F.K.Ü. - Sometimes They Come Back... To Mosh



Hear then of the stories written in the book of F.K.Ü.
Listen if it pleases you and learn

They are a map of the dark highway that leads out of life towards unknown destinations
Few will have to take it
Most will go peacefully along lamplit streets ushered out of living with prayers and caresses
But for a few, a chosen few, the horrors will come
Skipping to fetch them off to the highway of the damned

So listen, listen and learn
It's best to be prepared for the worst, after all
And wise to learn to mosh before breath runs out
Because sometimes they come back...


Out of the pit, thrashed and abused
Is where our story begins
We pack up our gear and get ready to roll
The nightmare returns

'Cause Somtimes They Come Back... To Mosh
With fire in our eyes and bloodsoaked hands we've come... To Mosh
Fueled by revenge and a diehard belief we're back... To Mosh
Down on your knees 'cause we command you all... To Mosh
And lay down your souls to the gods Mosh n' Roll

Back in the game, we've been gathering strength
Planning our sinister plot
The devil himself has nothing on us
In hell he can stay and rot

Bonded by blood and Freddy's revenge
Our mission begins to unfold
A journey through terror, a trip to hell
Our tale will be told


3. FURY 58

Arnie's new love doesn't wear high heels
Born in Detroit, she's no ordinary lady
Destroys anyone who stands in her way
Grinding them to pul under her wheels

How was he to know
He was soon to be under ground?
Her evil blood-red soul
Would become his doom

Her name's Christine, a plymouth Fury 58
Within her chassi lurks the urges to kill
Indestructible vengeance is standard equipment
Watch out! This baby's fueled with hate


Nothing gets between Arnie and Christine
Red, hot and deadly, she's a killing machine
Bad to the bone, so full of hate, a supernatural evil
She's a Fury 58

Arnie's consumed with desire and passion
For her sleek, rounded, chrome laden body
A marrige made in hell, she'sthe devil incarnate
Demands his complete, unquestioned devotion




Adaptable to battle conditions anywhere
Able to kill with their bare hands
Waiting at the bottom of the sea, in silence
Creatures with an innate desire for Vio-lence

From beyond the dead they rise
From beneath the depths of hell
From the bottom of the ocean
Thousand rise

Die Toten Core

The third reich had created the perfect soldier
Now awakening from the watery slumber
Unholy, unliving, unfeeling, unstoppable creatures
Genetically-Engineered aquatic Nazi zombies




Strapped in this room, I'm starting to itch
I've been clean for a couple of years
It's always at night the taunting begins
I have to get it off my mind
An addict, a junkie, call me what you want
But Moshoholic fits the profile
Unexplainable urges to thrash it out
Is what I battle night and day

Do you wanna mosh? Then mosh!
Do you wanna thrash?

If you need to mosh
Call the Moshoholics Anonymous
Really need to mosh
The Moshoholics Anonymous

Here we unite and share our addiction
A sanctuary for the enslaved
In horror metal mosh you're never alone
We're all as metal moshing mad as it gets
So come on inside and join the pit
We ain't shy when the metal begins
There's a new album we're playing tonight
It's called Sometimes They Come Back To Mosh




(Once you can pronounce it, you're cured)


Back in the days we first sighted
Her shields gleaming bright up in the sky
Now the day is getting so much closer
She will return for the masses to see

You can't stop her, she's already coming
To late, no hiding, she's an unstoppable force
You can't stop her, she's already coming
To late, no hiding, mistress of mosh Agent Amy Steel

The signs prepare us all for her coming
Now you know that it's clear
With light burning brighter than the sun
Forcing cowards to run out of spite

With reflexes faster than light
Her power will crush you all
Posers and wimps die by the hand of Womanowar
With her disciples of metal and mosh
She will end the war
The day has come, she's back to reign and even the score

She will take you by forces and brutally rape you
Pumping horror metal into your head
She's the bringer of pain, you the reciever
Split your dick with a cleaver and leave you for dead




9. C.H.Ü.D.

Hideous and hungry, indecent and obscene
Ferocious, carnivorous, slobbery and mean
Disfigured and deformed, they crawl, they breed
Rotting and raving, they hunger, they need

Find them in the attic or the cellar, find them anywear
But the place they prefer is in my evil ünderwear
They're a different kind of breed and their hunger is strong
Better kiss your lucky star I'm not wearing a thong

C.H.Ü.D, C.H.Ü.D.
Cannibalistic Humanoid Ünderwear Dwellers
C.H.Ü.D, C.H.Ü.D.
Ugly, slobbering, ferocious and carnivorous

Monstrous and malicious, toxic and unclean
Inhuman, inbreed, red and green
Disfigured and deformed, they crawl, they breed
Rotting and raving, they hunger, they need

Your worst nightmare is living where the sun don't shine
In the dark is where they hide, waiting for the night to come
Flesh-eating, crusty creatures living in your knickers
There's no goddamn way in hell you can stop these evil critters


Beware Beware Of The Ünderwear!
Beware Beware!
Beware Beware Of The Ünderwear!
Beware Beware!

10. C.H.Ü.D., PT. 2

What's that creepy, crawly itch I've got below my balls?
It's not the clap, I know I'm clean, this itch is far too mean
I hear these creepy, crawly noises coming from below
I think I'm gonna go insane, I cannot stand the pain

It's C.H.Ü.D.


All dressed up in blue and white
He surely will kill tonight
With pride he wears the badge of silence
He'll give you a lesson in Vio-lence
Most terrifying man in the city
With no remorse and no pity
Just the urge to go out and kill
He's homicidial and kill he will

No one knows his name
Just that he is quite insane
No one knows his face
He's the Maniac Cop

Back from the dead, he seeks revenge
The urge to kill will never change
This cop will never read you your rights
You're about to die tonight
Don't even have to break the law
Make you draw your final straw
It's all metal, blood and honour
You're soon to become a goner

He stalks the streets of New York
Spreads terror through the night
He strikes without mercy, without cause
When a cop turns killer you have the right
To remain silent forever



I'm just hanging around tonight,
just watching films
I am on the Zombie Trip and brutal things I like
Zombie attack
The film I saw is over now and I leave my home
Brutal Zombies are shouting so hard,
is it real or not?
Zombie attack
I wake up, this was a dream, I drink my beer
But then I see a Zombie killin',
I know I must die
Zombie attack


I'll tell you a story about a girl
Her name was Karen Greenlee
She had a taste, quite bizarre

Grave Robbing Mania
Corpse Fuck Insania

She liked having sex with young men
What's so strange with that I hear you ask
Well you see, she preferred the dead


Hey hey hey!
You know what they say
Dead guys don't say no
If it ain't stiff it ain't worth a fuck

Grave dancer, corpse romancer
Lover of the dead and decaying fleah
The stench of cadavers get's her wet


Karen was a different kind of girl
Freshly deceased was her hor' durves
She'd lick them, taste them and fuck 'em dry



What does it take to fuck a corpse?
Ask Karen, she knows, of course
What kind of protection is her choise?
Whatevr it is he won't make a noise



Meat snacks and jerky treats
What's the secret ingredient?
Meat's meat and a man's gotta eat
You breathe the gas and we get the laugh

It takes all types of critters
To make farmer Vincent's fritters

Visit this tasty place if you dare
Your vocal chords are slit on command
Burried up to your neck and then force fed
Seasoned to prepare you for his roadside stand


Welcome to Motel Hell
We'll cook and serve you well

Motel Hell! Motel Hell! Motel Hell!
Motel Hell! Motel Hell! Motel Hell!
Motel Hell! Motel Hell! Motel Hell!
Motel Hell! Motel Hell! Motel Hell!
Motel Hell!


Enshrouded by a strange fog, driving the ship into the bay
There's a fire in the swirly mist, they think they are saved
Heading towards the light, lured into a certain death
They crash into the rocks and wreckage sinks

Marine Marauders
Rising from the swirly mists
Marine Marauders
Hides behind an evil fog
Marine Marauders
You cannot stop this captain and his twisted wicked force

Down at the bottom of the sea lay Elisabeth dame with it's crew
Lungs filled with salty water, staring into the darkness
Binding their time, 'cause they know, when the fog rolls in again
They will finally get their revenge on the people who betrayed them


Hey! (x16)

Captain Blake and his crew are back to slay
Seeking revenge on the town of Antonio Bay
Lock your doors and close your windows
What you can't see won't hurt you... It will kill you!

This seemingly perfect little town masks a guilty secret
A sleepy seaside village with a past steeped in murder and greed
Now they will learn the true meaning of the word vengeance
These pissed-off mariners have returned from their watery grave



I woke up from a terrifying dream
A dark boiler-room with pipes leaking steam
An evil figure in green and red
Looks like that hacked-up chick is dead
He turns his head and looks at me
That burned face, that evil grin
No one can stop the awe that I feel
That knitted sweater and those claws of steel

Four fingers, four fingers, four fingers
Fatal to the flesh

They all believe that Freddy's dead
They all believe that it's in my head
They don't believe that he's made of flesh
Just wait and witness, your personal death
I went and bought a bunch of fileknives
And rivet them firmly to my gloves
I felt like I found myself in his shoes
Oh daddy Freddy! Won't you show me the moves!


I feel it pumping through my vein
This nightmare must commence
I can't hold back this urge to kill
My old life has to end
I pull the knitted sweater on
And dust off the ol' hat
I'm one of Freddy's minions now
A spawn of Krueger's hell

(Repeat 1st verse)



Horror metal men and woman unite
With wimps and posers we'll start up a fight
But this is a battle we cannot loose
Cause F.K.Ü. rules the world tonight

Moshpit-bombs come together as one
No wimps or posers when we are done
All unite bang in the same direction
Mosh and thrash 'til global perfection

Disciples of the Mosh - Obey!
Disciples of the Mosh

March to the kingdom of F.K.Ü.
The pit is right here waiting for you
Now is the time to dive in
To become a thrashin' assassin
F.K.Ü. Crü, coming for you
F.K.Ü. Crü, what will you do?

Yes we know our fans are insane
A moshing horde built for pain
Once we start to mosh they will never stop
Enjoying our good friendly violent game

Love us or hate us we just don't care
You're welcome into the pit if you dare
With amps cranked up to eleven
You will go deaf or enter horror metal heaven



With Agent Amy Steel on our side
It's time for you to decide
Moshers take your stand and obey
Our horror metal command

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