all once knew
With pride you'll join the horror metal crew



Feel the tension build getting ready to attack
Stand your ground and never fall back
Onward into battle it's time to aggress
The world we'll repossess

Surrender to the sound of the quadruple thrash treat
Four in the air and march to the beat
A brave new world under a blood red sky
Where posers will forever die


I'm more into occult rock at the moment.

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