ADULTERY - Age Of Rebirths



Raise your swords !
warriors, heroes.

Let the freedom spread in the lands of Sealathia,
let peace protect our free souls.


The flowers in bloom, birds' singing is heard all around,
what a splendid land, the garden of stars.

The pain will get over as well as all the suffering.
Maybe the time will let them forgotten.

The wind ruffling hair is so plain, so beatiful.
Let's sing our songs for freedom,
breathe deeply in the lands of Sealathia.

Many concerns trouble our minds
be joyful now.
As joy an laugh blow in our lands
our hearts are satisfied.

I set my eyes upon future and I look for the way,
maybe the stars will show me their starfaces.

Their shine and strength
enchanted me, let my thoughts be led by them.


This the last place for us,
this is the last chance to regain our sway.
The black King is dead,
we are going to kill more,
let the dark magics rule and give us the power.

the Ambloque is damned,
no shadows was left.
He used to be our idol,
he used to be full of strength.

The death is waiting for you, the death of suffering,
the flames will burn everything
and we will smelt the black iron from your hearts.

Set fire and give the signs !
It is the last chance of the black crown
- Rise the darkness !


The sky is dark
like the black candles of damnation.
The wind desisted from blowing and birds became silence.

The last black warriors rose
the rest of the creatures damned by winter.

And the white glare against them,
holding the white sword over his head.
See, the strength in arms and power in eyes
are guarantee of freedom.

The orders and swords' tinkling are heard,
the white glare against the curse -
there are dead bodies all around and sighs of killed souls.
Where these ways end, where they take us in time ?

The flames burn on the battlefield,
the sky is clearing up over the white glare.
This is the great victory of the King Eltheas,
the death for winter and its face.


I've got a nightmare.
It is the presentiment which pursues us.
Where is the stars´ way, where do you on lead up to? What can I see?
I'm waiting for the sign, for your sign.

I wander through the golden valley in my dreams,
The ancient trees enchanted my eyes.
Let the heart guide me in this scenery.
But what is the purpose of my way, what I am looking for?

I can see the ruined palaces and huts,
The time stopped here.
I spend my dream times here alone.
But where are the stars that lead my steps?

I can see several golden grapes and the ancient tree
Illuminated by the star, I stand there alone, dumb.
Is it still a dream or reality?
Maybe I am being immortal...

The time passes, but the gleam is preserved -
The sign of the stars is given.
I'm reading through the mysteriuos book of magic,
I can feel its power,
There is no other way there, only one on the way back.
The magic of rebirth creeps,
the magic of rebirth starts...


This battlement with the thorn leading up to the stars
has magic power and strength.
It is the fortress full of the wise souls and fabulous.

I look up the elders
and their narration.
It is possible to see the witchcraft
but I look for another powers,
power for recognizing my prophecy.

The langour embraces me in this rooms,
these walls know more.
Their eyes go through the night
but the sublimity still stays.

Only more powerful charm can gain this tower.
It will stay spun round by the grey shadows
forever in my dreams.


When the sunshine shows through the leaves
and brightens the gree lawns,
it is the sign of beatiful day
and suitable moment for dreaming.

Rise up my mind's power !
I utter the spell,
let the forgotten rise,
let the fairies rouse.

The stars are out in the daytime,
the wild wind is blowing all around.
I am crying out the secret magic.
I am standing on the barrow of the cursed.

Let the golden forests revive,
let the songs sound.
The golden leaves will be glittering on the hair
by fairies' dance.


The flames and the blackness are rousing
here in the volcanoes.
The darkness is rising from the abysmal depths.

The blackness is coming out of the damned caves
Where are the guardians watching the underworld?

The sky turned black like the death,
mists are creeping down from the mountains.

It is a bad sign.
The uprising is drawing near.


My infernal son,
I took you out of the depths.
We will rule over all towers,
that seven towers,
which keep the whole world together.

The flames of evil will rise soon,
we will capture the wall,
its mysterious charms
took us back.

Do you want flesh?
Take everything!
Wrest the hearts from bodies!

Spread the doom!
Spread the fire!
Rule with the fiery sword!

I am still the King of Evil,
and you should command all the black souls.
Kill everyone who stands in your way!
Let the lot come true!
Then the Black well of ages will feel
its own magic power.

It is the time of your reign -
Trodh - the evil of underworld.


The place I strolled in my dreams,
I yearn for walking again.
I am seeking for the path of destiny,
the path leading out of stars.

The field of the last fights,
the little paths of the golden fairy forest,
full of glittering silver mists.
I am looking for, looking for it.

The paths shaded, overgrown for ages
yield to my power.
Everything is silent now
- I enter the dale which I saw in my dreams

The golden eyes´ glare breaks into my heart.
The golden eyes´ glare disturbs my dreams.
The golden eyes´ glare is the mightest spell.
The golden eyes´ glare belongs to my dream fay.


I am coming to tell you, my King.
The villages are burning one after another.
The black darkness veils the lands,
we beseech for your help - the royal one.

The whole kingdom has risen up, the evil returns.
We will gain our freedom as in the ancient times.
I will face the brave army on my own,
I will go to the war.

The stars have warned us against a danger,
the underworld has risen up,
the forgotten charms have another side.

I am bringing the message stigmatized into the skin
and the black light burns me.

Your heart will burn up in my palm,
I will cut your throat with the black blade,
Thus your powerful heart will burn out - the King,
which is too weak to resist my darkness.

And thus I say - I, Trodh from the underworld.


I am going to the war, my son Kroywen.
but the clouds veil me.
You can see the safe place on the map here,
it will protect you forever and ever.

The moonshine is all around,
this land is dominated by the Stronghold.
I am leaving you to gain freedom for our lands.

The crown is glaring in the forefront,
I will come back to you,
as soon as I defeat the black army,

You will be brave like your grandfather
when everything was lost.
We will recover everything again,
once for all, forever.

My father - the glare of your mark disappears,
I have got a dark premonition.
I am caught up in the cobweb of darkness while dreaming.

Let your sword unbroken.
Let the unduanted people sing the songs.


Against the fire, against everyone,
the battle between the darkness and the white torch.
The earth turns red with blood.
Who will rule all the people in Sealathia?

Get up my kins, go on !
Follow the white sword!
We will see the sunshine again
first the fire, then the storm.

the white glare proceeds the battlefield
the flames embrace it.
From the dust and smoke rose up the one,
who is called Trodh.

Show me your power and strength!
You, the King of Sealathia !!!
Your heart will stop beating in my palm
before this night is over.

That fight was too long
and the ancient magic fulfilled the dark prophecy
lost in time.

The dark veiled the lands
and the screams of the hagriddens,
only the arrow was heading the sky for the Moonwalls.


Where does your soul sleep?
Where do my ancestors lie?
Where does white sword glare?
Where is your banner?

I beseech the shining Moon
for power and strength in my thoughts.
But I still stay dreaming
in my dark memories.

The King is dead, long live the King...
... but I am The King of Sealathia...

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